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Posted On: December 15, 2012
quota in job promotion

Hans chugega dana, kauwa moti khayega. An upside down country. This means a better decision or judgement will be taken at lower level, that will be escalated to higher authorities if disputed, and will be superseded by inferior decision by higher authorities. Whom junior officers will run to for seeking advice and what will be the quality of advice? No surprise India is such a filthy nation and Indians live in gutter and eat lizards. Once in an electricity usage dispute of my residential house, I was instructed to get a 3-phase connection by an executive Engineer. How can you operate 2-phase devices with a 3 phase connection, and if suppose one has a 3-phase device hidden somewhere, can it be operated with a 2-phase connection? It will burn down. Executive engineers and chief engineers in electricity departments do not even know the basics of electrical sciences.

sujan behari roy
Posted On: August 13, 2011

In Parliament question was raised about BIS [Bureau of Indian Standards] Laboratory Equipment Purchase Scam amounting to Crores of Rupees in the Winter Seasson of 2002. The then Minister has given shocking reply as 'delays in commissioning and under utilization of various equipments in various laboratories' instead of 'scam'. I had brought to the notice of PMO, MOCA, Parliamentary Affairs as to why action can not be taken against the people who had given wrong information to MOCA. As usual except MOCA all ministry stated complaint forwarded to MOCA the culprit and no information has been provided yet by MOCA. If the August House can be misled by the Minister then the people of India can not have faith with this system.

Posted On: June 3, 2011
Gmail accounts of two Indian diplomats hacked in China

Is gmail a/c for government's official purposes? Actually Indian IT authorities are so incompetent that they cannot even maintain an email server. Even professors in almost all top Indian research institutes use gmail or other non-official a/cs, because they themselves do not trust their own IT services. India is still a typical sub-saharan type Third world country despite of all government's propaganda. Almost alll Indian leaders of the past are actually Hosni Mubaraks of India.

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