Some Facts:
* India ranks 131st in press freedom index; Internet 'partly free': "Just in case you did not know, India ranks 131st — between Burundi and Angola — in the 2012 press freedom index of Reporters without Borders. Freedom House puts India in the "party free" category in the 2012 Internet freedom rankings, below Argentina, South Africa, and Ukraine. So much for the world's largest democracy."

* BBC: Unrest at India's water shortage: "The Indian capital, Delhi, is suffering a severe water shortage, raising fears of widespread unrest."

* Poverty declined to 29.8 per cent in 2009-10, Planning Commission says: "Going by the controversial daily consumption number of Rs 28.65 per day, one out of every three Indian is poor as per the new Planning Commission's estimates.", "An individual above a monthly consumption of Rs 859.6 in urban cities and Rs 672.8 in rural areas (at per 2009-10 prices) is not considered poor, says the Planning Commission's estimate based on the controversial Tendulkar Committee methodology."

* Nearly 50 lakh child labourers in country: Govt: "”As per Census 2001, there were 1.26 crore working children in the country in the age group of 5-14,”"

* One death every minute in India due to road accident: With more than one death and four injuries every minute, India has the dubious distinction of reporting highest number of road fatalities in the world and the government says the prime reason is ''drivers' fault''.

* "Recent surveys conducted by the World Bank and others suggest doctors and nurses in India are absent from their posts at least 40 per cent of the time.", "India’s public health budget is among the lowest in the world. The country spends $32.71 per person per year on health. Canada, by contrast, spent $5,452 per person in 2009. What money is committed to health care often disappears. The Indian magazine Tehelka recently reported that much of the $18 billion in federal health transfer payments to Uttar Pradesh, India’s largest state, are unaccounted for. Several medical officers in Uttar Pradesh who publicly complained about corruption have been murdered. Corruption often starts from birth, literally. Fathers are forced to pay bribes to see their newborns. Others are extorted to get their child’s birth certificate." Source:

* did you know it is estimated that at least a quarter of CIL’s 431 million tonne (mt) production is stolen in transit.

* did you know the link mentioned at Jharkahnd State Electricity Board directs to Punjab State Electricity Regulatory Commission ( ) when clicked on "Jharkhand State Electricity Regulatory Commission",  as of  Sept. 30, 2011.

* did you know most of the lokayukta (ombudsmen) in India have no suo-motto power. Thus they can act only when somebody files a formal complaint after following an archaic, lengthy, time taking, almost ineffective and with hundreds of ifs and buts procedure. Oh poor lokayukta guys, you don't have power even to kill a fly under your nose unless someone formally complains about it. Doesn't it sound insane?

* did you know "JSEB has not been able to reduce the losses over the years and is running into losses due to their own poor performance wherein 40- 50% of electricity remains unaccounted for due to poor supply system or theft of electricity. Only if the losses are reduced, then there would not be any need of tariff hike and the consumers should not be burdened due to the inefficiencies of the Petitioner." (source: ) (JSEB = Jharkhand State Electricity Board). Does this 50% unaccounted electricity, worth of around 2000 crores (about a half billion USD) every year, go into the pocket of officials of JSEB? Responsibility has been placed on poor supply system or theft of electricity. Will anyone find out the role of its officials in taking bribe and reducing the bills of mainly big commercial and industrial consumers? How much JSEB officials pocket bribe in order to patronize electricity theft, though theft may be just a small part of the total unaccounted electricity? Can anyone file a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) against this ongoing scam of 2000 crores every year?  The annual current employee cost of JSEB is about 300 crores. Is there a single effectively approachable employee dedicated for its millions of customers for their grievances?  Does JSEB have a single email id of any officer publicly available? When JSEB has no effective grievance redressal mechanism, does it mean JSEB itself patronizes corruption? Does JSEB have an effective vigilance mechanism where a JSEB official can be caught red handed when he/she takes a bribe?

Slogans taken from different sources:
"Najar buri tumhari, aur parda hum karen? (Your views are your bad, and I should cover myself?)"

"Feed me, lead me and then bleed me": Mike Huckabee

"When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty"

"Allegiance is no longer required in face of tyranny"

"Justice not served in time is nonsense"

"Banks got bailed out, we got sold out"

"If we elect a lawbreaker as our lawmaker, we get lawlessness"

"Laws does not matter, justice matters"

"All politicians lead, but only few in followers' interest, others lead like the Piper of Hamelin"

"Justice should not be begged, it should be home delivered"

"Our country is our business, if a politician failed, we are the manager, we failed. We appointed a wrong servent"

"If the decision is not reversed, then the decision makers will be reversed"

"Few politicians really lead the masses, others trap them and then lead"

"Ghodon ko nahin milti hai yahaan ghaas dekho ... Gadhe kha rahe hain chaywan-prash dekho"

Oppressive and/or most misused laws of India (please write us,, if you have some suggestions):
Section 144 in Indian penal code (prohibits assembly of five or more persons, holding of public meetings,...): Probably this was inacted in 1860 by Britishers, one of the major tool to rule over and oppress the people in south Asia. This is still widely used by India, Pakistan, Bangadesh to rule over their people, with not even change in section number in all these 3 countries. What is changed after so called "independence", if the rules and laws are not changed?

Section 353: Assault or criminal force to deter public servant from discharge of his duty: often used by police to threaten and harass public.

Land Acquisition Act 1894: Most of the notorious laws of India are actually British colonial laws to rule over India. The cunning successive post-independence rulers of India retained these laws as they served their nefarious design to rule India. Isn't it every Indian free to have no allegiance to these colonial tyrannical laws in an independent India?

What needs to be changed in independent India (please write us,, if you have some suggestions):
# Undercover investigation of corrupt public servants upon complaints.

# Not nominal but significant property taxes and that too proportional to the value of the property. If you are living in a king size house, pay king size taxes too.

# Removal of the rule of non-presence of a family member during medical operation of a patient: In the presence of so many medical negligence cases, the archaic rule of not allowing presence of any family member during a medical operation should be removed. A patient's family must have all rights to know how his/her patient has been taken care by the medical practitioners, and whether the bill a medical practitioner/hospital has charged actually corresponds to the services they have given.

# Removal of portraits of president and prime minister from government offices. President and prime minister are public servants and not king and queen. Their portraits at government offices make no sense.

# Removal of "Government work is God work" from Karnataka Vidhan Saudha (assembly building). Rather it should be replaced with "Public wish is God's order", or someting like this "We are not a government, we are an administration, we are your humble servants, please order us and we will serve you". India is a democracy, not a kingdom.

# Removal of notorious Land Acquisition Act 1894. Most of the notorious laws of India are actually British colonial laws to rule over India. The cunning successive post-independence rulers of India retained these laws as they served their nefarious design to rule India. Isn't it every Indian free to have no allegiance to these colonial tyrannical laws in an independent India?

# Shut down of  Shimla and Hyderabad Presidential retreat palatial residence cum offices. Multi-million rupees are spent on these almost unused palatial residence cum offices. Time has come to stop offering treatment to president like a king or queen. President is too nothing but a servant of public.

Some amazing expenses by Indian government, in a country with mass starvation:

Gas-guzzling government talks austerity, burns crores: "Bizarre ideas like shutting petrol pumps at night are floated even as the fuel bill of ministers and babus tots up to about Rs 3,000 crore a year in Delhi alone."
Rs 37 lakh spent on room President Pranab Mukherjee used just for an hour: "Rs 198 lakh of the taxpayers' money was spent when President Pranab Mukherjee was in Belgaum to inaugurate the Suvarna Vidhana Soudha in October."
Chhattisgarh paid Kareena Rs.1.40 crore for dance show: "The Chhattisgarh government admitted Thursday that it paid a whopping sum of Rs.1.40 crore to Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor for her performance last month at the state's anniversary function."
Rs 7.25 crore spent on advertisements on birth anniversaries of Rajiv, Indira Gandhi: "Government had spent Rs 4.79 crore and Rs 2.46 crore on print media advertisements on the occasion of birth anniversaries of former Prime Ministers Rajiv Gandhi and Indira Gandhi respectively."
Ministers' foreign trips: Rs 435 crore due towards Air India

How politians are glorified like kings/queens? Is India really a democratic country similar to democratic countries in West?
Removing Akhilesh wallpaper crashes laptops: ""The machines come with a one-year warranty. In case of glitches one can contact or""
Mulayam gets a temple, his party a Chalisa: "Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav appeared to distance himself from sycophancy. He said he disapproved of the temple: "If such a temple is being built, even by an individual, the party is opposed to it.""
UP CM announces waiver on farm loans: "Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav's 73rd birthday has brought along a bonanza for Uttar Pradesh's farmers. His son and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has announced a waiver of farm loans"
Why should public funds be used for Mulayam’s b’day?: "The fact that a bankrupt state government—which is seeking various packages from the Centre—can waive off farm loans of Rs 1,650 crore at a time when the Central government is also struggling to keep down its own deficits shows the disdain with which politicians treat public funds."

Government's Tughlaqi Farmaan (notorious order):
UP govt orders closing down of all shops, malls by 7 pm, restaurants by 10 pm: "In an order which could be of far-reaching consequences, the Uttar Pradesh government today ordered all shopping malls to be kept open from 11 am till 7 pm in view of the prevailing power crisis."

Some extraordinary profiles of Indian politicians and their relatives at Wikipedia:
Robert Vadra
Shibu Soren
D. P. Yadav
Mohammad Shahabuddin
Anand Sen Yadav
Pappu Kalani
Hitendra Thakur
Arun Gulab Gawli
Mohammed Taslimuddin
Narayan Dutt Tiwari
List of politicians in India charged with corruption

Photos & Cartoons:

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Set to celebrate: "A view of a park illuminated ahead of Mayawati's birthday celebrations, in Gomti Nagar area of Lucknow"
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2G Scam
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BJP activists shout slogans during a protest against Sheila Dikshit and Suresh Kalmadi for their alleged role in corruption in CWG spendings. (PTI)
high level probe
Track Record
Land Grab Probe
Indian Penalised Service
Rapid Reaction Force
national's 'Big Bs'
Ninan's World
MP Babubhai Katara, representing Dohad (ST) in Gujarat, involved in the infamous human trafficking case, was expelled from the Lok Sabha, taking the total number of members axed in the current term to a record 11
India in garbage bin
Shame the corrupt with Rs0
No Cash? No problem - I take credit cards!

Member's Articles:
Political reforms in developing democracies

Outstanding Articles:

Bangalore police defend baton charge on World Cup fans: "Bangalore's police commissioner on Friday defended the baton attacks on cricket fans angry that they could not buy World Cup tickets, explaining his action was part of life in India.", "Bidari said a robust police action in such situations was normal in his country. "The Indian situations and the Indian dimensions are very different. It's difficult for the people who have lived in Europe and in America to understand,", Incredible India - Do Indians endorse to be treated worse than stray dogs? If not, then why they have not booted out yet the draconian colonial Indian police laws which allow their mere servents to turn into their masters? What nonsense independence every year we celebrate when most of the prevailing laws are still colonial? Do Indians had only problem when they were under the boots of Britishers? Who cares when they are under the boots of their own native invaders? Indian followed Gandhigiri when they fought against astronomical powerful British empire. Why are we still follow Gandhigiri when we can make laws to crush the head of native invaders under our boots? Ironically Indian governments does not adhere to the Gandhigiri, rather they follow the footsteps of colonial brutal police state.
The Evil of Corruption in India: ""two-thirds of Lok Sabha MPs under 40 are hereditary. This is because there is no easier way to make money in India today than through a career in politics. This is why everyone from criminals and mafia dons to movie stars and big industrialists willingly give up their private lives to become public servants. Unfortunately, this is very bad for India."
The Princely State Of India: "Analyse Parliament, and a disturbing fact emerges: India is going back to monarchy", "these young men and women were treated with reverence by the Indian media, although their achievement was usually to have shared genes with an earlier leader.", "Which political party was the most hereditary? (Or, what percentage of a party’s MPs had reached the Lok Sabha through a family link—excluding parties with fewer than five MPs?)
  • RLD 100 per cent (5 out of 5)
  • NCP 77.8 per cent (7 out of 9)
  • BJD 42.9 per cent (6 out of 14)
  • INC 37.5 per cent (78 out of 208)
  • BSP 33.3 per cent (7 out of 21)
  • DMK 33.3 per cent (6 out of 18)
  • SP 27.3 per cent (6 out of 22)
  • CPI(M) 25 per cent (4 out of 16)
  • JD(U) 20 per cent (4 out of 20)
  • BJP 19 per cent (22 out of 116)
  • AITC 15.8 per cent (3 out of 19)
  • Shiv Sena 9.1 per cent (1 out of 11)"
Why Indian laws need to treat corruption as sedition: "IPC was written in 1861 by the British."
Sonia Gandhi and the hidden trail: "The Indian media has begun even doubting Manmohan Singh’s integrity — mental, at least —  as he must have been knowing for nearly two years that the Indian exchequer was defrauded of `1.76 lakh crores.", "most of the funds of scams end up in the coffers of political parties, particularly of the Congress. Today the DMK is taking the brunt of the blame, but actually political parties have been forced to follow suit after the grand old party of India’s independence, began using percentages allotted by foreign companies on mega deals, military and otherwise,  to secretly fund its election campaigns and give freebies to poor villagers. Of course, Bofors was the first one of the big scams to be uncovered."”.
Honestly Speaking: "I fail to understand why almost every commentator, every TV anchor, every editorial writer feels compelled to pay ritual obeisance to the “personal honesty and integrity” of Dr Manmohan Singh while dealing with the scandals emanating from his cabinet colleagues."
BBC: 'More poor' in India than Africa
India’s filthy underbelly: "Indian society and public life has been overrun by corruption for the simple reason that, irrespective of the party or parties in power, the Governments of the day have at best sought to play it down, offered it tacit support and at worst connived with the perpetrators."
Lokayukta indicts BSY govt, quits: "Justice Hegde said the government had been totally non-cooperative with the Lokayukta, be it in its campaign against corruption, maladministration or to deliver justice to scores of aggrieved citizens from across the state. "
77.5% have to pay bribe for registration in Karnataka
Wikipedia: Ruchika Girhotra Case: Is this Real India? If yes then Indians were probably better off under British Raj.  "Ashu was then tortured further. A roller, referred to by the police as "Mussal', was rolled on his legs and thighs after four constables boarded the roller.", "Ashu was paraded in handcuffs in his neighbourhood.","
Behind silence of Ruchika’s family, a tale of harassment: "Harassed is too small a word to describe what the family went through these 19 years. Initially geared up to fight the case, the father and brother backed out, terrified with the chain of events that struck them one after the other. Ruchika was suspended from the Haryana Lawn Tennis Association, which was then headed by Rathore. "
5000 under-5 children die in India everyday: UNICEF
CNN: Farmers sell wives to pay debts in rural India: "Some farmers work as bonded laborers for a lifetime to pay off their debts. Others here say because of years of little rain and bad harvests they are forced to give money lenders whatever they ask for. Sometimes that includes their wives.", ""Nobody's going to support or help them," Kumari says. "If a family decides not to help them, the system is already not so sensitized towards them, whether it is police, judiciary, whether the legal system. So the women themselves tend to withdraw these cases."", "During CNN's interview with the family, officials with the state magistrate's office barged into the farmer's home and began videotaping."
A Statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission - AHRC: Custodial deaths in West Bengal and India's refusal to ratify the Convention against Torture: "The two, who had been arrested on petty charges, were locked in one of two holding cells designed to accommodate around 15 detainees, which on that day were by police records holding 262 persons. Independent witnesses suggest that the number was closer to 400. The men collapsed in temperatures of over 40 degrees Celsius while pleading for water from police officers selling it at 40 Rupees (US) per bottle. Over 150 other detainees were hospitalised."
Statement on 'Custodial deaths and torture in India' received by Commission on Human Rights: "Police even torture persons on receipt of bribes.", "They save influential and wealthy offenders by implicating innocent people and torturing them until a 'confession' is obtained.", "The police tortured her husband to death. Her children may have to leave school and help their mother find some food for the family lest they starve to death. Their father's murderers are still in service, and some are due for promotion. "
Forbes: Will Growth Slow Corruption In India?: "Bihar, India's second poorest with a population of 75 million, more than 80% of the food is stolen"
Torture main reason of death in police custody: Study: "third degree methods are used against the suspects due to social and political pressures"
The criminalisation of Indian democracy: "The criminalisation of northern Indian politics has reached proportions that would be comic if its consequences were not so serious.", "at least six candidates in the seven-phase elections being held in Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state in the world’s largest and most vibrant democracy, had been conducting campaigns from jail, broadcasting speeches live to rallies from illegal “cell” phones linked up to microphones."
The Washington Post: With Indian Politics, the Bad Gets Worse: "There were six lawmakers on hand who had just been sprung from jail so they could cast their ballots. ","Nearly a fourth of the 540 Parliament members face criminal charges, including human trafficking, immigration rackets, embezzlement, rape and even murder", "Sonia Gandhi, leader of the Congress party, enlisted the support of a former cabinet minister serving a life sentence for murder, and the minister's son was allegedly promised a cushy posting as deputy chief minister in the mineral-rich state of Jharkhand",  "Bribery has made it all the more difficult to bolster a flagging infrastructure and feed a country with more malnourished children than any other in the world. Reports surfaced this week that politicians had allegedly siphoned off hundreds of thousands of dollars from a $2 billion program to feed schoolchildren"
The who's who of corruption in India

