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Posted On: September 2, 2013
India is a country of stupid people

India is a country of stupid people.

Posted On: August 26, 2013
The bitter truth about corruption

The general trend in corruption is fast changing. Instances of any single individual asking for a bribe is becoming less and less. In fact, in an office; when a single individual demands bribe without taking other staff members into confidence; he is most likely to be caught by the law. To overcome this problem, what has emerged now is “organized corruption”. Here, top to bottom, all are involved and take the share of profit. Such corruption is present in almost every office these days. Automatically, all those involved in an organized corruption become part of a group of wrong doers. It is possible that some one in the office may not be inclined to join this group. By hook or crook, such person is forced to join the group. To achieve this, the group adopts various methods. Usually this group of wrong doers, do not face much problem in forcing some one to join them because these days, people are running after easy money. But in case they fail in certain cases, they have got other ways to either punish such person or make him keep quiet. Un-fortunately such groups are flourishing quite successfully these days with the active cooperation of like minded groups and forces. And there is no law to stop this. People have understood the benefit of getting organized. When corruption is done in an organized way, there is no one to report the matter to the concerned authorities. Even if some one does, who will believe him? In fact one person can not prove ten people to be wrong. Ten people always prove one person to be wrong. And that is the secret of success in organized corruption. This fact is known to all concerned. Whether it is media or groups working towards eradicating corruption; every one knows about it. But they have to act as if they don’t know any thing. After all, it is the question of their own survival. No body can be blamed for such a situation. Even the general public seems to be getting inclined towards this. Let us take a small example of movies. Earlier movies used to come with a message that wrong doing never pays. But now a days, movies where money is earned through wrong means are becoming great hit. In the name of entertainment, message is sent to the public that wrong doing pays

Posted On: October 29, 2012
Indians and democracy

Indians are not democracy material.

Posted On: May 26, 2012
Indians do not understand democracy

Most of the Indians neither understand democracy nor governance.

Posted On: February 11, 2012
Indians and democracy

Democracy is for superior people who challenge everything, mock at everything. Democracy is not for inferior people who swallow every humiliation and worship everything who claim to be their god. Indian masses are neither democratic nor superior enough to enjoy democracy. Indian politicians, police officers, judges, bureaucrats are in general corrupt of worse kind but even then there are few who now and then stand like rock against corruption, but Indian masses are the weakest link, they keep on sending even convicted hard-core criminals back to parliament for their narrow interests. The basic law of nature is that every living entity gets what he/she desires, that is why humans have brain, snakes have poison and birds have wings. Despite of all hue and cry, Indian masses DO NOT genuinely desire a fair society. The day they desire it genuinely, they will get it next day. Indians are getting exactly what they deserve.

Posted On: August 12, 2011
India is a country of not intelligent enough people.

India is a country of not intelligent enough people.

Posted On: May 31, 2011
TN medical colleges seek Rs 25-45 lakh as capitation fee

TN medical colleges seek Rs 25-45 lakh as capitation fee: out of this, 50% goes in to the pocket of politicians, who have been paid by the medical institutes in order to get the licenses to run the institutes. In corruption free environment, this could have costed not more than 4 lakhs to the students.

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