Indian President:
Former President Pratibha Patil's brother named accused in murder case: "In a major embarrassment to former President Pratibha Patil, a court in Jalgoan, Maharashtra named her brother as an accused in a murder case. "
House for Pratibha Patil expands from 2,906 sq ft to 6,000 sq ft: "The total size of the plot is 56,239 sq ft and the CPWD tender said it estimated the cost of the entire renovation at Rs 1.03 crore. Officials refused to disclose the value of the final contract. CPWD also issued a separate tender for horticultural at an estimated cost of Rs 6.66 lakh."
Pratibha Patil spent Rs 18 crore on her last trip as President, RTI query reveals: "A huge controversy broke out last year when it was revealed that Patil had incurred an expenditure of Rs 205 crore on her 12 foreign trips covering 22 countries across four continents during her five-year term which ended on July 25 last year. "
Row over Pratibha Patil's disclosure: "Even as the clamour for death sentence of rapists is growing in the country, former President Pratibha Patil had on the Centre's recommendations commuted death sentences of 35 convicts, which included five rapists."
Now, former President of India Pratibha Patil under rape cloud for going soft on 7 rapists-cum-killers, even of children: "former President Pratibha Patil had on Centre's recommendations commuted death sentences of 35 convicts which included seven rapists."
19 cops still protect ex-president Pratibha Patil's family: "Former president Pratibha Patil might have exited the high office in July, but in violation of norms her family continues to enjoy high security cover, with 18 constables and one sub-inspector. Taking note of this divergence, the Maharashtra government has thrice requested the Union home ministry for permission to withdraw the former first family's protection. On all three occasions, the Centre's response has reportedly been silence"
Rashtrapati Bhawan asks for return of gifts taken by private family trust of Pratibha Patil: "The President's Secretariat has taken steps to  recover return gifts received by former President Pratibha Patil in her official capacity as President of India", "Former President Pratibha Patil was embroiled in a controversy over misuse of the highest office of the nation for leisure and pleasure of her family members, relatives and friends by undertaking expensive official trips costing more than Rs 200 crore"
Such vanity is unfair: "Now, Pratibha Patil eyes presidential gifts - Grace and dignity were never the highlights of Ms Pratibha Patil's wholly lacklustre tenure at Raisina Hill. Now it seems that impropriety will continue to characterise her post-retirement years. "
Patil takes away gifts she received as President: "Former president Pratibha Patil has taken a range of expensive gifts to her hometown Amravati. Constitutional experts say it's an aberration."
Team Anna to fast, calls President Pranab corrupt: "Team Anna said that the government has given several assurances on curbing corruption but there has been no positive outcome."
FTN: Did India's first woman President fail India's women?: "Did the first woman President, Pratibha Patil, fail to use her office to make gender justice a national priority?"
President Patil: The controversies and her legacy
Is President's house built on police land?: Sources say police land meant for senior police officers is being used to provide a house for the President.
President Pratibha Patil gives life to dead man: "October 18, 2007: Tidke dies in Belgaum government hospital.  June 2, 2012: President Pratibha Patil commutes long-dead Tidke's death sentence to life term."
President Pratibha Patil goes on mercy overdrive: "Were these pardons diluting the legal provision through the backdoor?"
High Court: Citizens entitled to know details of donations given by President from public funds: "The court upheld the Central Information Commissioner’s order directing the President's secretariat to make public the names of recipients of the donation, besides their address and the sum of donation given by the First Citizen."
President Patil commutes 30 death sentences to life: "The president on Monday commuted 30 death sentence into life — something that has never happened before. “The 30 whose death sentence has been commuted to life term were found guilty of barbarically murdering 60 persons by the Supreme Court. 22 of those killed were women and children,”"
President commutes death sentence of four prisoners: "The death sentence of four prisoners, including a man convicted for rape and murder of a five-year-old girl, has been commuted to life imprisonment by President Pratibha Patil."
Show for President cost Navy Rs 23 crore: "The Navy has run up a tab of Rs 23 crore for a day's extravaganza for the President. This included a bill of Rs 12 lakh for drinking water and Rs 17 lakh for the presidential banquet, besides spending Rs 14 lakh on alteration of a cattle fence and a similar amount on repairing a staircase."
Pres house hides behind convention: "President Pratibha is once again in eye of the storm. As questions over President Patil's Seychelles visit with her grandchildren continue to haunt her Rashrapati Bhavan's reply to tough questions about the trip have been couched in convention"
MEA defends Patil's entourage: "The Government today sought to put an end to a controversy generated by President Pratibha Patil taking her two grandchildren on a 9-day state visit to Seychelles and South Africa, saying that it is a "normal diplomatic practice"."
President Patil and other white elephants of our welfare state: "it’s pretty hard to say precisely how the ritualistic reading of cliché-ridden speeches by a woman in ghunghat, accompanied by her husband in ill-fitting suits, helps advance any positive perception of India."
President Patil gives up Pune land: "President Pratibha Patil's decision came after allegations that the bungalow was being built on defence land in violation of norms."
Pratibha Patil gives up Pune accommodation: "A bungalow was being built on defence land in violation of norms and was meant for Patil's post-retirement stay."
The disastrous presidency of Pratibha Devisingh Patil: "The previous low point that the office of the president witnessed was when the seventh president of India, Giani Zail Singh, clashed with then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. He had also famously said that he was willing to become a sweeper but was asked by his leader (Indira Gandhi) to become the president of India."
Activists claim victory as President gives up land
pratibha patil - Where Mum Is the Word - In Amravati, Rajendra Shekhawat’s writ runs on the strength of his mother’s exalted position: "The Amravati Municipal Corporation, say sources, has been rocked by a land scam that could have “cost it nearly Rs 200 crore”. Under the scanner are the city municipal commissioner and collector, both IAS officers, who reportedly connived with a select set of real estate developers to transfer development rights (TDR) in the last two-three years. "
the next president - The Giani’s Riot Act: "The Giani, who had no formal secular education, would later say, with evident satisfaction, that he had repaid a debt. Loyal to the Gandhi family, he had at one point caused a furore by asserting that he’d have even accepted the post of a sweeper from Indira."
pratibha patil - The Tai Of Fizzle - Pratibha Patil leaves no lasting impression on her office: "As President Pratibhatai Patil’s tenure draws to a close, it might be pertinent to ask what her five years in Rashtrapati Bhavan would be best remembered by. Would it be her surprise selection for the job, or her controversial appointment marked by PILs, or her numerous trips abroad that cost the exchequer Rs 205 crore. Or would it be the men in her life—her husband and son—who allegedly leveraged her office to suit themselves?", "“Her strongest quality through her political life was her unswerving loyalty to the Nehru-Gandhi family and her docile nature,”", "Her worst critics call her “an elevated sarpanch”."
The August Question: "The First Citizen race hots up. Parties get their pawns in place."
India seeks a President, merit not needed: "It’s that time again. The time when the next President of India will be elected and the lobbying, jostling and campaigning have begun.", "would not embarrass India on foreign trips in the way in which some Presidents have in the past."
A shocking violation: "She has already done enough to damage that prestige. It may be recalled that during the days when the UPA Government was on a much-publicised austerity drive, Ms Patil had gone on a foreign trip in a luxury airliner with almost 100 persons on board, including some six cooks — all at the tax payers’ expense. Moreover, her performance as a constitutional head of the state has been far from satisfactory."
Pratibha’s Pune home a break from tradition: "there have been five instances when retiring presidents left Delhi, but in none of the cases a new house was asked to be built."
President Pratibha Patil grabs 2,61,000 sq ft of land meant for soldiers and officers: "Col Suresh Patil (retd) remarked, “Dr Rajendra Prasad donated his land to Vinoba Bhave and here we have Pratibhatai Patil taking away the land for of her own men", "States commander Ravindra Pathak, member of the IESM and who invoked the RTI, “taking away more than 2.5 lakh sq ft of defence land is sheer looting by Ms Patil. We are sending a letter to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to take up the case suo moto. We have no money to pay for lawyers’ expenses.”"
President Pratibha Patil's brush with controversy: "An RTI disclosure has revealed that President Pratibha Patil has been allotted defence land, the size of which is six times more than she's eligible for, in Pune to construct a bungalow."
President's retirement home or resort? "reports of the President being allotted a defence land, the size of which is six times more than she is eligible for as per an RTI disclosure."
Prez allotted land meant for defence personnel: "The President has been allotted 2,61,00 sq ft of defence land which is 6 times more than she is eligible for.", "President lands in new row", "Protestors say president has illegally constructed on govt land"
President's last foreign trip: 12 days in Africa: "spending such a huge amount by the president, who happens to be just a symbolic head, on such trips each time with about 100 trip-members on a Boeing 747 can by no means be held justified.""
PP Longstocking: "I don't like President Pratibha Patil. And it's personal. I'm sure I wouldn't have been, well, impolite if she had been a lawyer, a politician or even a governor of a state. But being the president of India requires some qualities that Patil doesn't have. In fact, she has qualities that are totally un-presidential"
No austerity for President?: "President Pratibha Patil's mammoth travel arrangements on the President's global travels. Fresh documents with TIMES NOW reveal how she had a huge travel entourage on her foreign trips, especially to countries like Poland and Tajkistan. The documents also reveal that the President was doubling her predecessor's global travel record."
President Pratibha Patil's foreign trips cost record Rs 205 crore: "cost the public exchequer a whopping Rs 205 crore on her foreign visits, surpassing the record of all her predecessors."
Dawn: Indian president’s son faces probe: official: "she was hit by accusations that she protected her brother in a murder probe and shielded her husband in a suicide scandal, as well as allegations of involvement in a slew of financial scams."
Black money & Prez Patil: Is it time to scrap Rs 500-1,000 notes?: "Such is the ubiquitous presence of black money in India that now even India’s first woman president, Pratibha Devisingh Patil, finds herself enveloped in a controversy involving her son and Congress MLA Raosaheb Shekhawat."
President's son questioned in cash seizure case: "The Amravati police had seized Rs 1 crore from a car which was coming from Nagpur on February 12, ahead of the civic elections."
Prez's son issued notice over seizure of Rs 1 cr: "President Pratibha Patil's son and Congress MLA Raosaheb Shekhawat has been issued a notice by the district collector in connection with the seizure of Rs 1 crore unaccounted cash from Amravati, where civic polls are underway.", ""Congress wins elections with money and then further indulges in corruption to recoup that money,""
After aircraft and tanker, it’s warship for President: "Apart from the INS Viraat, Rajput-class destroyers, Shivalik, Godavari and Brahmputra-class frigates, Khukri-class missile corvettes, fleet tankers and landing ships will salute the President."
Rajasthan minister meets President, expresses regret over 'loyalty-rewarded' remarks: "Khan as having told the party workers that Patil was so dedicated that "she used to make tea and cook food at Indira Gandhi's residence" and due to her honesty,  devotion and loyalty, she is now the President."
Govt doesn't know when the new decade began: Yechury: "opening lines of President Pratibha Patil's address to Parliament this year were the same as in 2010", "we have ethical deficit, moral deficit, governance deficit.."
Raj minister sacked for calling Prez a 'cook': "Patil was "rewarded" with the post of President for her loyalty to the Gandhi family.", "Patil was so dedicated that "she used to make tea and cook food at Indira Gandhi's residence" and due to her honesty,devotion and loyalty, she is now the President.", "Khan told reporters at his residence in Jaipur that he did not intend to insult the President and just gave an example of loyalty. "I just gave an example of loyalty and did not intend to make any comment on the President.""
Pratibha cooked for Indira, says minister
Gehlot asks Rajasthan minister to quit over his remarks on President Patil: "he said the President had done dishes and cooked food for former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi", "Khan said he did not mean disrespect to the President. "I was just trying to advise disgruntled Congress workers to work selflessly and be faithful and committed like Patil,""
President daughter's name in Pune land row
Why a President with criminal antecedents?
Not For President! Bank Scam, Sugar Scam & Murder cover-up
More on the Jalgaon case and Pratibha Patil: " her petition filed in the Bombay High Court on 17 July 2007, has accused that the real conspirators behind the crime are Dr. G.N. Patil, brother of the President of India Smt. Pratibha Patil and a political rival of Prof. V.G. Patil, and Dr. Ulhas Patil, former Congress MP from the city"
Pratibha Patil in godman controversy:  ""I had a very happy experience here. The Baba came into the body of Hriday Mohini Dadiji. I did not know that he still talks. I thought he will say something and I will listen. But he had a chat with me and put me into difficulty. He also made me very lucky," said Pratibha Patil, Presidential candidate. This is something Patil said in Mount Abu at a conference organised by the Brahma Kumaris sect. The Baba she is taking about is the founder of the sect who died in 1969. And Patil says she spoke to his spirit through the medium of Hriday Mohini - the present head at Mount Abu centre."
Pratibha Patil - Wrong Candidate for Wrong Reasons
Another PIL filed against Pratibha
Pratibha bank waived loans for kin before RBI shut it down
Should Pratibha Patil be President? by Karan Thapar: Dilipsingh Patil, her brother, had access to a bank phone at his residence (No. 224672) which he used for his personal stock market transactions and ran up a bill of Rs 20 lakh?
Multi-faceted Pratibha: It’s polytechnic scam now
For family again: Patil’s MP funds for sports complex on land leased to husband society
Pratibha believes in spirits?

Indian Prime Minister:
‘The PM Never Replied To My Letters, He Was Replying To Raja Twice A Day’
American shakedown: Police won't charge you, but they'll grab your money: "'The Washington Post this week reported that in the past 13 years, there have been 61,998 cash seizures on roadways and elsewhere without use of search warrants. The total haul: $2.5 billion.'"
Manmohan Singh knew of 2G scam as it unfolded, ex-CAG Vinod Rai says: "The former CAG's revelations challenge the defence of Singh that the 2G scam was perpetuated by A Raja using the political necessity of Congress to humour DMK, thus fastening the mega swindle to the reformist PM."
Tell-all note: Manmohan's role exposed: "former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's secret note to then Law Minister HR Bhardwaj on 'tainted' judge's promotion."
The Man Who Wasn’t There?: "As prime minister, Manmohan was slow and eventually proved unequal to taking on the crooks."
BJP says CBI should question Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in 2G spectrum case.
Agree    86%   
Don't agree    12%   
Can't say    2% May 6, 2014
PM was worse than a rubber stamp of Sonia: "Baru’s book is likely to be the most authentic account of the UPA as seen from the perspective of the only Manmohan loyalist in the Government."
Sonia was super PM, Manmohan was made an object of ridicule, says Sanjaya Baru: "Sanjaya Baru, in the eye of a storm after his latest book 'The Accidental Prime Minister' made startling claims about the top echelons of the Congress, including PM Manmohan Singh and Congress president Sonia Gandhi, on Saturday defended himself saying his book was not a criticism of the leaders, but had a balanced viewpoint."
Pakistan judge frees 9-month-old baby accused of attempted murder: "A Pakistani judge threw out charges of attempted murder against a nine-month-old baby on Saturday, lawyers said, in a case that cast a spotlight on Pakistan's dysfunctional justice system."
PM Manmohan Singh surrendered before Sonia, allies, says his ex-advisor: "A book by a former advisor to the Prime Minister, Sanjaya Baru has ruffled the feathers in the top echelons of the Congress. Baru, in his book 'The Accidental Prime Minister', has written that PM Manmohan Singh surrendered to pressure from Congress president Sonia Gandhi and allies."
Manmohan Singh is a circus lion, says Subramania Swamy: "BJP leader Subramaniam Swamy today termed the Prime Minister of India Dr Manmohan Singh a circus lion whom he claimed would not change after elections. While he termed his not resigning his legacy headed in the same breath that had he done so he would have been fooled."
PM was the final decision maker, count him as a conspirator: Ex-coal secy: "former coal secretary P C Parakh on Wednesday asserted that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was the final decision maker and must be counted as a "conspirator""
National Interest: His Moral Highness: "It is up to the prime minister now to decide whether he wants to close this loop of history by following Venkat's brave example. Or, stoop to carry on as a "loyal soldier", thereby furthering the sycophantic tradition of his party."
Montek’s brother slams PM for ‘timidity’, says quit now: ""Here is some gratuitous advice to Dr Singh. It is not too late to resign...when you became PM you became "our" PM, not the Congress party's representative," Ahluwalia writes."
Top Ten MMS Scandals
Coal scam probe: PM, Law Minister in the line of fire: "The Supreme Court's observations on the CBI's affidavit on its coal scam report have been fodder for the opposition to step up the political heat. Law Minister Ashawni Kumar and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh are in the line of fire. However, the UPA's crisis managers have said that no decision on the Law Minister's future will be taken until the Supreme Court passes a final order."
India has been dwarfed under 'weak' PM: Arun Jaitley: ""Even a small nation in the Indian ocean Maldives defies India. Pakistani soldiers behead our Army jawan and Parliament of that country condemns hanging of Afzal Guru..."
Time magazine dubs Prime Minister as 'underachiever'
Manmohan Singh an overrated economist and an underrated politician: BJP: ""The problem with Manmohan Singh has been that he has always acted as a consultant to the government, saying what should be done, what need not be done."
PM is like a 'Shikhandi' for Cong: Team Anna: "Team Anna on Monday accused Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of turning a blind eye to corruption cases."
Calling PM corrupt, Team Anna seeks probe against him, 14 ministers: "Besides Singh and Mukherjee, the ministers against whom the Team Anna has demanded probe by an independent Special Investigation Team include P Chidambaram, Sharad Pawar, S M Krishna, Kamal Nath, S M Krishna, Praful Patel, Vilasrao Deshmukh, Virbhadra Singh, Kapil Sibal, Salman Khurshid, G K Vasan, Farooq Abdullah, M Alagiri and Sushil Kumar Shinde."
How does Manmohan Singh’s honesty help us?: "A positive adjective like ‘honest’ gets tarnished and becomes irrelevant if accompanied by other adjectives such as inefficient, indecisive, introverted, under-confident, uninspiring and subservient.", "Perhaps many Indians would be happier with a less honest, more efficient prime minister?"
Modi slams PM for not voting in Assam: "Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his wife Gursharan Kaur are registered voters from Assam's Dispur Assembly constituency, where polling was held on April 11. Singh has been a Rajya Sabha member from Assam for the last two decades."
Comment: Our PM - zero to hero to Nero: "Or is he just plain incompetent and irresponsible?""
Jethmalani accuses PM of 'shielding corrupt people'
Can Manmohan Singh ever step out of Sonia's shadow?
Yes: 14%
No: 86%  Dec 21, 2010 (Is he a prime minister of a sovereign democratic nation or just a private servant, a blot on the name of democracy?)
Honestly Speaking: "I fail to understand why almost every commentator, every TV anchor, every editorial writer feels compelled to pay ritual obeisance to the “personal honesty and integrity” of Dr Manmohan Singh while dealing with the scandals emanating from his cabinet colleagues. "

Learn from other countries:

China court sentences Bo Xilai to life term for corruption, confiscates property: "was found guilty of accepting bribes worth 20.44 million Yuan"
Bo Xilai indicted for corruption, abuse of power: "As a civil servant, Bo took the advantage of his position to seek profits for others and accepted an "extremely large amount" of money and properties"
चीन: भ्रष्टाचारी पूर्व रेल मंत्री को सज़ा ए मौत: "लियो झिजुन पर पिछले 25 वर्षों के दौरान एक करोड़ डॉलर की रिश्वत लेने के आरोप थे."
Ex-Fiji PM Laisenia Qarase jailed for corruption
Gupta convicted of conspiracy, securities fraud: "He had been accused of giving inside information to a hedge fund manager who then traded on it. He now faces up to 20 years in prison on each of the fraud charges and five years on the conspiracy charge."
Rod Blagojevich gets 14 years: "Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich is sentenced to 14 years in federal prison for corruption"
Nepal: Madhesi Minister Jailed for Corruption: "A senior Madhesi leader and minister in Nepal's cabinet was today jailed for one-and-a- half years and fined Rs 8.4 million by the Supreme Court for amassing property worth Rs 20.8 million through illegal means."
Spain's Judge Baltasar Garzon convicted for wiretapping: "Spain's Supreme Court has found the country's best-known judge, Baltasar Garzon, guilty of authorising illegal recordings of lawyers' conversations."
Blagojevich sentenced to 14 years for corruption charges: "Blagojevich, a Democrat, was accused of trying to profit as he considered whom to appoint to succeed Barack Obama when he vacated his Senate seat to move to the White House."
Arab League sanctions for Syria: "The Arab League has voted to suspend Syria from its meetings and impose sanctions against Damascus over its failure to end a government crackdown on protesters."
Yulia Tymoshenko, ex-Ukraine PM, gets 7 years jail: "Former Ukrainian prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko was given a seven-year prison sentence after being found guilty Tuesday of abuse of office in her signing a gas deal with Russia in 2009."
BBC: Ukraine ex-PM Yulia Tymoshenko jailed over gas deal
Thai PM worth $17 million: Anti-graft body: "Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has net assets worth 541 million baht ($17 million), an anti-corruption body said Wednesday, far less than the wealth of her fugitive brother Thaksin.", "In February 2010, Thailand's Supreme Court confiscated $1.4 billion of Thaksin's wealth -- more than half his fortune -- for abuse of power.
Fallen Pharaoh lands in cage: "Mubarak on trial, Arab world pinches itself in disbelief"
Tunisia's Ben Ali sentenced to jail in absentia: "A Tunisian court has sentenced former President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali and his wife Leila to 35 years in jail for embezzlement and misusing public funds."
BBC: Taiwan judges on corruption charges: "Twelve judges, prosecutors, lawyers and others in Taiwan have been charged with corruption, as part of a campaign to clean up the island's corruption-plagued judicial system.", "Three of those indicted on Monday were senior High Court judges."
BBC: China executes two over tainted milk powder scandal
150 years in prison for Wall St swindler Bernie Madoff
Death sentence for corruption:Ex-Beijing official gets death sentence: "Liu faced 10 charges for accepting bribes totaling about 7 million yuan ($1 million) and gifts in return for favors to property development companies while vice mayor"
Death sentence for milk scam convicts: "BEIJING, Jan 22: A Chinese court on Thursday sentenced two men to death and gave stiff jail terms to 19 others over a milk scandal that led to widespread poisoning of babies in China and dairy recalls around the world."
Corruption related news from other countries:

Eleven Atlanta teachers in mass cheating scandal: "for their involvement in a scheme to falsify student test scores."
US Senator Bob Menendez charged with corruption: "The New Jersey politician is accused of using his influence to illegally benefit a Florida eye doctor, who he admits is a long-time friend."
Love marriage still a crime in parts of Sindh: "Allah Bux and his wife Majida Khanum are facing threats day in and day out after they committed the ‘crime’ of exercising their lawful will – marrying a person of their choice."
ISIS: Horrifying photos show man and woman being stoned to death 'for pre-marital sex': "A charge sheet is said to have been read to the crowd accusing the man and woman - both believed to be in their 20s - of 'fornication' and announcing their barbaric punishment."
A Rolex too far: Italian minister quits in corruption scandal: "revelations implicating him in a corruption scandal involving his department, his son and a 10,000-euro Rolex watch."
Two top Chinese politicians face corruption trials
Book on Zardari’s corrupt ways sues Indian publisher for Rs 1 bn: "The book describes Hashwani’s difficulties with what he called the “institutionalized” corruption that Zardari introduced when he came to power."
Video: Dallas police open fire on schizophrenic man with screwdriver
Idaho senators refuse to attend daily invocation as it started with Hindu prayer: "Some lawmakers refused to attend the Idaho Senate's daily invocation after objecting to the offering of a Hindu prayer. Rajan Zed, guest chaplain, gave a lengthy prayer in both English and Sanskrit on Tuesday that focused on selflessness and peace. Senators from both sides of the aisle shook his hand and thanked him for coming."
Ferguson report exposed racially biased system: Obama: ""Are they going to enter into some sort of agreement with the Justice Department to fix what is clearly a broken and racially biased system?'' Obama said."
VVIP treatment for terrorists
: "Pakistan's double standard stands exposed yet again as reports suggest that 26/11 mastermind Zaki-Ur-Rehman Lakhvi has been given access to the internet, mobile phones as well as other facilities required to run his terror organisation from within the confines of prision. One of Pakistan's most notorious prisoners, 55-year-old Lakhvi is living in relative luxury in Rawalpindi's sprawling high-security Adiala Jail."
Kent: Another temple attack in US spreads concern among Hindus: "A Hindu temple in the US has been vandalised with several windows broken and the word 'fear' painted on its wall, the second such incident in America's Washington state in February. Vandals used bricks to break several windows and then painted the word 'fear' on the wall of the Kent Hindu Temple."
Mumbai attacks suspect Lakhvi's luxury jail time:"They have the jailer's permission to have a television, mobile phones and access to internet, as well as dozens of visitors a day. "He [Lakhvi] can receive any number of guests, any time of day or night, seven days a week," says one jail official. No special permission is required, and his visitors are not even required to identify themselves to jail authorities.""
'Nobody came to save him'
: ""Bangladesh has become a safe haven for Islamists where they can do whatever they like,""
SC summons IG over attacks on Hindu temples in Sindh:
"Makli Mata temple in Makli district had been attacked three days ago and Radha temple in Mirpurkhas and Krishna temple in Hyderabad two weeks ago."
Killer’s defence lawyers eye ‘heavenly reward’: "All of them were there to assist the lead counsel for Qadri - former chief justice of LHC Khawaja Mohammad Sharif and retired Justice Mian Nazir Ahmed, who have come out of retirement to defend Qadri. As a lawyer present there commented: “These two ‘defence’ lawyers are senior to the judges hearing this case.”"
FIA arrests 189 corrupt officials, recovers Rs. 5 billion
Turkish parliament votes against corruption trial for ex-ministers
9 अजीब पाबंदियां, जो सऊदी औरतों पर लागू हैं: "शॉपिंग के दौरान कपड़ों का ट्रायल नहीं ले सकतीं क्योंकि धर्म उन्हें अपने घर से बाहर निर्वस्त्र होने की इजाजत नहीं देता. लेकिन पत्रिका वेनिटी फेयर की पत्रकार मौरीन डॉड तर्क देती हैं कि ऐसा सिर्फ इसीलिए है क्योंकि ट्रायल रूम में महिला की नग्नता के बारे में सोचकर शॉपिंग स्टोर में मौजूद पुरुषों के लिए कंट्रोल रख पाना मुश्िकल हो जाएगा."
War in Iraq: Sexual violence used as weapon: "Well financed and heavily armed, the ruthless terrorist force has committed crimes against humanity, including cleansing entire regions of ancient religious and ethnic minorities. Particularly hard hit are Assyrian Christians and Yezidis."
Female judges in Pakistan must wear veil, says clerics council: "wherein men can easily obtain  divorce but uttering “talaq” thrice. A woman, however, needs the pronouncement of a Muslim qaazi, who is a scholar in the field of Islamic jurisprudence."
Arthur Porter, ex-McGill hospital director, to be extradited from Panama: "Dr. Arthur Porter, the former McGill hospital CEO accused of fraud, has said he got $22.5 million from SNC-Lavalin for consulting work."
Boko Haram militants kill Woman while she was in labour: "The militants started shooting “indiscriminately”, killing small children and even a woman who was in labour. The fighters killed at least 150 people damaging more than 3,700 homes and buildings."
James Boyd shooting death results in murder charges against 2 police officers: "Dominique Perez and former detective Keith Sandy charged in homeless man's death"
Boko Haram crisis: Nigeria's Baga town hit by new assault: "While he raised fears that some 2,000 had been killed in the raids,"
Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell given 2 years in prison: "Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell speaks out after a judge sentenced him to two years in prison after he was convicted on federal corruption charges."
Radical Islamic biker gangs emerge in Australia: "In the Mongol Nation you must have a motorcycle to be a member or to hang around. Some other clubs are a bit lax with that rule,"
Saudi terrorism court 'to try women drivers': "Two Saudi women who were detained for defying a ban on female drivers are to be tried in a terrorism court"
‘We have killed all the children... What do we do now?’: "“We have killed all the children in the auditorium,” one of the attackers told his handler. “What do we do now?” he asked. “Wait for the army people, kill them before blowing yourself,”"
Purify her uterus if she isn't a virgin: IS releases shocking 'sex slave' guidebook: "include IS giving permission to their fighters to have sex with their captive immediately if she is a "virgin". If she is not, it mandates that "her uterus must be purified" first."
Eric Garner, Michael Brown: Tens of thousands across U.S. protest police killings: "Family members of young, unarmed black men killed by police — from Michael Brown and Eric Garner in recent months, to Amadou Diallo more than 15 years ago — packed a stage in front of the U.S. Capitol on Saturday, using a shared forum to urge thousands of supportive marchers to keep up the pressure for changes to the criminal justice system."
Egypt making slow progress on genital mutilation: "Emad Hamdi, a local worker, said he is still weighing whether to circumcise his daughters. He said he's heard that without it, a girl would be "sexually voracious", which could be "dangerous for her" — a common justification for the practice. A widely-used Egyptian Arabic term for it translates literally as "purification.""
Protesters rally in Washington to denounce police violence against unarmed black men: "More than 10,000 protesters converged on the nation’s capital Saturday to help bring attention to the deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of police and call for legislative action."
ISIS justifies enslaving, having sex with non-believers: Report: "The document explained that capturing women is permissible if they were "non-believers". The pamphlet added that female slaves were women that Muslims took from their enemies. Much of the pamphlet talks about the ISIS's policy on having sexual intercourse with a female slave, something that the group cites the Islamic holy text Quran to justify."
Finances of jihad: How extremist groups raise money: "Islamic State earns money from oil, taxation and looting"
Eric Garner: No charges in NY chokehold case: "A grand jury has not charged a New York City police officer over the death of Eric Garner, who died after being placed in a chokehold by the officer."
Opinion: How 200-year-old police principles could have helped Ferguson: "a sworn police officer ordered a young man to his knees in the middle of the street and shot him six times in cold blood."
Egypt: The forbidden love of interfaith romances: "Under Egyptian law, Christian men must convert to Islam to marry a Muslim woman"
Jihad should replace democracy to overcome challenges: Munawar Hasan: "Former Ameer Jamat-e-Islami (JI) Munawwar Hassan on Saturday ruled out the resolution of issues through democratic disposition and instead called for promoting the culture of ‘Jihad’ to overcome the present challenges."
Rape of three-year-old girl shocks Afghans: "A few days earlier she had been playing with her friends outside her home when a man picked her up and carried her to a nearby garden. According to her family and medical staff, he gagged, raped and then it seems, tried to murder her."
'Poverty porn' helps school get millions: "St. Joseph's Indian School used fake letters signed by fictitious kids to solicit donations."
Burning of the bulls: Protesters try to stop carnival where animals are set ON FIRE: "Terrified, with flames burning its back and sparks showering its eyes, this bull was entertainment for 1,000 Spanish revellers on Saturday night."
29 permits issued to Gulf states royal families for houbara bustard hunting: "The sources said that at least one president, one king, one Emir and one ruler besides two crown princes, the father and an uncle of country heads concerned are among those allowed to hunt the internationally protected houbara bustard, meat of which is considered to have aphrodisiac qualities."
Islamic State: Diary of life in Mosul: "School syllabuses have been changes by IS. There are no physical education classes anymore. Instead there is "jihadi education", which is a subject in which students are taught to love jihad [an Islamic concept meaning "struggle"] and how to do so. IS cancelled both geography and history lessons, but then they changed their mind. They cancelled art classes, and instead teach Arabic calligraphy. They completely banned the use of colours and coloured pens in schools."
Michael Brown's parents address U.N.: 'We need the world to know': ""We need answers and we need action. And we have to bring it to the U.N. so they can expose it to the rest of the world, what's going on in small town Ferguson." Accounts differ as to what led to the August shooting of Brown, an unarmed black 18-year-old, by a white police officer."
Judge toughens jail sentences in Kabul Bank scandal, freezes Karzai brother’s assets: "The case also involved Mahmoud Karzai, the brother of Ghani’s predecessor president Hamid Karzai. Mahmoud Karzai, a shareholder in the bank, has so far been spared jail but the judge on Tuesday ordered that his assets be frozen, along with those of others, until all the funds stolen from the bank have been returned."
'Leave your faith or leave your country': "over 5,000 Hindus are migrating from Sindh to India every year."
Hindu education rights: "My child who studies in St. Michael’s Convent School is being forced to study either Christianity or Islamiat."
पाकः इंसाफ़ मांगता हिंदू लड़की का परिवार
Pakistan police officer kills 'blasphemer' with axe: "A Pakistani policeman has been arrested after allegedly killing a man with an axe because he suspected him of committing blasphemy."
Screaming infant's head is cut by knife as part of bloody Islamic Ashura tradition: "Shi'as across the many Middle Eastern countries are often covered in blood during the ceremonies as Muslims of all ages carry knives and slash each other."
Iranian-British woman gets year in prison for trying to watch men's volleyball game: "a court found Ghoncheh Ghavami, 25, guilty of "propagating against the ruling system.""
Boko Haram says kidnapped girls married off: "more than 200 kidnapped schoolgirls all have converted to Islam and been married off."
Judges for sale?: "Last election cycle $24m (£15m) was spent on judicial elections by outside groups,"
Iran hangs Reyhaneh Jabbari in defiance of international campaign: "A UN human rights monitor had said the killing of Sarbandi was an act of self-defence after he tried to sexually assault Jabbari"
Muslim women cannot object to husbands’ marriages: CII chief: "the council had ruled that a girl as young as nine years of age is eligible for marriage if the signs of puberty are visible."
How deep-rooted are jihadists in Canada?: "In a long speech, Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani urged ISIS supporters not to spare civilians in their attacks against Americans, Australians, and Canadians. “Rely upon Allah, and kill him in any manner or way however it may be. Do not ask for anyone’s advice and do not seek anyone’s verdict. Kill the disbeliever whether he is civilian or military, for they have the same ruling,”"
Did hired thugs break up HK protests?: "CNN's Ralitsa Vassileva speaks to journalist Louisa Lim about rumors that hired thugs were used to break up protests."
Mr. Baird, how are Saudi Arabia’s beheadings different from Islamic State’s?: "According to Amnesty International, 59 people have been decapitated in Saudi Arabia since January this year, and eight in the past month alone."
Saudi Shia cleric Nimr al-Nimr 'sentenced to death': "prosecutors called for his execution by "crucifixion", a punishment which in Saudi Arabia involves beheading followed by public display of the decapitated body. "
Pakistan rally demands jihad against India: "A rally organised by the Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) condemned the firing along the Line of Control (LoC) and called upon the Pakistani government to declare a jihad against India"
Escaping ISIS: Iraq's Christians find refuge at Jordan church: "It's all that is left of a life before the Islamic State terror group swept into northern Iraq, giving the Christians of Qaraqosh and Mosul an ultimatum: Convert, leave or die."
#BBCtrending: The Kenyan pastors being exposed online: "Anglican pastor Charles Githinji half dressed in a hotel room with a pretty young woman.", "'Whether he was lured or not, what is a pastor doing in bed with his pants down with a woman who is not is wife?' "
Almaz's story: "the disturbing story of a young Ethiopian woman abused by her employers in Saudi Arabia."
Saudi man divorces wife for not closing car door: "Her husband then called out for her to close the door, but she refused, saying he should do so because he was closer to it."
अमेरिका पहुंचने से पहले अमेरिकी कोर्ट ने PM नरेंद्र मोदी के खिलाफ समन जारी किया
Virginia ex-Governor McDonnell and wife guilty of corruption: "used his office to endorse the dietary supplements of a businessman in return for lavish gifts and loans."
Corruption 'impoverishes and kills millions': "An estimated $1tn (£600bn) a year is being taken out of poor countries and millions of lives are lost because of corruption"
Variational democracy: "“A SAUDI Arabian appeals court today upheld a sentence of a month in jail and 50 lashes awarded to a businesswoman for ‘cursing the morality police’ and ‘for calling police liars’"
‘Brit’ IS fighter beheads missing U.S. journalist
Missouri police tear-gas protesters after Ferguson shooting: "criticising what they said was a police attempt to "justify the execution-style murder"."Several stores in Ferguson were looted on Friday after protesters clashed with local police"
'Jihadistan': Can Isis militants rule seized territory?: "The sight of beheadings, crucifixions and summary executions, all filmed with a ghoulish commentary, was enough to make Iraq's poorly motivated security forces lay down their weapons and flee last month. ", "They cut off the heads of Sunni sheikhs who refused to pledge allegiance, they blew up Shia mosques, trying to start a sectarian civil war, and they cut off the fingers of people they caught smoking (a practice they deem as un-Islamic)."
Rick Perry, Texas governor, indicted for abuse of power: "A grand jury indicted Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Friday for allegedly abusing the powers of his office by carrying out a threat to veto funding for state prosecutors investigating public corruption"
Will anyone stop ISIS?: "If you're following the news about ISIS, which now calls itself the Islamic State, you might think you've mistakenly clicked on a historical story about barbarians from millennia ago.", "Christian forced to convert to Islam, then beheaded"
'It's been haunting me': NY judge says his own bias may have led to bad conviction: "says his own racial bias may have led him to convict the suspect of murder."
Christians of Iraq threatened by ISIS: "Facing fines, conversion or death, Christian families flee Mosul under threat from ISIS. CNN's Arwa Damon reports."
पाकिस्तान के अहमदिया अल्पसंख्यक: "पाकिस्तान में फ़ेसबुक पर ईशनिंदा से जुड़ी एक पोस्ट पर फैली अफ़वाह के बाद, वहां हिंसा में एक महिला और दो बच्चों को ज़िंदा जला दिया गया."
France drugs: Policeman seized in massive cocaine hunt: "A French drugs squad officer has been arrested in the southern city of Perpignan on suspicion of stealing more than 50kg (110lb) of cocaine from Paris police headquarters."
Virginia ex-governor Bob McDonnell's wife 'sought gifts': "The star witness in a corruption trial of the ex-governor of Virginia and his wife has testified the former first lady sought gifts and loans in return for help with his business."
Woman and two children killed by mob in riots over 'blasphemous' Facebook post in Pakistan: "“Police were there but just watching the burning. They didn't do anything to stop the mob,” he said. “First they looted their homes and shops and then they burnt the homes.”
ISIS orders female genital mutilation in Iraq, some doubt report: "The United Nations, expressing deep concern, said on Thursday that militant group Islamic State had ordered all girls and women in and around Iraq's northern city of Mosul to undergo female genital mutilation."
Women watching women: "Like the Taliban before it, ISIS was quick to realise that one of the easiest ways to make a political statement in war-torn lands is to crack down on the women in a region"
Iraqi Christians flee after Isis issue Mosul ultimatum: "Isis Sunni militants gave Christians an ultimatum, convert to Islam or face death. Hundreds chose to leave the city."
Johns Hopkins Hospital pays out $190m over doctor tapes: "some 8,000 women joined a legal case claiming a gynaecologist had secretly recorded them."
Convert, pay tax, or die, Islamic State warns Christians: ""We offer them three choices: Islam; the dhimma contract - involving payment of jizya; if they refuse this they will have nothing but the sword,""
Trojan Horse report finds 'aggressive Islamist ethos' in schools: "there was an agenda to introduce "an intolerant and aggressive Islamist ethos" into some Birmingham schools."
Mike Duffy faces 31 charges including bribery, fraud, breach of trust: "Senator Mike Duffy faces 31 criminal charges related to his Senate expenses, consultant contracts and a $90,000 payment from the prime minister's former chief of staff."
Pope Francis: 'About 2%' of Catholic clergy paedophiles: "Pope Francis has been quoted as saying that reliable data indicates that "about 2%" of clergy in the Catholic Church are paedophiles."
New Orleans ex-mayor Ray Nagin sentenced to 10 years: "for bribery, money laundering and other corruption charges."
Eighty mentally ill US prisoners have died since 2003: "More than 80 people with mental health problems have died as a result of abuse or neglect in US jails since 2003"
From a house of hate, an outburst of violence: "The threat from white supremacists • Far-right extremists have killed 670 people and injured more than 3,000 since 1990"
China accuses former top general Xu Caihou of corruption
Fighting honor killings in Muslim world: "CNN's Jonathan Mann speaks to Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf about so-called "honor killings" in parts of the Muslim world."
Second Philippine senator face arrest for corruption: "A Philippine anti-graft court has ordered the arrest of a second senator, one of three members of the powerful Senate to be indicted on a charge of receiving huge kickbacks from government development and anti-poverty funds."
Video shows Albuquerque police killing homeless man: "Records show that 26 people have been killed by city police in Albuquerque since 2010, a per capita rate of officer-involved deaths higher than New York City and Chicago."
British Muslim mayor in court over corruption charges: "Rahman and his team are also accused of casting postal and other votes in the names of people who were not entitled to be on the electoral roll, and acquired voting papers that they completed in favour of the mayor."
JUI-F MNA says minority discrimination is 'unacceptable': "“Not a single person, who misuses the laws against minorities, has ever been punished,” "
Government 'names and shames' minimum wage underpayers: "A list of 25 employers who failed to pay workers the minimum wage has been released by the government."
Women die in Pakistan, yet the nation stands idle: "Women are in fact sold in marriage; their cumbersome dowries become a bargaining chip. Romantic love is of no consequence whatsoever, and is denounced as the product of depraved Judeo-Christian world. Ironically, matchless lovers are celebrated in Pakistani verse and literature. Theatre and film thrill audiences with the rumblings of an enraged father. This is the father who cannot be disobeyed as he has a culturally-sanctioned ability to mete draconian punishment to a wayward daughter."
Pakistan MQM leader Altaf Hussain arrested in London: "The MQM is often accused of extorting money from businesses in Karachi and shipping the money to the UK"
Qatar World Cup: '$5m payments to officials' corruption claim: "The Sunday Times  has obtained millions of secret documents - emails, letters and bank transfers - which it alleges are proof that the disgraced Qatari football official Mohamed Bin Hammam made payments totalling $5m to football officials in return for their support for the Qatar bid."
Pakistan woman bludgeoned to death 'routine murder': police: ""It is a routine murder case like other murder cases and has to be seen in the context of Pakistani society,""
How the UK taught Brazil's dictators interrogation techniques: "many Brazilians are wrestling with painful discoveries about the military dictatorship that ruled the country from 1964 to 1985. The BBC has found evidence that the UK actively collaborated with the generals - and trained them in sophisticated interrogation techniques."
Pakistan stoning victim's husband condemns police: "The husband of a pregnant woman, who was stoned to death by her family outside a court building in the Pakistani city of Lahore, has said police were watching the incident but did not intervene."
Pakistan stoning kills pregnant daughter who married for love: "while violence against women is routine in Pakistan, this incident was particularly shocking because of its public nature outside a crowded provincial court."
The Swiss stash: "When every living Pakistani is indebted to the extent of about Rs100,000, the deposits of rich Pakistanis in the Swiss banks exceed $200 billion."
Report says corruption rampant in South Asia
Who, What, Why: What can you be flogged for in Iran?: "Adultery, kissing in public, theft, homosexual acts, drinking or selling alcohol, and blasphemy are all grounds for flogging in Iran. Offenders are usually sentenced to between 10 and 100 lashes across the back, carried out with a one-metre (three-foot) whip. The pain is so severe that they often faint after seven or eight strokes,"
CII endorses underage marriage: "Sheerani said that a nikah could be performed at any age"
Credit Suisse pleads guilty to helping 'tax cheats': "Swiss banking giant Credit Suisse has pleaded guilty to helping thousands of US clients evade paying taxes to the US government and agreed to pay a $2.6bn (£1.5bn) fine."
80pc Pakistanis believe corruption is widespread, says WB report
Christian woman in Sudan sentenced to death for her faith: "A Sudanese court has sentenced a Christian woman to death for renouncing Islam"
Top Thai court sacks prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra: "Thailand’s Constitutional Court on Wednesday dismissed Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and nine ministers for abuse of power"
Hindu households, temple attacked in Bangladesh: "A mob of nearly 3,000 attacked Hindu households and a temple in eastern Bangladesh after two youths from the community allegedly insulted Prophet Muhammad on Facebook."
Boko Haram 'to sell' Nigeria girls abducted from Chibok: ""God instructed me to sell them, they are his properties and I will carry out his instructions,""
पाक में अपहरण कर जबरन कराया जा रहा हिंदू लड़कियों का धर्म परिवर्तन: "मूवमेंट फॉर पीस एंड सॉलिडेरिटी इन पाकिस्तान (एमएसपी) के मुताबिक पिछले साल 700 ईसाई और 300 हिंदू लड़कियों का जबरन धर्म परिवर्तन कराया गया. इतना ही नहीं उनकी इच्छा के विरुद्ध उनकी शादियां मुसलमानों से करवाई गई."
UK drug company Glaxo 'paid bribes to Polish doctors': "We pay doctors, they give us prescriptions. We don't pay doctors, we don't see prescriptions for our drugs."
She was married at 6 years old: "CNN's Anna Coren meets a young girl who was married off when she was 6 years old."
Christian couple in Pakistan sentenced to death over ‘blasphemous’ text: "A Christian couple in Pakistan has been sentenced to death for sending blasphemous text messages to two persons."
Saudi Arabia declares all atheists are terrorists in new law to crack down on political dissidents: "Saudi Arabia has introduced a series of new laws which define atheists as terrorists, according to a report from Human Rights Watch. In a string of royal decrees and an overarching new piece of legislation to deal with terrorism generally, the Saudi King Abdullah has clamped down on all forms of political dissent and protests that could "harm public order"."
Microsoft scam man is sentenced in 'landmark' case: "Mohammed Khalid Jamil, 34, from Luton, hired people at an Indian call centre to falsely tell victims their computers had a serious problem. The targets would be charged between £35 and £150 for software Microsoft made available for free."
Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon charged with corruption: "Newly elected Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon, 47, is accused of accepting more than $48,000 (£28,953) in bribes and gifts from undercover FBI agents."
BBC: Outrage as Danish zoo kills healthy family of lions: "Copenhagen Zoo says it "had to euthanise" two cubs and their parents after it failed to re-home them."
B.C. government employee expenses Ashley Madison services: "A British Columbia government worker used a public credit card to pay adultery dating site 'Ashley Madison' for services."
Police chief busted in prostitution sting: "A Minnesota police chief has stepped down after being arrested for engaging in prostitution. CNN affiliate WCCO reports."
अफ़ग़ानिस्तान में औरतों का एक मदरसा ऐसा भी: ""क्लासरूम में एक दीवार तो होनी चाहिए ताकि पुरुष शिक्षक छात्राओं को देख न सकें. यहाँ तक कि अगर वे हिज़ाब पहनी हुईं हो तब भी पढ़ते वक़्त उनकी आँखें खुली होती हैं.""
Danish zoo that culled giraffe kills family of lions: "Copenhagen Zoo says it "had to euthanise" two cubs and their parents after it failed to re-home them."
Curfew in Larkana, Muslim mobs set fire to Hindu temple, dharmashala, shops: "
The Afghan madrassa accused of radicalising women: "Some wear a full body black chador, which has led to them being dubbed "tent-wearers" by some residents.", ""If a chocolate does not have a wrapper, every fly can sit on it, but if it has a wrapper, it can be protected better," she said. "So the hijab for women is like a wrapper for them.""
Larkana: Hindu worship place set ablaze over ‘burning of holy pages’
Girl torches herself after being abused in Muzaffargarh: "A girl set herself on fire after police declared the five men innocent who allegedly subjected her to a gang rape."
The Somali love of 'rude' nicknames: "Somalis are inveterate givers of nicknames but for the past 12 months the closest thing I had to one was Gaal - or Infidel - and, let's face it, there is little distinction in that. It is routinely used to refer to any non-Muslim, black or white. Gaal, come here. Where is the gaal, and so on. "
Syria crisis: ISIS imposes rules on Christians in Raqqa: "A jihadist group in Syria has demanded that Christians in the northern city of Raqqa pay a levy in gold and accept curbs on their faith, or face death."
How many healthy animals do zoos put down?: "At the larger end of the scale, Copenhagen Zoo has put down leopards, tigers, lions, bears, antelopes and hippos in recent years, as well as the young giraffe, Marius."
Credit Suisse 'aided' US tax evaders: "Credit Suisse "helped its US customers conceal their Swiss accounts" and avoid billions of dollars in American taxes"
Hindus struggle to protect temples in Pakistan: "Some local politicians led mobs and attacked temples, the report said. "There is a perception that the Hindus (who migrated) had buried their wealth in these temples. Temples on the outskirts of the city were dug but when they found nothing, they destroyed the statues and defaced the statues,"
Sikhs and Hindus left in Afghanistan face persecution: "Most of the Hindus and Sikhs who remain in Afghanistan are weary of religious discrimination and absence of economic opportunities, and they are hoping to leave their country as anxieties grow about their prospects after American troops withdraw from Afghanistan at the end of 2014."
Watch: Extravagant possessions left by Ukrainian President: "Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych fled his country and left behind a seemingly endless array of extravagant possessions. It included an armoured soviet-era Limo, Vodka with his face on it, ostriches in a private zoo, a 19-year old Bentley and gold-plated toilet brushes."
Sudan court convicts Ethiopian woman over 'gang-rape': "Sudanese law is based on Sharia and women have been punished for wearing trousers or not covering their hair."
Ukraine unrest: At least 21 protesters dead in clashes: "At least 21 protesters have been reported killed by security forces in Kiev"
BRIC to MINT: Are Nigeria and Russia Too Corrupt to Grow?
Video 'shows British Syria suicide bomber': "A video has been posted online that appears to show Abdul Waheed Majid, believed to be the first British suicide bomber to blow himself up in Syria."
Three cops caught red-handed while robbing in Karachi: "Police took action in Saddar locality of the metropolis, arresting their three personnel red-handed, who were committing robbery in Empress Market."
SNC-Lavalin bridge contract linked to $1.5M in suspected kickbacks: "Twenty days after the Federal Bridge Corporation, a Crown corporation, awarded the contract to SNC-Lavalin, Michel Fournier, the former head of FBC, opened a bank account in Zurich and gave it the code name “Zorro.” In January 2002, as work began, Promotag SARL. — a commercial agent used frequently by SNC — began making deposits into accounts controlled by Fournier that would total $1,448,083.44."
Ex-New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin found guilty of corruption charges: "indictment detailed more than $200,000 in bribes to the mayor, and his family members allegedly received a vacation in Hawaii; first-class airfare to Jamaica; private jet travel and a limousine for New York City; and cellular phone service. In exchange, businesses that coughed up for Nagin and his family won more than $5 million in city contracts"
Giraffe's killing in Copenhagen reveals zoos' dark culling practices: ""What's interesting in this case is the utter and complete stupidity of the zoo in doing this in front of the public," says Rob Laidlaw, executive director of the animal welfare charity Zoocheck Canada."
Saudi woman loses life, was denied medical help under gender law: "medics in an ambulance were denied access because they were not accompanied by a "mahram", a legal guardian or male member of her family."
medics in an ambulance were denied access because they were not accompanied by a "mahram", a legal guardian or male member of her family. - See more at:
Saudi woman loses life, was denied medical help under gender law - See more at:
Iraqi security forces 'abuse female prisoners': "Sexual violence was so commonplace that one employee at a women's prison facility was quoted as saying: "We expect that they've been raped by police on the way to the prison.""
Nigerian gay people being hunted down: "Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan recently signed a draconian anti-gay bill into law"
Female genital mutilation: A family speaks out against the abuse: "She says the pain she went through "nearly killed me" but that she went on to have it done to her daughter because she was "not educated enough" and thought it was the Islamic thing to do."
Vatican 'must immediately remove' child abusers - UN: "Kirsten Sandberg from the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC) said a "code of silence" had been imposed on children", "it was gravely concerned that the Holy See had not acknowledged the extent of the crimes committed, and expressed its "deepest concern about child sexual abuse committed by members of the Catholic churches who operate under the authority of the Holy See, with clerics having been involved in the sexual abuse of tens of thousands of children worldwide"."
Senate expenses: Patrick Brazeau, Mac Harb charged by RCMP: "The Senate's internal economy committee ordered Brazeau, Harb, Duffy and Wallin to repay their alleged improper expenses: Brazeau to the tune of nearly $50,000 and Harb to more than $230,000."
Initial report of Muzaffargarh gang rape presented in SC: "incident in which a panchayat ordered the gang rape of a woman in Muzaffargarh."
Corruption across EU 'breathtaking' - EU Commission: "The extent of corruption in Europe is "breathtaking" and it costs the EU economy at least 120bn euros (£99bn) annually, the European Commission says."
Western Union agents accused of helping scammers: "The scammers post "jobs" on the web under a fake company name and then hire people as "mystery shoppers" to supposedly work undercover for clients such as Western Union."
Australia threatens to deport asylum seekers who spit or swear: "asylum seekers could potentially be deported if they: "irritate" people, "disturb someone", spit or swear in public, "spread rumours" or "exclude someone from a group or place on purpose"."
Police slice off woman's hair weave: "Security cameras show police cutting off a woman's weave at a Michigan jail."
Saudi beheads Indian worker for murder: "Latif's execution was the third carried out this year in Saudi Arabia, which beheaded 78 people in 2013, according to an AFP count."
Sochi 'most corrupt Games ever': "IOC member accuses Russia of siphoning off Sochi funds. Buzzfeed's Miriam Elder joins "The Lead" to discuss."
The divine train journey
Remove bottlenecks to get India's mojo back: IMF chief to NDTV: "India needs to get rid of corruption and remove bottlenecks in bureaucracy to get its mojo back, International Monetary Fund (IMF) managing director Christine Lagarde told NDTV's Prannoy Roy"
Berlusconi, lawyers probed for alleged witness corruption: "Italy's former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has been put under investigation in Milan for allegedly corrupting witnesses during his trial for having sex with an underage prostitute and abuse of power to cover it up"
Malaysian printer censors pigs' faces: "A representative said it was their policy to obscure pigs because Malaysia was "a Muslim country"."
'ओसामा गन' चला रहे पाकिस्तानी बच्चे: "पाकिस्तान में पिछले कुछ समय से बंदूक बच्चों का मनपसंद खिलौना बना हुआ है. खिलौनों की दूकान पर सबसे ज़्यादा बिक्री हो रही है ओसामा गन की."
Blasphemy case: Briton in Pakistan sentenced to death: "Mohammad Asghar was arrested in 2010 after writing letters to various people claiming to be a prophet"
Indonesian migrant worker tells of abuse as thousands protest in Hong Kong
Former Virginia Gov. Robert McDonnell indicted over gift scandal: "Gifts valued at a minimum of $140,000 in total included designer clothes, a Rolex watch, golf clubs, iPhones and a painting, according to a list of items included in the indictment."
FTQ wanted Pauline Marois to help stop corruption inquiry: "Commission hears 2009 wiretap of union boss Michel Arsenault discussing ties to PQ leader's husband"
Vatican cleric Scarano charged with money-laundering: "A senior Italian cleric has been charged with laundering millions through the Vatican bank, police say."
Uzbek President's daughter could be biggest challenge: "Uzbekistan has faced criticism over its human rights record, and now it seems it may have an outspoken human rights campaigner - the President's own daughter."
Pope Benedict defrocked 400 priests in 2 years, document reveals: "In his last two years as pope, Benedict XVI defrocked nearly 400 priests for raping and molesting children, more than twice as many as the two years that preceded a 2010 explosion of sex abuse cases in Europe and beyond"
Priest found guilty of sexual assault: "A retired Catholic priest, who earlier this week denied allegations that he sexually molested a teenage boy on Wolfe Island about 10 years ago, has been convicted on all counts".
Controversy of apostasy in Afghanistan: "Conversion, or apostasy, is also a crime under Afghanistan's Islamic law and is punishable by death."
'मुसलमान नहीं तो पाकिस्तान का पीएम नहीं': "अख़बार के मुताबिक पाकिस्तान पीपल्स पार्टी के चेयरमैन बिलावल भुट्टो ज़रदारी का कहना है कि देश का प्रधानमंत्री एक ईसाई होना चाहिए. अख़बार की राय है कि बिलावल पाकिस्तान की एक बड़ी पार्टी के प्रमुख हैं इसलिए उन्हें ऐसी कोई बात नहीं बोलनी चाहिए जो पाकिस्तान के संविधान के मुताबिक न हो. दरअसल पाकिस्तान के संविधान में कहा गया है कि देश में कोई मुसलमान ही प्रधानमंत्री या राष्ट्रपति बन सकता है."
Uganda adopts draconian anti-gay bill: "The lawmaker behind the bill, David Bahati, said a death penalty clause was dropped from the final version of the bill"
Egypt 'worst for women' out of 22 countries in Arab world: "The study found sexual harassment, high rates of female genital mutilation and a growth in conservative Islamist groups contributed to the low ranking."
Saudi nuclear weapons 'on order' from Pakistan: "Saudi Arabia has invested in Pakistani nuclear weapons projects, and believes it could obtain atomic bombs at will, a variety of sources have told BBC Newsnight. "
Sikh pilot alleges Emirates denied him a job because he wears a turban: "A pilot has alleged discrimination by the Gulf-based Emirates Airlines, saying that after being shortlisted for an interview he was turned down only because he wears a turban. CNN-IBN has accessed the email exchange between the airline and the pilot."
'तहरीर चौक पर मुझे निर्वस्त्र किया गया': "“अचानक मैंने ख़ुद को बहुत से मर्दों के घेरे में पाया, जो मेरे शरीर के हर अंग पर हमला कर रहे थे. उन्होंने मुझे नंगा ही कर दिया. उनके हाथ मेरे पूरे बदन पर थे. मुझे लगा कि मैं मरने वाली हूँ क्योंकि वो बहुत आक्रमक थे."
Pakistani doctors angered by failure to halt abductions: ""Privately, they encourage the families to cut a deal with the abductors." He says there is growing evidence that security forces often turn a blind eye to kidnappings allegedly because they get paid off by the abductors."
Girl buried alive after rape in Pakistan: "13-year-old daughter was abducted by two unidentified men while she was going to a seminary for Quran lessons. The men took the girl to a deserted place and raped her."
Trending: No Woman, No Drive
Best bottom contest hits bum-note over claims of bribery: "two competitors are accused of bribing the judges."
बमबम 2013 प्रतियोगिता जीतने के लिए सुंदरियों ने दी घूस: "एमरल ने दूसरे नंबर पर आने के लिए प्रतियोगिता के आयोजकों को 18 हजार पाउंड यानी करीब 17 लाख 89 हजार 600 रुपये घूस के रूप में दिए. जबकि मैरी सौसा पर तो पहले नंबर पर आने के लिए जज को इससे भी कहीं ज्‍यादा की घूस देने का आरोप है."
'Shocking' abuse claims at South Africa's Mangaung prison: ""inmates complained about broken limbs, blood in their urine and other serious injuries. "Some said they would pass out when the shocks became too intense."Some of the evidence is difficult to watch."
चीन: राजनीति की 'गंदी दुनिया' साफ होगी?: "लगभग हर हफ़्ते नए घपले सामने आ रहे हैं, जिनसे सत्ताधारी कम्युनिस्ट पार्टी और आम लोगों के बीच खाई बढ़ती जा रही है."
Court orders Zardari to appear in reopened graft cases: "An anti-corruption court in Pakistan on Monday summoned former president Asif Ali Zardari to appear in corruption cases opened this month just weeks after he stepped down on completion of his term."
Saudi women fined for defying driving ban: police: "At least 16 Saudi women have received fines for taking the wheel on a day set by activists to defy the kingdom's traditional ban on female driving"
Tunisia's 'sexual jihad' - extremist fatwa or propaganda?: "The authorities say they have arrested a number of girls and women in cities around Chaambi, whom they accuse of having sex with battle-weary militants as part of a campaign to improve morale."
Saudi warns women against defying driving ban: "Activists have called on social networks for Saudi women, individually, to go behind the wheel on Saturday, in a campaign in the world's only country that bans women from driving."
Italy ex-PM Silvio Berlusconi to face bribery trial: "Berlusconi is accused of paying the left-wing senator 3m euros ($3.9m) to defect to his party in 2006 and help bring down the government."
पाकिस्तानी अपनी इज़्ज़त कब करेंगे?: "पाकिस्तान ने हमेशा अपनी इज़्ज़त दांव पर लगा कर अमरीका का साथ दिया है, लेकिन अमरीका ने हमेशा पाकिस्तान को दो टके का बेचारा समझा है."
'Eden': Story of a sex slave in the U.S.: "The film "Eden" is based on Chong Kim's story as a sex slave in the middle of the United States."
Who are the British jihadists in Syria?: "In its annual report to Parliament, the Intelligence and Security Committee described the involvement of UK residents in Syria as posing a significant threat for years to come"
Ghotki: policemen allegedly sexually assaulted two sisters: "two sisters hailing from Khambra area of Ghotki alleged that police conducted raid at their house and picked them to police station where they were gang-raped for three days."
Pakistan: Lament for a nation: "Karachi, is a virtual war zone in which Sindhis, Mohajirs and Pachtuns pursue vendettas against each other, with kidnappings and killings being routine daily events."
चीन: अंतरराष्ट्रीय होटलों में खुलेआम वेश्यावृत्ति: "ड्यूटी पर तैनात कर्मचारी ने हमें बताया कि यहां 20 महिलाएं काम करती हैं. उसने एक ब्रोशर दिया जिसपर हाथ से लिखा था- प्रास्टिट्यूट 800आरएमबी- 85 पौंड (करीब 8500 रुपये)."
Should 'horse-tripping' be banned at Mexican rodeos in US?: "Animal rights activists claim 'horse roping' is cruel and dangerous."
Off-duty NYPD officer allegedly seen pounding SUV arrested on riot charge:
New York police have arrested one of their own on riot and criminal mischief charges in connection with the September 29 attack on an SUV driver in New York City"
Saudi preacher jailed 8 years for raping, killing daughter: "A Saudi court sentenced a preacher convicted of raping his five-year-old daughter and torturing her to death to eight years in prison and 800 lashes",  "Reportedly, Ghamdi had tortured and raped his daughter after he had doubted her virginity.", "In ultra-conservative Saudi Arabia, where rape and murder are among several crimes punishable by death, a father cannot be executed for murdering his children, nor can husbands be executed for murdering their wives."
Cleric gets 8 years for killing daughter: "Outrage in Saudi Arabia after a cleric is sentenced to eight years in prison after he beat his daughter. She later died."
Video raises police brutality questions: "Jason Carroll reports on a video that is raising questions about force used by the Atlantic City Police Department."
Deconstructing the Pak bomb: "Bhutto immediately embarks on a tour of the Muslim world that takes him to Iran, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Syria, Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya with the last one agreeing to extend financial assistance of $500 million. This is where Bhutto’s idea of ‘Islamic bomb’ gets refined and proves so potent. "
Pakistan deadly bomb targets Peshawar polio campaign: "Two people, one a police officer, have been killed by a bomb which went off near anti-polio campaigners in Pakistan"
Malala attack: 'Then he fired straight at her': "One year after she was shot by the Taliban, Malala Yousafzai has spoken about the day she was shot on her school bus."
चर्च पर हमला शरियत के मुताबिक़: तालिबान: "“ये हमला शरियत के मुताबिक़ है, लेकिन ये हमने नहीं किया है. हमने पूरी छानबीन की और उसके बाद मीडिया को बताया कि इसमें हमारा कोई हाथ नहीं है.” शाहिदुल्लाह शाहिद के अनुसार वो इस हमले की निंदा नहीं करते हैं."
Female Pakistan quake victims 'struggle' for medical help: "social custom does not allow females to be treated my male doctors - and the hospital's only female practitioner is already inundated with a backlog of quake victims."
China employs two million microblog monitors state media say: "China's internet is one of the most controlled and censored in the world.Websites deemed to be subversive are blocked. Politically sensitive postings are routinely deleted . Even the name of the former Prime Minister Wen Jiabao was censored when rumours were circulating on the internet that his family had amassed a fortune while he was in power."
Indonesian Chief Justice arrested in latest corruption case: "Mochtar, 52, was detained late Wednesday at his Jakarta home as a businessman and lawmaker were allegedly about to hand him around three billion rupiah, said officials from the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK"The bribery was allegedly linked to a disputed election in Gunung Mas district on Borneo island,", "the jailing earlier this month of the former traffic police chief for 10 years after he built up an $18 million empire by accepting enormous bribes. Djoko Susilo reportedly earned a humble police salary of $1,000 a month -- but the country's anti-graft agency seized assets from him, including houses, cars and even petrol kiosks, worth 200 billion rupiah"
Four cops strip woman naked: "An Illinois woman is suing the LaSalle County Police Department over what she feels was an illegal strip search."
$1m 'drugs money' thrown out of plane over Bolivia: "Three local people who tried to pick up the package - which landed in a small village in Santa Cruz - are under arrest."
Thai woman jailed for 5 years for anti-royal web post: "Thailand has some of the world’s toughest lese-majeste laws, with royal insults punishable by up to 15 years in prison for each offence committed."
कीनिया: कैसे होती है चरमपंथियों की भर्ती?: "उदार मुसलमान जैसी कोई चीज़ नहीं है. पैगंबरों ने हमें इस्लाम में उदारत नहीं सिखाई - इस्लाम तो इस्लाम है. उदार मुसलमान होने का मतलब ये स्वीकार करना है कि आपके दुश्मन जो कहते हैं आप वही हैं."
Thai woman jailed for 5 years for anti-royal web post: "Thailand has some of the world’s toughest lese-majeste laws, with royal insults punishable by up to 15 years in prison for each offence committed."
Thailand has some of the world’s toughest lese-majeste laws, with royal insults punishable by up to 15 years in prison for each offence committed.

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Actors say they were racially profiled: "Actors Cherie Johnson and Dennis White say they were harassed and handcuffed by a sheriff's deputy in South Carolina"
Why strippers love the U.N. meeting: "For this New York strip club, the annual U.N. meeting tends to be one of the best weekends for business."
सरबजीत सिंह के पाकिस्तानी वकील को स्वीडन में शरण मिली:  "‘शेख ने अपने परिवार के साथ स्वीडन में शरण ले ली है, क्योंकि उनकी जिंदगी को गंभीर खतरा था.’ उनके साथियों का कहना है कि इसी साल मई में अपने बेटे का अपहरण होने के बाद से शेख किसी दूसरे देश में शरण लेने का प्रयास कर रहे थे."
Saudi cleric says driving risks damaging women's ovaries: ""If a woman drives a car, not out of pure necessity, that could have negative physiological impacts as functional and physiological medical studies show that it automatically affects the ovaries and pushes the pelvis upwards," Sheikh Lohaidan"
Iran lawmakers pass bill allowing men to marry adopted daughters: "An adopted daughter is expected to wear the hijab in front of her father, and a mother should wear it in front of her adopted son if he is old enough, Sadr said. "With this bill, you can be a paedophile and get your bait in the pretext of adopting children,"
Italian tourists travel abroad for child sex: "At least 80,000 Italian "paedophile" tourists travel abroad each year in search of sex with children, mainly in developing countries"
Qatar 2022 World Cup organisers appalled by work conditions: "Nepalese workers in Qatar "face exploitation and abuses that amount to modern-day slavery".
Veteran confronts rape, suicide: 'I am angry that others are going through this': "After the third time he was raped by his drill sergeant, Jack Williams tried to kill himself. It was 50 years ago, and he was 18."
Could Bo Xilai be housed in China's 'luxury' prison?: "For Ma, admission to Qincheng, the place where high-ranking officials also serve time, was a badge of honour. "After a month, I realised I was in Qincheng prison," he remembers."
Pakistan infanticide: 'Husband drowned our toddler': "A man in Pakistan who has admitted to drowning his 18-month old daughter, has subsequently said that he regrets what he did. His family claimed he committed the crime because he wanted a son."
BBC: British Sikh girls exposed to sexual grooming by gangs: "British Sikh girls are being preyed upon by gangs of Muslim men who subject them to horrific sexual abuse, a BBC Inside Out investigation has uncovered. In many cases the men deceive the girls into believing that they are Sikh to gain their trust."
अफ़ग़ान हिन्दुओं और सिखों का दर्द: "धार्मिक रीति से अपने मृतकों का अंतिम संस्कार तक कर पाना दूभर है."
'जो मैंने झेला, क्या पैसे से उसकी भरपाई होगी': "कनाडा में साल 1940 और 1950 के बीच करीब तीन हजार अनाथ बच्चे मानसिक अस्पताल भेज दिए गए. वे ननों की देखरेख में थे. मानसिक रोगी नहीं होने के बावजूद उन्हें जबरन अस्पताल भेजा गया. क्योंकि अनाथ बच्चों की देखभाल के लिए ननों को सरकार से पैसे मिले थे. सरकार ने इन रोगियों को क्लिक करें मानसिक रोगी साबित कर अस्पताल में रखने के लिए उन्हें और ज्यादा पैसे दिए. "
Pakistan bans SMS packs to safeguard ‘moral values’
Thousands of Filipinos protest against corruption: "demanding the scrapping of a corruption-tainted development fund that allows lawmakers to allocate government money for projects in their districts."
Pakistani Man buys girl to give birth to male child: "His wish to father a son from a girl 'bought' for the purpose landed a 55-year-old man in police custody in Pakistan's Punjab province. Muhammad Ali, married twice, had three girls but no son and he bought the 20-year-old girl,"
Bo Xilai calls wife 'mad' after court hears her testimony: "The evidence has emerged on the second day of the trial of Bo Xilai, the former Chongqing Communist Party chief. He is accused of bribery, corruption and abuse of power. "
Men are the problem in Pakistan: Nausheen Saeed: "Pakistani artist Nausheen Saeed has been making waves on the internet with her recent work which depicts women as luggage."
पाकिस्तान: सरकारी स्कूलों में जिहाद की पढ़ाई: "सरकारी स्कूलों के पाठ्यक्रम से जिन इस्लामी और जिहाद संबंधी क़ुरान की आयतों को निकाल दिया गया था, नई सरकार ने उन्हें फिर से पाठ्यक्रम का हिस्सा बनाने का फैसला किया है."
BBC: Bribery 'routine' for foreign pharmaceutical firms in China: "Bribes are routinely paid by major foreign pharmaceutical firms operating in China, the BBC has learned."
Nigerian YouTube bribe police officer sacked: "A Nigerian policeman has been sacked after being caught on film apparently trying to extort $150 (£100) from a motorist accused of a traffic offence."
Kenya airport fire first responders looted banks, ABM: "Police guarding site attempted to take safe from burned-out arrivals hall, officials say"
Imam Predicts Muslims Will Become the Majority in Canada: "“We have reason to get together and to love each other and to go paint and to paint our future especially in country like this [Canada] as minority. Muslims are minority in this country [Canada] and Allah Willing in the future they will be, Allah Willing majority. So far we are minority, so when we get together this is kind of jihad in a way.”"
China's top judges suspended for hiring sex workers: "The four suspended included Chen Xueming the chief of the highest civil court in the country’s financial capital."
Iran facing international pressure over stoning threat
Bananas thrown at black Italian minister during speech: "Earlier this month a senior parliamentarian in the anti-immigration Northern League party likened her to an orangutan and only apologised after a storm of criticism."
UAE: Norwegian woman sentenced to 16 months in jail for reporting rape: "A Norwegian woman was slapped with charges of unlawful sex and was sentenced to 16 months in jail after she reported an alleged rape."
दुबई में रेप पीड़ित महिला से पुलिस ने पूछा, 'क्‍या मजा नहीं आया'?
पाकिस्तान: ख़ैबर पख़्तून ख़्वाह में अकेली महिलाओं को मौलवियों की धमकी
Dubai sentences Norwegian woman who reported rape: "the law stipulates that, to gain a rape conviction, there must either be a confession or for four adult male witnesses to the crime."
3 Christian women paraded naked in Pak, court orders probe
BBC: Map: Which country pays the most bribe?
Vatican official arrested in corruption plot: "A Vatican official has been arrested in a purported plot to bring 20 million euros ($26 million) into Italy from Switzerland aboard an Italian government plane."
Acid attack: "The brother of a young Pakistani actress says a stranger threw acid on the woman's face as she slept."
Italy's ex-PM Berlusconi convicted in sex trial: "Italy's former PM Silvio Berlusconi is sentenced to seven years in jail for having sex with an underage prostitute, and abusing the power of his office."
BBC: Italian ex-PM Berlusconi sentenced in Ruby sex case: "Italy's former PM Silvio Berlusconi has been sentenced to seven years in jail and banned from public office for having sex with an underage prostitute."
Woman overheard mother-in-law plotting 'honour killing': "Seven years later, Sarbjit gave a statement to the police and Bachan, 70, was eventually jailed for life for arranging the killing alongside her son Sukhdave."
'Pakistan's money in Swiss banks higher than India's': "total funds amounting to 1,441 million Swiss francs (about Rs 9,200 crore) held there by Pakistani individuals and entities."
Beware of these cancer charity rip-offs: "CNN's Drew Griffin investigates cancer charities that abuse and squander donations."
'पुलिस वाले छोटी-छोटी बात पर पीटते हैं'
Syrian refugees 'sold for marriage' in Jordan: ""The men are usually between 50 and 80, and they ask for girls who have white skin and blue or green eyes. They want them very young, no older than 16.""
‘Anti-Christ’ baby burned ALIVE by sick South American cult: "COPS in Chile have arrested four people accused of burning a three-day-old baby girl alive - because they thought she was the ANTI-CHRIST."
Summary amputations: Taliban justice in Afghanistan: ""They kept us for 27 days," Fayz told the BBC. "On the 28th day, at 10 in the morning, they cut off our hand and foot.""
Pak ex-president Pervez Musharraf flees court: "Former Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf on Thursday fled away from Islamabad High Court with the help of his bodyguards after the court ordered his arrest. Musharraf was reportedly taken away from the Islamabad High Court complex before he could be arrested after his plea for extension of bail was rejected by the court."
Displaced Somalis suffer cycle of sexual violence: "Clearly we're all shocked by the prevalence of sexual violence in this country” Matt Baugh UK Ambassador to Somalia"
Are Sharia councils failing vulnerable women?: "BBC Panorama has uncovered fresh evidence of how some Sharia councils in Britain may be putting Muslim women "at risk" by pressuring them to stay in abusive marriages."
Nepal 'witchcraft' attack condemned: "The 60-year-old woman was stripped naked and had her head shaved. She was fed excrement and badly beaten."
CNN: Brother tried to kill me 'for honor': "An Afghan teen faces a long recovery after being the victim of an attempted honor killing."
An eye for an eye: Saudi knifeman to have spine cut as punishment: "Khawahir, 24, who has already served ten years in jail, was only 14 at the time of the stabbing but this is not taken into account under Islamic Sharia law."
Justice, Kuwait-style: "Daylight execution ... hanged men were all convicted killers"
Former Immigration Officer Sentenced to Four Years in Prison: "Serré was found guilty of 15 counts of fraud and 12 counts of breach of trust by an Ontario Superior Court Justice in June for using her position as a CIC officer to help ten immigration applicants."
Calls to close China's 'hated gulags': "The hated gulag-style camps are a legacy of China's Maoist past where individuals who were considered to be a threat to local police or government could be sent to be "re-educated"."
Semi-naked women danced at Silvio Berlusconi's 'Bunga Bunga' parties: Journalist: "Silvia Trevaini also said the 76-year-old politician gifted her 800,000 euros in just two years"
Bulgaria protests: New self-immolation in Sofia: "the incident follows weeks of protests against poverty, high fuel bills and corruption."
How easy is it to buy a gun in Texas?: "in many parts of America people can legally buy guns despite suffering from severe mental illness."
Female Saudi director: 'I had to direct from a van': "Director Haifaa Al-Mansour had challenges directing in a country where women cannot drive, are severely restricted in what they can wear in public, and need a male chaperone to travel. "
बस जान ही बचा पाए: "जमात समर्थकों के गुस्से का निशाना बने बांग्लादेश के कई अल्पसंख्यक इलाके, जिनमें बहुत से हिंदुओं को अपना काफी कुछ गंवाना पड़ा."
बांग्लादेश: सहमे हुए हैं हिंदु व बौद्ध अल्पसंख्यक: "बांग्लादेश में एक इस्लामी नेता को मौत की सज़ा सुनाए जाने के बाद देश में शुरु हुई हिंसा में हिंदू और बौद्ध मंदिरों को जलाया गया है जिससे कई इलाकों में अल्पसंख्यकों में डर का माहौल पैदा हो गया है."
Afghan graffiti artist makes her mark in India: "Malina Suliman's "crime" was to paint the walls of Kandahar with the graffiti of a skeleton wearing a burka and the depiction of an ordinary Afghan entangled between an American tie knotted to a turban worn by the Taliban."
बांग्लादेश दंगे: अल्पसंख्यकों के लिए हेल्पलाइन: "बांग्लादेश में जमात-ए-इस्लामी के नेता को मौत की सज़ा सुनाए जाने के बाद देश के अलग-अलग इलाकों में भड़के क्लिक करें दंगों में कुछ जगहों पर अल्पसंख्यकों खासकर हिंदू समुदाय और उनके मंदिरों को निशाना बनाया गया है."
South Africa: Eight police arrested over drag death: "Eight South African police officers have been arrested over the death of a Mozambican man who was apparently dragged behind a police vehicle."
Scotland's Archbishop resigns amidst charges of sexual abuse: "A top Scottish cleric has resigned amid allegations that he sexually abused four trainee priests in the 1980s."
Afghan police accused of corruption and child abuse: "He said corruption is rampant, and even compared it to the American television show The Sopranos."
अफ़गान पुलिस पर यौन शोषण समेत गंभीर आरोप: "अफ़गान पुलिस भ्रष्टाचार, अपहरण, नशाखोरी, बच्चों के यौन शोषण और निर्दोष लोगों की हत्या में लिप्त है- बीबीसी के कार्यक्रम पैनोरमा के लिए की गई जाँच में इसके सबूत मिले हैं."
BBC: Qatari poet life sentence reduced to 15 years: "The case against Mr Ajami is said to be based on a poem he wrote in 2010 which criticised the Emir, Sheikh Hamad al-Thani.", "He also denounced "all Arab governments" as "indiscriminate thieves"."
CNN: Rape as a weapon of war: "Becky Anderson looks at how rape is used as a weapon of war."
Denis Mukwege: The rape surgeon of DR Congo: "Denis Mukwege is a gynaecologist working in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He and his colleagues have treated about 30,000 rape victims, developing great expertise in the treatment of serious sexual injuries. His story includes disturbing accounts of rape as a weapon of war."
Spanish apathy turns to anger at corruption 'epidemic': "There is fury in Spain after accusations that politicians have been lining their pockets while ordinary people are making painful sacrifices in the name of austerity."
Zardari's palatial bomb-proof villa in Lahore to cost Rs 5 billion: "The bomb-proof home is surrounded by lawns that can accommodate up to 10,000 people and has a runway for private jets and helicopters."
आमदनी अठन्नी घूस दी एक रुपया: "पिछले साल अफ़गान लोगों ने रिश्वत देने में अपने देश के साल भर के राजस्व से दोगुना पैसा खर्च किया है. ये रकम तक़रीबन 40 बिलीयन अमरीकी डॉलर के बराबर है".
Woman burned alive for 'sorcery' in Papua New Guinea: "The woman, a mother aged 20 named as Kepari Leniata, was stripped, tied up and doused in petrol by the boy's relatives in Mount Hagen in the Western Highlands, said the National newspaper.She was then thrown onto a fire in front of hundreds of people.Police and firefighters were unable to intervene"
Match-fixing in football: How deep is the rot?: "Football expert Novy Kapadia wants FIFA to clamp down on match-fixing after European police claimed Monday that several matches were fixed worldwide over the last few years."
China turns against official extravagance: "Promises to clean up corruption and excess have been made by China's leaders before, but this time they appear to mean it."
मानवता के विरूद्ध अपराध के लिए उम्र कैद: "उन्हें मीरपुर इलाक़े में क़साई के नाम से भी बुलाया जाता था."
Saudi cleric issues fatwa, calls for babies to wear burqas: "Sheikh Mohammad al-Jzlana, a former judge at the Saudi Board of Grievances, told al-Majd TV that the fatwa was "denigrating to Islam and Shariah and made Islam look bad.""
Spain PM Mariano Rajoy denies 'false' slush fund claim: "Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has strongly denied media claims that he and other members of the governing Popular Party received secret payments."
Google boss Schmidt labels China an 'IT menace': "China was widely believed to be the source of major cyber attacks between 2006 and 2011 targeting 72 organisations including the International Olympic Committee, the UN and security firms"
Russian judge resigns for apparently sleeping on the job: "A disciplinary panel of judges has approved the resignation of a Russian judge who apparently fell asleep during a court hearing."
...दहशत फिर भी पीछा नहीं छोड़ती: "अफगानिस्तान एक इस्लामी देश है जहां कानून किसी दूसरे धर्म को मानने की इजाज़त नहीं देता. सरकार हो या तालिबान इस हुक्म को न मानने की सिर्फ एक सज़ा है, मौत."
Bangladesh strike over war crimes trials sparks clashes: "The strike was called in protest at a war crimes trial in which several Jamaat-e-Islami leaders have been charged."
सांसद ने कामगरों के पैसे 'वेश्याओं पर लुटाए': "ऑस्ट्रेलिया की पुलिस ने एक सांसद को धोखाधड़ी के मामले में गिरफ़्तार किया है. उनपर इसके 150 मुक़दमे हैं."
Russia's freedoms crackdown 'worst since USSR fall'
जहाँ बलात्कार के बाद पीड़िता से शादी और सज़ा माफ.....: "6 साल की लड़की अमीना फिलाली को ज़बरदस्ती उसी व्यक्ति से शादी करने पर मजबूर किया गया था जिसने उसका बलात्कार किया था. बाद में इस लड़की ने आत्महत्या कर ली थी."
Girl, 12, 'made to have abortion': "A 12-year-old girl who was repeatedly raped by a group of men was also made to have a back-room abortion after falling pregnant, a court has heard. She is one of six alleged victims of nine men accused of grooming children and exploiting them for sex in Oxford."
Oxford exploitation trial: Girl 'told she would be shot': "A 14-year-old girl was told she would be shot if she did not obey a man she then had sex with in a park, a court has heard."
BBC: Bangladesh cleric sentenced to death for war crimes: "The cleric, a presenter of Islamic programmes on television, shot dead six Hindus and raped Hindu women during the war, prosecutors said."
चीन में चाय का बुलावा मतलब थाने में खातिरदारी: "या फिर व्यक्ति को नज़रबंद कर दिया जाता है और कभी कभी वो ऑनलाइन भी नहीं हो सकता. कभी-कभी अज्ञात लोग किसी व्यक्ति को पकड़ कर ले जाते हैं, उन्हें प्रताड़ित करते हैं और धमाकते हैं."
'Muslim Patrol' vigilantes force London women to cover up: "An Islamic vigilante group has been confronting people in a London suburb asking women to cover up and to give up alcohol claiming they were living an 'unclean life'"
BBC: New Orleans ex-mayor Ray Nagin indicted: "Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin has been charged with 21 federal counts of wire fraud, bribery, filing false tax returns and money laundering."
CNN: Is China ending labor prison camps?
'रेप हमारे कल्चर में है': "यह युवक बलात्कार करने के बाद भागा नहीं और बार में ही बैठा रहा. ना ही बार में बैठे अन्य लोगों ने पुलिस को बुलाने की पहल की."
UK jails mom for killing son over Qur’an study: "A British judge on Monday sentenced a woman he called a "devoted and loving mother" to at least 17 years in prison for beating her son to death after he failed to memorize passages from the Qur’an."
Honduran ambassador to Colombia sacked after wild party: "An investigation has begun into reports that two prostitutes had been invited to the party on 20 December."
Indonesia city to ban women 'straddling motorbikes': "The city mayor says women straddling motorbikes are not in line with Islamic values"
Swaziland bans 'rape-provoking' mini-skirts, low-rise jeans: "Offenders face a six-month jail term under the ban, which invokes a colonial criminal act dating back to 1889.", "The flamboyant king already has 13 wives.  During the ceremony, beaded traditional skirts worn by young bare-breasted virgins only cover the front, leaving the back exposed. Underwear is not allowed."
How Paraguay's 'Archive of Terror' put Operation Condor in focus: "there were about 700,000 documents forming a complete record of the activities of the Paraguayan secret police over three decades - a cache that became known as the Archive of Terror."
Pak mob burns man accused of desecrating Quran alive: "At least 53 people have been killed in Pakistan since 1990 after being accused of blasphemy,"
Video captures alleged prison abuse: "A new video published on YouTube sheds light on alleged abuse at Venezuelan prisons. Rafael Romo reports."
Bahrain opposition seeks UK support as tension simmers: "He knows that replacing the unelected prime minister, in power for over 40 years, is unlikely to happen soon."
Prison rape: Is the US doing enough to protect inmates?: ""She was raped in prison. She had the baby by one of the guards.""
Afghan woman 'asked to marry a judge' to get a divorce: "The 22-year-old Afghan journalist who made the recording, is now hiding in a safe house in Kabul."
Fists fly in Ukraine's parliament: "A fight erupted on the floor of Ukraine's parliament amid accusations over absentee voting and changing political views."
Spain seizes former Egypt leader Hosni Mubarak's assets: "Police in Spain say they have seized assets linked to former Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak worth some 28m euros (£23m; $34m).", "Switzerland has frozen some $441m in assets linked to Mubarak. In the UK, at least £85m ($135m) of assets have been frozen, though there are fears that some property and companies may have been overlooked."
जहां बलात्कार है शादी के लिए हथियार: "ज़्यादातर मामलों में अपहृत महिलाओं के लिए पहली रात बलात्कार की रात होती है. इसके बाद अधिकांश महिलाएं बलात्कार करने वाले शख्स के साथ शादी के लिए तैयार हो जाती हैं. क्योंकि उनके माथे पर बड़ा कलंक लग जाता है."
जब जज ने मांगा तलाक मांगने वाली का हाथ: "मैं तुम्हें 20 लाख अफगानी मुद्रा दूंगा और तुम्हें सिर से पांव तक सोने से ढक दूंगा."
Cayman Islands premier McKeeva Bush arrested: "The premier of the Cayman Islands has been arrested as part of a corruption investigation, local police say."
Inside former Tunisian president's grand palace
CNN: From horror to hope: Boy's miracle recovery from brutal attack: "four men had surrounded the 7-year-old boy, bound his hands and feet and cracked open his head with a brick. They held him down and took a switchblade to his throat. They sliced his chest and belly in an upside down cross. And in a final brutal act, they hacked him sideways, chopping off his penis and his right testicle."
More Afghan women are reporting sexual abuse: "Victims of sex crimes in Afghanistan often keep quiet about their attacks for fear of being stigmatised."
Sri Lanka judge appears on corruption charges: "Sri Lanka's most senior judge, Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake, has appeared before a parliamentary committee which is looking into corruption allegations against her."
Brutal dolphin killings in Gulf: "A number of dolphins have been brutally killed in in the waters off Gulfport, Mississippi"
At the mercy of Afghanistan's warlords: "In many areas of Afghanistan it is the warlords who hold sway - not the central government or the Taliban. They are able to exploit villagers with impunity using the threat, or the reality, of violence."
BBC: Egypt crisis: Mass rally held against Mohammed Mursi: "The president's decree - known as the constitutional declaration - said no authority could revoke his decisions."
BBC: Kabul Bank fraud 'profited elite'"Afghanistan's failed Kabul Bank was involved in a fraud that funnelled almost $900m into the pockets of a small number of the political elite, an independent auditors' report says. One of President Hamid Karzai's brothers, Mahmoud, is said to be a beneficiary."
CNN - Police chief earned $457,000 a year: "CNN's Kyung Lah investigates a former police chief accused of corruption who now is asking for more money."
India demands justice for Capt Saurabh: "The father of a Kargil war hero Capt Saurabh Kalia, who was captured by the Pakistan Army in 1999 and subjected to brutal torture, has moved the Supreme Court seeking its direction to the Government to raise his son's case at the International Court of Justice at the Hague."
Egypt's top judges join angry protesters, slam President Morsi's new powers: "Egypt's top judges slammed the decision by the president to grant himself near-absolute power, calling the move an "unprecedented assault" on the judiciary."
Egypt's President Mursi assumes sweeping powers: "Egypt's President Mohammed Mursi has issued a declaration banning challenges to his decrees, laws and decisions", ""Morsi today usurped all state powers and appointed himself Egypt's new pharaoh. A major blow to the revolution that could have dire consequences,""
Thailand's king pardons US man jailed for royal insult: "Joe Gordon from Colorado spent more than six months in prison for posting links to a critical biography of the Thai king online."
मर जाएँगे पर घर नहीं जाएँगे: "अपना घर छोड़ना आसान नहीं होता. हम वहां जिल्लत की जिंदगी जी रहे थे, हमारे बच्चे स्कूल नहीं जा सकते थे. हमेशा खौफ़ का साया घेरे रहता था. औरतें घरों में कैद होकर रह जाती थी, ऐसे माहौल में अब ज्यादा रहना मुश्किल था, लिहाजा मौका मिलते ही भारत चले आए""
मॉस्को के 'मिनी मार्केट' की वो ग़ुलाम महिला: "लेकिन एशेरोवा से जब ये पूछा गया कि वो पुलिस के पास क्यों नहीं गई. वो कहती है स्थानीय पुलिसकर्मी को ये दुकानदार पैसे देते हैं और पुलिस भागने के बाद वापस इन्हें लाकर सौंप देते हैं."
Nepal's most powerful politico, Prachanda slapped in public: "Young attacker was mercilessly beaten by Prachanda's guards, while the ex-PM looked on."
Pakistan acid attack parents 'feared dishonour': "A couple arrested in Pakistan on suspicion of killing their 15-year-old daughter with acid say they carried out the attack because she looked at a boy. "
CNN: How bad is corruption in China?: "China has often seemed smoothly technocratic compared with the messy, chaotic, highly corrupt reality of India"
Chinese PM Wen Jiabao's family amasses assets worth $2.7 billion: "A review of corporate and regulatory records indicates that the prime minister's relatives, some of whom have a knack for aggressive deal-making, including his wife, have controlled assets worth at least $2.7 billion."
भ्रष्टाचार, असमानता से त्रस्त हैं चीनी जनता: "50 फ़ीसदी लोगों का मानना है कि भ्रष्ट अधिकारी गंभीर समस्या है. 2008 में 39 फ़ीसदी लोग ऐसा सोचते थे."
Pakistan Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif's son-in-law accused: "The son-in-law of one of Pakistan's most influential politicians has been remanded in custody for 14 days for his alleged role in an assault of a security guard at a top Lahore bakery."
Turkey tries pianist Fazil Say for insulting Islam: "he says: "I am not sure if you have also realised it, but if there's a louse, a non-entity, a lowlife, a thief or a fool, it's always an Islamist.""
Saudi Arabia plans female religious police: "Saudi's religious police enforce the kingdom's strict Islamic laws, including dress and prayer times."
Watch officers hit man multiple times
Lance Armstrong: Tyler Hamilton on 'how US Postal cheated': "More than half the Tour de France winners since 1980 have either tested positive, been sanctioned for doping, or admitted it."
If Malala survives this time, she won't next time: Taliban: "Doctors have successfully removed the bullet lodged in the head of Malala Yousufzai, the 14-year-old activist who was shot by the Taliban on Tuesday. Malala is said to be out of danger and stable. Scores of people, mostly women, have been holding rallies to pray for the girl who spoke out against the Taliban."
Saudi eases access to long-hidden ancient ruins: "Saudi Arabia is thought to have been wary of archaeologists and scientists seeking to study its ancient ruins for fear their findings could shine the spotlight on pre-Islamic civilisations that once thrived there."
सच बोलने की सज़ा मिली नपुंसकता: "चीन में सत्ता के सामने सच बोलना हमेशा ही ख़तरनाक रहा है. चीन के शासकों को प्रशंसा सुनना पसंद रहा है, जिन्होंने इस बात का ध्यान नहीं रखा, उन्होंने ख़तरे का सामना किया."
CNN: Rights group: Police rape woman in Tunisia, then charge her with indecency

China's Bo Xilai expelled and faces criminal charges: "Xinhua, said Mr Bo stood accused of corruption, abuse of power, bribe-taking and improper relations with women."
दवा से नहीं दुआ से ठीक होगा एड्स?: "बीबीसी लंदन को भी पिछले साल ऐसे तीन लोगों को बारे में पता चला था जिन्होंने इवैंजेलिकल ईसाई पादरियों के कहने पर एंटीरेट्रोवाइरल दवाइयां लेनी बंद कर दी थी."
Four jailed for life for Naila Mumtaz murder
Gaddafi raped schoolgirls, used them as sex slaves, reveals French writer
Pak cleric’s daughter stripped, paraded nude:  "The daughter of a cleric in Pakistan was allegedly paraded nude in a village by young men seeking revenge for her brother’s ‘indiscretions’."
Burmese editor and publisher charged with libel: "The editor and publisher of an independent journal in Burma have been charged with defamation after publishing a story about alleged corruption in government."
BBC: Anti-Islam film: Pakistan minister offers bounty: "A Pakistani government minister has offered a $100,000 reward for the death of the maker of an anti-Islam film produced in the US."
Australian Roman Catholic Church admits child sex abuse since 1930s: "The Catholic Church in one Australian state has revealed that at least 620 children have been abused by its clergy since the 1930s", ""The church has never lifted a finger to stop their paedophile priests," added Foster, who said one of her daughters had ultimately taken her own life."
'2,000 girls from minorities in Pakistan were forcibly converted to Islam through rape, torture': "Nearly 2,000 women and girls from various minority sects were forcibly converted to Islam through rape, torture and kidnappings, and 161 people were charged with blasphemy in 2011"
FTN: Are minorities second class citizens in Pakistan?: "Activists say Pakistan's draconian blasphemy laws are often misused and lead to terrible persecution of its minorities."
पाकिस्तान:'स्कूली किताबों में नफरत फैलाने वाली सामग्री बढ़ी': "इन किताबों में गैर मुस्लिम लोगों की तरफ इशारा करते हुए कहा गया है, “अन्य धर्मों के लोग अपने धार्मिक उत्सवों के दौरान ऐसे बेतुके अनुष्ठानों में शामिल होते हैं, जिनका अल्लाह से कोई नाता नहीं होता.”"
'घर से निकलते ही छेड़ी जाती हूँ..': "काहिरा में स्थित अमरीकी विश्विद्यालय में समाजशास्त्री सैद सादेक कहते हैं कि इस समस्या की जड़ में मिस्र में बढ़ती इस्लामी रूढ़ीवादिता और पुरुष-प्रधान प्रवृति शामिल है."
BBC: Egypt's sexual harassment of women 'epidemic': "For many Egyptian women, sexual harassment - which sometimes turns into violent mob-style attacks - is a daily fact of life"
Citizenship officer who stole from newcomers apologizes: "A Citizenship and Immigration officer who admitted to taking money from newcomers in exchange for false promises of permanent residency in Canada apologized in a Toronto court"
Honour killings, forced conversions: Pak moving towards the Dark Ages?: "Honour killings, blasphemy, forced conversions. Is Pakistan moving towards the Dark Ages?"
Woman thrown down well sparks change: "One woman's death alerted Palestinians to so-called "honor" murders, and led to harsher laws."
Woman living in fear of 'honor' death: "A woman tells CNN she lives in fear of being killed for 'honor' after asking her husband for a divorce."
पाकिस्तान: ईशनिंदा के आरोप में बच्ची गिरफ्तार: "पिछले महीने दक्षिणी पाकिस्तान में हुए ऐसे ही एक मामले के अभियु्क्त को जेल से बाहर निकाल कर ज़िंदा जलाने की घटना हो चुकी है."
Husband calmly confesses 'honor' murders: "A man behind bars in Pakistan confesses to CNN that he killed his wife and two more relatives in the name of 'honor.'"
Why aren't Pak Hindus willing to return from India?: "The Pakistani Hindus who have come to India say there are hundreds of others who are also waiting to escape.", "They kidnap our women"
The honor murder of Shafilea Ahmed: "CNN's Atika Shubert takes a look at the honor murder of Shafilea Ahmed, a teen of Pakistani descent who lived in England."
Pakistan minorities live in fear: "Hindus from Pakistan are in a severe crisis. They are traumatised in Pakistan and are unwanted in India, but that does not stop them from coming back to their homeland in the hope of a better future."
Saudi Arabia plans a 'women-only' city: "In a first of sorts, Saudi Arabia is planning to build a new city exclusively for women, to allow them greater financial independence, while upholding the country's laws on segregation of the sexes."
Minorities families flee Pak for India: Scores of religious minorities in Pakistan is alighting at the Attari Railway Station in India after increasing violence and lack of security in Pakistan forcing them to flee their homeland to find shelter across the border. Desperate to escape persecution, these families have decided to never go back to Pakistan.
Hindu girl kidnapping: 'Pak government failed to act': "A 14-year-old Hindu girl was kidnapped in the Sindh province of Pakistan on Thursday."
दस साल से तहख़ाने में क़ैद बच्चे छुड़ाए गए: "83 वर्षीय फ़ैज़ुर्रहमान सत्तारोफ़ ने 1960 के दशक में खुद को पैगंबर घोषित कर दिया था. इसके बाद उनके अनुयायियों ने बाहरी दुनिया से अपना संपर्क खत्म करना शुरु किया. इस पंथ के अनुयायी रूस के कानून और संविधान को नहीं मानते और बहुत कम अनुयायियों को बाहर निकलने और काम करने की अनुमति दी जाती है."
Kenyan MPs get new $3,000 seats: ""We couldn't understand how members of parliament would sit on a seat costing about 400,000 Kenyan shillings - about $5,000 - that by any standards could put up some small house for someone,""
BBC: 'Police paraded us naked in public', says Mumtaz Mirbahar: "police in the Sindh town of Gambat forced the man and woman to walk to the police station naked as punishment for trying to have sex outside marriage."
HSBC used by 'drug kingpins', says US Senate: "HSBC provided a conduit for "drug kingpins and rogue nations", according to a US Senate committee investigating money laundering claims at the bank."
Pakistan police parades couple naked: "a man and a woman arrested on charges of "intent to commit adultery" were paraded naked by police through a town in Sindh province of southern Pakistan"
UK: Pakistani parents found guilty of murdering daughter: "17-year-old Shafilea Ahmed was reportedly abused by her parents for adopting a Western lifestyle."
पाकिस्तान: 'बेहतर होता वो मेरा गला काट देता': "‘‘उसने मुझे पकड़ा और कहा कि बात सुनो. मैंने कहा कि मैं तंग आ चुकी हूं मार खाते खाते. अब मैं अपने मां बाप के पास जा रही हूं. फिर उसने मुझे गिरा दिया. मेरी छाती पर बैठ गया और जेब से ब्लेड निकाली. पहले उसने मेरा नाट काटा. खून मेरी आंखों में घुस आया था. फिर उसने मेरी एड़ियां काट दीं ताकि मैं भाग न सकूं.’’"
पाक: सजा के तौर पर 11 इसाई नर्सों को ज़हर ?: "उन ईसाई नर्सों पर आरोप था कि उन्होंने मुसलमानों के पवित्र महीने रमज़ान में सार्वजानिक रुप से खाना खाया और उन्हें सजा के तौर पर जहरीली चीज दी गई."
Kingston police officer charged: "A Kingston Police officer has been charged with dangerous driving following an investigation by the province's Special Investigations Unit"
New TV channel run exclusively by fully veiled women: "Al-Omma -- which means the nation -- is full of "anti-Christianization" rhetoric."
Mali unwed couple stoned to death by Islamists: "A couple who had sex outside marriage has been stoned to death at the weekend by Islamists in the town of Aguelhok in northern Mali"
British Paper Uncovers Olympic Visa Scam in Pak
British tabloid Sun carries out sting on Pak politician involved in Olympic visa racket: "corrupt Pakistani officials and travel staff conspiring with a prominent politician to bypass stringent security."
Female Genital Mutilation in the UK - a hidden world: "About 20,000 children in the UK are "at risk" from Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) every year."
ब्रिटेन में महिलाओं के ख़तने का छिपा संसार: "महिलाओं के ख़तने में महिला जननांगों के क्लिटोरिस का हिस्सा काट दिया जाता है या यदि बर्बर रूप से बयां किया जाए तो महिला जननांग का बाहर रहनेवाला सारा हिस्सा काट दिया जाता है और मात्र मूत्रत्याग और रजोस्राव के लिए छोटा द्वार छोड़ दिया जाता है."
CNN: Public execution of woman sparks outrage: "The public execution of an Afghanistan woman by a Taliban commander has sparked outrage."अफगानिस्तान: सरे आम महिला को मारी नौ गोलियाँ: "बताया जा रहा है कि शायद उस पर एक से ज्यादा पुरुषों के साथ शारीरिक संबंध रखने का आरोप था."
Gun brandished during live Jordanian TV debate
Pakistan mob burns man to death for 'blasphemy': "The area where the lynching took place is home to hundreds of madrassas - religious schools - run by radical Islamist"
तबाह हो रही है टिम्बकटू की विरासत: "टिम्बकटू की विश्व प्रसिद्ध पुरानी मस्जिदें और इमारतें खतरे में हैं. एक इस्लामिक गुट ने इन पर हमला किया है. अल-कायदा से संबंधित माने जाने वाले अंसार दीन समूह ने टिम्बकटू पर कब्जा कर रखा है."
ईशनिंदा के अभियुक्त को थाने से निकाल कर जला दिया: "भीड़ सलाखों के पीछे कैद व्यक्ति को घसीटती हुई थाने के बाहर ले आई और उसे उसी जगह पर ले गई जहाँ कथित तौर पर उसने कुरान की प्रति को जलाया था. इसके बाद उस पर पेट्रोल छिड़क कर आग लगा दी गई जिसके बाद उसने दम तोड़ दिया."
Barclays ex-boss Diamond slams 'reprehensible' action: "Bob Diamond, who resigned as Barclays chief executive on Tuesday in the wake of the inter-bank interest rate-fixing scandal, has called the behaviour of those responsible "reprehensible"."
French police search Nicolas Sarkozy home and office: "The investigation is related to allegations that Mr Sarkozy's 2007 presidential election campaign received illegal donations from France's richest woman, Liliane Bettencourt."
World Bank cancels financial aid for project in Bangladesh
Dancer: Church dirtier than strip clubs: "Exotic dancer Joslyn James makes a controversial analogy between strip clubs and the Catholic Church."
Egypt ex-minister jailed for 15 years over Israel gas deal: "Several Mubarak ministers and cronies were arrested on charges of corruption after the former leader was forced to quit, and he too was arrested and jailed."
UK journalist recalls Egypt sex assault: "British journalist Natasha Smith tells CNN's Dan Rivers about how she was sexually assaulted in Cairo."
Ex-Russian cop suspected of raping, killing 25 women
China pledges to recover assets of runaway corrupt officials
ICC CEC discusses allegations of corruption in BPL
US coach Jerry Sandusky guilty of Penn State sex abuse: "Former US college football coach Jerry Sandusky has been found guilty of 45 out of 48 counts of child sex abuse."
प्रधानमंत्री बनने से पहले मखदूम शहाबुद्दीन के खिलाफ वारंट: "रावलपिंडी में नशीले पदार्थों से जुड़े मामलों की अदालत ने ये वारंट जारी किया. पूर्व प्रधानमंत्री यूसुफ़ रज़ा गिलानी के बेटे अली मूसा गिलानी की गिरफ्तारी का भी वारंट जारी किया गया है."
'Corrupt' Pakistani media on judiciary radar
Los Angeles riots figure Rodney King found dead: "It was not uncommon for officers to describe African-Americans as "monkeys" and "gorillas", and some police bragged about beating suspects over their patrol car radios."
पेन बनेगा भ्रष्टाचार के खिलाफ हथियार: "लातिन अमरीकी देश बोलीविया की सरकार ने भ्रष्टाचार से निपटने के लिए नई पहल की है जिसमें कस्टम अफसरों पर एक खास पेन के जरिए नजर रखी जाएगी."
जबरन गर्भपात पर चीनी अधिकारियों ने माफी माँगी: "फेंग जियानमेइ की कहानी इस बात की गवाही देता है कि एक बच्चे की नीति से महिलाओं के उपर हर दिन हिंसा होती है""
Will fight corrupt government: Fonseka: "Former Sri Lanka Army chief and presidential candidate Sarath Fonseka today vowed to fight the "corrupt government" and unite opposition against the Rajapaksa regime."
Feng Jiamei forced to have an abortion in the seventh month of pregnancy with her second child: "A picture of a foetus whose mother Feng Jiamei was forced to have an abortion has shocked China web users.", "his wife had been forcibly taken to hospital and restrained before the procedure. Such allegations are nothing new in China, but what has made this one different is a widely circulated photo of the woman lying next to the baby’s corpse."
चीन में जबरन गर्भपात की फोटो पर गुस्सा: "चीन में एक महिला के सातवें महीने के भ्रूण की फोटो सामने आने के बाद लोग गुस्सा हैं और लोग इंटरनेट पर अपनी नाराज़गी जता रहे हैं." चीनी अधिकारियों ने दूसरा बच्चा होने के दंड के रूप में जुर्माना न भरने के कारण फेंग जिआमेई नामक महिला का जबरन गर्भपात करा दिया है."
High Tide: From Excluding China to Singapore’s Second Sex Corruption Scandal: "A former senior Singapore policeman was charged with accepting sexual favors from a woman seeking to influence government contracts, becoming the second government official in the past week to be charged with graft in a place seen as one of the cleanest in the world."
Teen girls charged with sex trafficking: "Police charge two 15-year-old girls with offering other teen girls as prostitutes to various men. Affiliate CBC reports."
सुप्रीम कोर्ट की पाक खुफिया एजेंसियों को फटकार: "पाकिस्तान की सुप्रीम कोर्ट ने ख़ुफिया एजेंसियों से कहा है कि वह लोगों के ख़िलाफ़ केवल मुकदमा चलाएँ और उन्हें क़त्ल न करें.", "अदालत ने कड़े शब्दों में कहा कि बलूचिस्तान में जो लोग अर्धसैनिक बलों के ख़िलाफ़ स्थानीय अदालतों में बयान देते हैं कुछ दिनों के बाद उनके शव मिलते हैं."
The More Abominable: Fake Degrees Or Professorships?: "Ashwood University of Clinton, IA in the US offers a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree at $599 each, a Doctorate for $849, and all three together at the cut-rate price of $1,448!", "To be UGC Chairman, the only process is lobbying without any formal announcement, application, nomination or even a CV. Now put politicians who need not have ever been to a university making that appointment – and we have the broad decay of universities we see today and appointments of unqualified stooges and ‘tail-holders,’ embezzlers, and party men from ministry lists without open advertisements"
Greek politician's live TV assault: "The spokesman for Greece's extremist far-right Golden Dawn party physically assaulted two left-wing deputies on live television during a morning political show."
Zambia arrests former president Banda's son over graft
Death for dancing? Pakistan search for condemned wedding women: "It has been reported that the women, along with two men, were condemned when video footage showed them singing and dancing at a wedding."
Death for singing? Pakistan search for condemned wedding women: "It has been reported that the women, along with two men, were condemned when video footage showed them singing and dancing at a wedding."
Pak CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry begins proceedings against his son in graft case: "Pakistan's Supreme Court Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry today initiated suo motu proceedings against his son Arsalan Iftikhar following allegations in the media that he was paid up to Rs 400 million by a real estate tycoon to influence cases in the apex court.", "and also sponsored his foreign visits."
Ignoring Japan's comfort women: "Japan's recent moves to downplay a WWII war crime opens old wounds."
Nepalese SC judge shot dead in capital: "Justice Bam was being investigated for allegedly being involved in a bribery case involving release of three criminals serving long jail sentences. He was barred from hearing cases."
New images: Miami 'zombie' attack: "CNN's Erin Burnett discusses newly released images of the gruesome scene of a cannibalistic killing in Miami."
Egypt's ex-president Hosni Mubarak sentenced to life in prison over protest deaths: "Mubarak, the only autocrat toppled in the Arab Spring to be put in the dock, former interior minister Habib al-Adly and six others were on trial over their involvement in the deaths of some of the estimated 850 people killed during the uprising that toppled the strongman."
Child bride: I was sold for $1,000: "CNN's Arwa Damon looks at cases where young Afghans are forced into marriage, crossing the line into human trafficking."
Nawaz says present govt most corrupt in country’s history; says rules made atomic power a beggar
Mexican woman gouges out eyes of son in drug-fuelled ritual: "Mexico's worst case of ritual sacrifice came with the notorious "narco-satanicos" killings of the 1980s. Fifteen bodies, many of them with signs of ritual sacrifice, were unearthed at a ranch outside the border city of Matamoros, across from Brownsville, Texas."
Saudi woman corners moral police over painted nails: "The video shows several men in traditional Saudi dress, who have apparently stopped the woman to chastise her for the immodesty of her freshly manicured nails.One of the men orders the woman to leave the mall, but she refuses"
Watch: Ukraine MPs fight inside Parliament: "A violent scuffle erupted in Ukraine's Parliament over the language bill"
CNN: Parents accused of 'honor killing' child: "Shafilea Ahmed was 17 when she went missing. Her parents are now on trial. CNN's Atika Shubert has the details."
Taliban poisons 120 Afghan schoolgirls in classroom attacks: "An unidentified toxic powder was used to contaminate the air in the classrooms by the Taliban in northern Afghanistan."
CNN: Parents accused of 'honor killing' in UK: "Two parents are accused of suffocating their daughter in an apparent "honor killing." The victim's sister is a witness"
'माँ-बाप ने मेरी बहन को मार डाला': "अलेशा ने अदालत में कहा कि वो पाकिस्तानी संस्कृति के कई प्रतिबंधों में बड़ी हुईं और पश्चिमी सभ्यता खुली हुई है."
कुछ पाकिस्तानी पुरुषों के लिए गोरी महिलाएँ 'आसान शिकार': ब्रितानी मंत्री: "ब्रिटेन के प्रधानमंत्री डेविड कैमरन ने गोरी किशोरियों के साथ यौन अत्याचार की घटनाओं को ‘सचमुच डरावना’ बताया था."
Trafficked: Sex slaves seduced and sold: "Every year thousands of women are forced into prostitution and traded from Mexico to the United States. The BBC investigates the sex trafficking business, which makes some men very wealthy at the expense of vulnerable young women."
Human rights violation against Hindu women in Pak: BJP: "Alleging human rights violation against women belonging to the Hindu minority community in Pakistan, senior BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi today demanded a statement from the government on the flight of over 400 affected families to India."
Women tortured for saying 'no': "CNN's Sara Sidner has the story of the women left behind in Afghanistan.", "87.2%, experienced at least one form of physical, sexual or psychological violence or forced marriage"
CNN: Leave for work, come back in a coffin: "For Nepali workers, working abroad can be a dangerous and even deadly proposition. CNN's Sara Sidner reports."
'झूठी डिग्री' ने ली याहू के सीईओ की नौकरी: "ये फैसला उन्होंने उन आरोपों के बाद किया है कि उन्होंने नौकरी पाने के लिए कंप्यूटर साइंस की डिग्री होने की झूठी बात बताई थी."
Pak: Massive outrage over Hindu girl's forced conversion
Acid attacks on the rise in Pakistan: "Reza Sayah reports on the sudden rise of cases of women attacking men with acid in Pakistan.
Vets: Charity's money not going to them: "The Disabled Veterans National Foundation has raised nearly $56 million, but vets say the money isn't helping them."
'Appeal To The People And Government Of Pakistan...': "Recently, in separate incidents, three Hindu girls in Sindh province have reportedly been abducted and married against their will to Muslim men, after being forcefully converted to Islam."
Are Hindus being persecuted in Pakistan?: "In Sindh several Hindu girls have been allegedly abducted, forced to convert to Islam and then married to Muslim men."
Asian child abuse ringleader jailed for 19 years - Gang targeted white girls
Tortured Afghan girl tells her story: "a young Afghan girl who was married at age 13 then torturend by her husband's family."
Pakistani gang jailed for raping 50 white British girls: "The gang plied teenagers with alcohol before abusing them in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, the Daily Mail reported. As many as 47 girls were given alcohol, gifts and money before being passed around to have sex with several men a day, several times a week"
Abused Afghan girl speaks out against atrocities: "The plight of a 14-year-old Afghan girl caused international outrage when she was found tortured, allegedly at the hands of her in-laws."
Pak PM's son in Rs 7bn drug scam: Report
IRS forms show charity's money isn't going to disabled vets
Video shows cops beating homeless man: "Two California cops are facing murder charges in the brutal beating death of a mentally ill homeless man"
Ending South Africa's rape epidemic: "Luke Lamprecht of the Johannesburg Child Advocacy Forum talks juvenile rape and what can be done to stop it."
College town endures 80 rapes in 3 years: "The Justice Department will investigate how local officials handled sexual assault cases around the University of Montana"
बांग्लादेश: प्रार्थना नहीं की तो टीचर ने पैर ही जला दिए: "बांग्लादेश में पुलिस उस स्कूल टीचर की तलाश कर रही है जिसने अपनी छात्राओं को नियमित प्रार्थना में भाग न लेने के चलते उनके पैरों को गर्म लोहे की छड़ से जला दिया."
Former IMF chief Dominic Strauss-Kahn faces 'gang rape' claims: "Strauss-Kahn, two businessmen and a police chief had already been charged with "aggravated pimping in an organised gang" for allegedly organising a prostitution ring for orgies in France, the United States and elsewhere."
Honduras murders: Where life is cheap and funerals are free: "There is a violent death every 74 minutes in Honduras"
65 साल बाद भी वही दर्द...: "पाकिस्तान में हिन्दू अल्पसंख्यक आबादी के लोग लगातार भारत आ रहे है. वो पनाह की मुराद लेकर आते है."
Ending child labor in the Philippines: "The Philippine government is trying to fight the problem, by reducing the worst forms of child labor by 75% by 2015."
Families survive on tossed food scraps: "In Manila's slums, the contents of fast food restaurants' trash bags are turned into whole new meals, called 'pagpag'."
Sarkozy received 42million pounds from Colonel Gaddafi: Report: "the massive donation was laundered through bank accounts in Panama and Switzerland, the 'Daily Mail' reported."
Sharifs involved in $32m corruption: Malik
Activists target Bangladesh child marriages: "In Bangladesh 20% of girls become wives before their 15th birthday."
Berlusconi paid mafia protection money: Italian court: "Ex-PM had hired a known gangster in 1970s, who was later convicted of murder."
Getting hookers easy in Colombia: "See how prevalent prostitution is in Colombia and why it may have been easy for the Secret Service to get in trouble."
Aide: Edwards called his mistress 'slut': "John Edwards' corruption trial takes a turn with the testimony of former aide Andrew Young."
Corruption Seen as Russia’s Top Problem
Wal-Mart in bribe scandal: "investigators noticed the company was making hefty “contributions” and “donations” directly to governments all over Mexico — nearly $16 million in all since 2003. “Some of the payments descriptions indicate that the donation is being made for the issuance of a licence,”"
1L women undergo genital mutilation in Britain: "with some medics in the country offering to carry out the illegal procedure on girls as young as 10"
Congress wants answers about sex scandal: "Congressional lawmakers want answers to security concerns over the Secret Service scandal."
Secret Service resignations: "The scandal over allegations that Secret Service agents brought prostitutes to their hotel rooms keeps growing."
Fed up with army, Egyptians back in Tahrir Square: "Tens of thousands of protesters packed Cairo's downtown Tahrir Square on Friday in the biggest demonstration in months against the ruling military, aimed at stepping up pressure on the generals to hand over power to civilians and bar ex-regime members from running in upcoming presidential elections."
Attack on disabled girl angers S. Africa: "Seven appear in court accused of gang-raping a teen girl in a case that has outraged the country. Nkepile Mabuse reports.", "An African women has far greater chances of being raped than learning how to raed and write", "What kind of a society breeds this behaviour"
Pakistani women's lives destroyed by acid attacks: "more than 150 women have acid thrown on them every year - usually by husbands or in-laws - and many never get justice."
South African gang-rape attack filmed: "Seven people are charged with the gang rape of a 17-year old girl in South Africa.", "NGOs say a woman is raped every 26 seconds in S. Africa"
पाक में हिंदू लड़कियों की जबरन शादी पर चिंता: "जब दोनों लड़कियों को सुप्रीम कोर्ट के मुख्य न्यायधीश जस्टिस इफ्तिखार मोहम्मद चौधरी के सामने पेश किया गया तो डॉ. लता रोते रोते बेहोश हो गईँ और रिंकल कुमारी ने चीखते हुए कहा कि वह अपनी माँ के पास जाना चाहती हैं."
150 Afghan schoolgirls poisoned in anti-education attack: "blaming it on conservative radicals opposed to female education.", "Education for women was outlawed by the Taliban government from 1996-2001 as un-Islamic."
Nun striptease at Silvio Berlusconi's bunga bunga parties: "a model has revealed that showgirls dressed as nuns performed a pole-dancing striptease for the former Italian prime minister at a ‘bunga bunga’ party at his luxury villa at Arcore."
China's Premier Wen says corruption greatest threat: "Wen Jiabao said corruption was the greatest threat to the ruling party."
Giant statues of N Korean leaders unveiled
Human Rights Watch: Kachin people still face 'serious abuses'
परीक्षाओं में ज़रदारी की खिल्ली उड़ाई गई: "‘हमारा निज़ाम-ए-ज़िंदगी किस चीज़ पर कायम है?’ उस सवाल के जवाब के लिए छात्रों को चार विकल्प दिए गए थे जिसमें दीन (धर्म), दुनिया, दौलत (संपत्ति) और राष्ट्रपति ज़रदारी शामिल था."
अफगानिस्तान: जहां लड़कों के भेष में रहती हैं लड़कियां !: "यहां के लोगों का मानना है कि जब तक आपका कोई बेटा नहीं हो तब तक आपकी जिंदगी अधूरी है."
BBC: French Cern scientist goes on trial for 'al-Qaeda plot'
Sex and politicians: Strauss-Kahn, Clinton and Tewari: "ND Tewari, the former governor of Andhra Pradesh was forced to resign after it was alleged that he had engaged in intercourse with three young women at Raj Bhavan"
Curtin University scammer jailed: "An Indian student convicted of recruiting participants for a sophisticated bribery scheme at Curtin University, in which international students had their English language test scores altered, has been jailed for 14 months."
BBC: Dominique Strauss-Kahn faces vice ring charges: "the allegations relate to his supposed involvement in a vice ring that hired prostitutes for hotel orgies, mainly in Lille, but also in Paris and Washington"
Islamic book tells husbands to 'beat wives', sparks outrage: "advising men to beat their wives with 'hand or stick or pull her by the ears'."
They Weren’t Even Cubs We left then, letting the Lankan army run amok. We can’t now.: "there were checkpoints where everyone was asked to strip and checked. Female Tigers were raped."
Zardari, coalition govt equally responsible for corruption: Sharif
चीन की रेल परियोजना में करोड़ों डॉलर की गड़बड़ी: "ऑडिट करने वाले अधिकारियों ने बताया है कि निर्माण कार्यों और प्रबंधन में गड़बड़ी के कारण सात करोड़ 78 लाख डॉलर का नुकसान हुआ है."
Dutch Roman Catholic church 'castrated' boys in 1950s: "Up to 11 boys were castrated while in the care of the Dutch Roman Catholic church in the 1950s to rid them of homosexuality, a newspaper investigation has said. A young man was castrated in 1956 after telling police he was being abused by priests"
Forced conversions, abductions instilling insecurity in Pak Hindus: "At least 25 Hindus were kidnapped for ransom this year."
'74% of Pak Minority Women Faced Sexual Harassment': "43 per cent complained of religious discrimination at workplaces"
Hindu girls are forced to marry Muslims: Pakistani president Asif Ali Zardari's sister
Pak: Hindu girls being forcibly converted: "On an average around 20 to 25 Hindu girls are being forcibly converted to Islam every month in the southern Sindh province, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has said."
Egypt unrest: Court clears 'virginity test' doctor: "they had been forced by the Egyptian army, while in detention, to submit to a five-minute-long so-called virginity test by a male doctor."
Pak SC directs Gilani to ask Swiss authorities to revive graft cases against Zardari: "The Supreme Court recently indicted Gilani for contempt of court after he refused to act on orders to reopen cases of alleged money laundering against President Asif Ali Zardari in Switzerland."
पाक में एक और हिंदू लड़की की जबरन शादी: "जब अदालत सुनवाई कर रही थी तो उस समय अदालत के बाहर और पूरे शहर में पुलिस की मौजूदगी में हाथियार लिए लोग घूम रहे थे और शहर में डर का माहौल था.""
Executed prisoners main source of organs in China: Report: "International human rights groups have long accused China of harvesting organs from executed prisoners for transplant without the consent of the prisoner or their family"
Putin wins election amid fraud claims
Hindu girl abduction, 'forced' conversion spark protest in Pak: "Rinkle Kumari, who they alleged was kidnapped by the son of a Parliamentarian from Ghotki district of Sindh"
23 Hindus kidnapped in Pakistani province
Manager showed off jewelry she received from immigrant clients, fraud trial hears: "Serre is accused of teaming up with a man to take money from mostly Arab immigrants in exchange for fast-tracking their applications."
Billionaire fights expulsion: "Man was Tunisian president’s in-law", "The family was accused of operating like the Mob: extorting money from shop owners, demanding a stake in businesses large and small, and divvying up plum concessions among its members."
German President Wulff quits in home loan scandal: "German President Christian Wulff has announced his resignation, after prosecutors called for his immunity to be lifted"
कराची के जिहादी मेले के आकर्षण: "कई जगह वीडियो सीडी और एमपी-3 सीडी भी मिल रही थी जिनमें भारत में लश्करे-तैबा की कार्रवाईयाँ तरानों के साथ, भारत में फ़िदाई कार्रवाइयाँ, अफ़ग़ानिस्तान में जुनदुल्लाह की कार्रवाईयाँ और स्पेशल ट्रेनिंग के टाइटल लगे हुए थे."
'Epidemic' of rape in the U.S. military: "CNN talks to Rep. Jackie Speier, who is calling for impartial investigations of alleged rape in the U.S. military.", "there are 19,000 sexual assualt or rape a year"
‘It was murder’: "Mohammad hatched the murder plot because his honour was at stake; Hamed planned it by making Internet searches for places to commit the acts; and Tooba kept the four women calm and waiting at the murder site instead of trying to save them.", "“Hamed was violent and controlling of his sisters because he was enforcing culture rules and values,” said Lacelle. “He was just as invested in the cultural rules as his parents. He believed Zainab should not have a boyfriend.”"
Why 'vigil aunty' caused Pakistan media storm: "she and a group of like-minded women were an informal moral police force, popularly described as "vigil aunties", hounding couples"
CNN: Philly priest sex abuse case cover-up?: "possible evidence of 35 priests sexually abusing children"
पाकिस्तान में महिलाओं के ख़िलाफ़ हिंसा: "मानवाधिकार संगठनों का कहना है कि समस्या मानसिकता से भी जुड़ी हुई है."
Pakistan: Spurious heart medicine kills 108 in Lahore: "Contaminated heart medicine handed out to Pakistan's poorest leaves hundreds severely ill"
Contaminated heart medicine handed out to Pakistan's poorest leaves hundreds severely ill
Heroic verdict for honourless crime
CNN: Family convicted in 'honor' murders: "the conviction of three family members over the "honor" murders of four female"
Guilty, guilty, guilty: "“cold-blooded” killings based on their “twisted notion of honour.”"
Afghan woman is killed 'for giving birth to a girl': "A woman in north-eastern Afghanistan has been arrested for allegedly strangling her daughter-in-law for giving birth to a third daughter."
Malaysia bans sale of children's sex education book: "Malaysian authorities have banned the sale of a children's sex education book by a British author over concerns it could "corrupt people's minds"."
Maldives is becoming another Pakistan: Former NSA: "when all the protests started, we had the fundamental Islamists movements involved in that"
Pakistan PM indicted for contempt: "Gilani's court appearance could mark another turbulent period for Pakistani politics"
Strauss-Kahn questioned in prostitution ring inquiry: "Former IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been detained for questioning by French police investigating a prostitution ring."
Dozens of inmates killed in gang fight in Mexican jail: "the inmates had either forced or bribed a number of guards to open the doors between two separate wings of the jail."
Women treated worse than animals in Pakistan, says govt ally: "Crimes like honour killing, wani and marriage to the Quran are rampant under the veil of tradition," he lamented. He mentioned honour killing, Karo Kari, acid crimes and domestic violence and even brought up topics like dowry and gender discrimination which are considered the social norm"
Saudi female athletes challenge Muslim norms: "Saudi Arabia has never sent a woman to compete in the Olympics. Human rights groups say the country is violating the International Olympic Committee charter's pledge of equality."
CNN: Children of the trash dump: "a firsthand account of an effort to keep young Cambodian refugees in Vietnam safe from predators"
Spain's Judge Baltasar Garzon convicted for wiretapping: "Spain's Supreme Court has found the country's best-known judge, Baltasar Garzon, guilty of authorising illegal recordings of lawyers' conversations."
'मैं पाकिस्तान में मर्द पैदा होना नहीं चाहती': "'सेविंग फेस' पाकिस्तान में चेहरे पर तेज़ाब फ़ेंकने की घटना का शिकार हुई औरतों की कहानी है."
CNN:  Guilty verdict in 'honor' murders: "The parents of four Canadian women found dead in a drowning were found guilty of murdering their daughters."CNN: Suspected 'honor murders' shock Canada: "Prosecutors are trying what they say is a chilling honor murder that led to the massacre of half of the Shafia"
All defendants guilty of first-degree murder: "“The apparent reason behind these cold-blooded, shameful murders was that the four completely innocent victims offended your twisted notion of honour, a notion of honour founded upon the domination and control of women. A sick notion of honour that has no place in any civilized society.”"
Indonesian arrested for not believing in god: "he did not believe in angels, devils, heaven and hell as well as other "myths". He faces a maximum sentence of five years in jail if found guilty".
Pak's anti-corruption watchdog may file case against Gilani: "Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani under which he could face a prison term of 14 years if convicted."
CNN: What future for Afghan woman jailed for being raped ?: "Under Afghan law she too was found guilty of a crime known as "adultery by force", with her sentence increased on appeal to 12 years."
CNN: Iraqi police accused of brutality: "Human Rights Watch says democracy in Iraq is at stake as a police state emerges"
Vatican used Wikipedia for new cardinals' biographies: "The biographies were copied from the Italian version of the user-edited online encyclopedia, word for word in some cases, and without attribution."
Could Mubarak be sentenced to death?
Andrew Strauss: Corruption in cricket hard to eradicate
US Catholic bishop with secret family, Gabino Zavala, quits
Prosecutors demand ‘harshest penalty for tyrannical leader’ Mubarak: "accused Hosni Mubarak of being a “tyrannical leader” and sought “harshest penalty” for the ailing 83-year-old deposed dictator on charges of ordering of the killing of over 800 anti-regime protesters, abuse of office and corruption."
प्लाइर से माँस 'निकाल' दिया: "उसके नाख़ून और बाल निकाले गए थे और शरीर से माँस के कुछ हिस्से प्लाइर से निकाले हुए थे."
2011: Pak tops Google search for sex
The Telegraph: Corrupt elites are being named and shamed – by the people: "Around the world, tyrants and thieving officials are running out of places to hide."
Police: Afghan girl, 15, locked in basement, starved, tortured
On Anger Street: "Angry protesters at Tahrir Square, Cairo"
Man punches nurse for removing wife's burqa: ""Your religious values are not superior to the laws of the republic.""
CNN: 'Blue bra girl' rallies Egypt's women vs. oppression
China sentences rights activist to 9 years in jail: "A Chinese court sentenced a veteran activist on Friday to nine years in prison for inciting subversion, in what appears to be the most severe punishment handed down in a crackdown to prevent the spread of Arab Spring-style democratic uprisings"
पाक में 675 महिलाओं की ऑनर किलिंग: "उस साल इज़्ज़त के नाम पर मारे जाने वाली महिलाओं में से 19 को उनके अपने बेटों ने, 49 को उनके पिता ने और 169 को उनके पतियों ने क़त्ल किया था."
पति ने ऊंगलियाँ काट डालीं...: "बांग्लादेश में घरेलू हिंसा के एक मामले में एक व्यक्ति ने अपनी पत्नी के हाथ की ऊंगलियाँ काट डालीं. हवा अख़्तार ने बताया कि पति को उनका कॉलेज जाना रास नहीं आया."
CNN: Egyptian woman beaten, exposed: "Video shows security forces beating a woman during protests in Cairo that killed 10 people and injured"
Bangladesh man 'admits' cutting off wife's fingers: "the husband of a young woman who allegedly cut off most of her right hand. Police say Rafiqul Islam, 30, attacked her because she pursued higher education without his permission."
Military police ‘beat and batter’ protestors in Cairo: "10 people had been killed, most of them Friday or early on Saturday, and 441 injured"
Troops storm Cairo square, 9 dead: "Hundreds of Egyptian soldiers swept into Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Saturday, chasing protesters and beating them to the ground with sticks and tossing journalists’ TV cameras off of balconies in the second day of a violent crackdown on antimilitary protesters that has left nine dead and hundreds injured."
Catholic Church sexually abused tens of thousands children in Netherlands: Commission: "The commission estimated that 10,000 to 20,000 minors were sexually abused while in the care of Catholic institutions such as orphanages, boarding schools and seminaries,", "Sexual abuse of minors is widespread in Dutch society," the commission said."
Afghan rape victim freed: "An Afghan woman jailed for adultery after she was raped is now free."
French ex-President Jacques Chirac guilty of corruption: "A French court has given former President Jacques Chirac a two-year suspended prison sentence for diverting public funds and abusing public trust."
NUS: Students turning to prostitution to fund studies: "Greater numbers of students in England are turning to prostitution to fund their education,", "led the survey of several hundred university students, which also found that 16% would consider working in the sex industry."
Turkish police brutality caught on tape: "Security camera footage shows Turkish police abusing a female prisoner.", "42% of the Turkish women surveyed say they are victim of physical or sexual abuse"
Saudi woman beheaded for 'sorcery'
French court to rule in Chirac corruption trial: "The 79-year-old, president from 1995 to 2007, is facing conflict of interest, abuse of power and embezzlement charges and could be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison and a fine of 150,000 euros ($197,000).", "The charges relate to 28 allegedly fictitious municipal jobs created in Paris and the suburb of Nanterre between 1990 and 1995, ahead of Chirac's successful 1995 presidential bid."
CNN: Jailed Afghan rape victim freed: "Women in her situation are often killed for the shame their ordeal has brought the community."
CNN: Students in chains at religious school: "A police raid finds students chained to one another at a religious school in a Karachi suburb."
Taliban's worst secret exposed: "Around 50 children, locked up in chains, were rescued by Pakistani police following a raid on a religious seminary, which officials fear was forcing militant training on them"
Veena Malik slams death threats from 'stone age' Pakistan
Pak police rescue 45 students chained in madrassa: "Some Islamic schools in Pakistan are accused of training militants and supporting violent extremist groups"
Nude protests, large rally in Moscow
Saudi woman beheaded for 'sorcery': "The beheading took to 73 the number of executions in Saudi Arabia this year."
Are you ready to "boot out" your representative in Congress?
Yes 81% (105561)
No 19% (24342)
Russia’s flawed election and the humbling of a star: "the Kremlin was caught red-handed perpetrating a massive election fraud"
Strauss-Kahn treated 'like Messiah' at orgies, claims hooker who slept with him
American jailed for insults to Thai king: ""This is just the system in Thailand," he said. "In Thailand, they put people in prison even if they don't have proof.""
The King Never Smiles: "how a king widely seen as beneficent and apolitical could in fact be so deeply political, autocratic, and even brutal...", ""The book describes [the King's only son], Vajiralongkorn, as a willful man prone to violence, fast cars and dubious business deals."|
Lese-majesty: "The 2007 Constitution of Thailand, and all seventeen versions since 1932, contain the clause, "The King shall be enthroned in a position of revered worship and shall not be violated. No person shall expose the King to any sort of accusation or action." Thai Criminal Code elaborates in Article 112: "Whoever defames, insults or threatens the King, Queen, the Heir-apparent or the Regent, shall be punished with imprisonment of three to fifteen years.""
Syria's Bashar al-Assad 'feels no guilt' over crackdown: "Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says he feels no guilt about his government's ongoing crackdown, despite reports of brutality by its forces"
Do you think the Russian election results can be trusted?
No 93% 39954
Yes 7% 3205
Total votes: 43159
Islamic cleric bans women from touching bananas: ""If women wish to eat these food items, a third party, preferably a male related to them such as their a father or husband, should cut the items into small pieces and serve,"", "Repression of women in ultra-conservative Islamic societies has been an intense subject of debate throughout the world."
Pakistan - where politics and corruption are the same
'End of virginity' if women drive, Saudi cleric warns: "The report contains graphic warnings that letting women drive would increase prostitution, pornography, homosexuality and divorce. A Saudi woman who has campaigned for women drivers told the BBC that the report was completely mad. "
Afghan woman, jailed for being raped, wins pardon: "Gulnaz was initially sentenced to two years in jail for "adultery by force", which was later increased to 12 years on appeal. She was given the choice of marriage or serving a jail sentence."
Syria security forces 'commit crimes against humanity': "Syria's security forces have committed systematic "crimes against humanity" in their crackdown on anti-government protesters, a UN report says.", ""Torture, sexual violence and ill treatment were inflicted on civilians""
Saudi women with attractive eyes may be forced to cover them: "In 2002, the committee refused to allow female students out of a burning school in the holy city of Mecca because they were not wearing correct head cover. The decision is thought to have contributed to the high death toll of 15."
Egyptian police fire shotguns at crowd: "CNN cameras in Cairo capture police firing shotguns at a crowd in Tahrir Square amid renewed protests and violence."
सिंध: 'कई स्कूलों में केवल 15 मिनट पढ़ाई': "आग़ा ख़ान विश्वविद्यालय के एक ताज़ा शोध से पता चला है कि सिंध के पाँच से अधिक ज़िलों में 70 प्रतिशत प्राथमिक स्कूलों में छात्रों को पूरे दिन में केवल 15 मिनट पढ़ाया जाता है."
'हिंदुओं के प्रति द्वेष बढ़ाती किताबें': "पांचवी कक्षा की आधिकारिक पाठ्य पुस्तकों के मुताबिक़ हिंदू और मुसलमान एक राष्ट्र नहीं, बल्कि दो अलग-अलग राष्ट्र हैं."
Thailand lese majeste man jailed for 20 years: "A man who sent text messages deemed insulting to Thailand's monarchy has been jailed for 20 years.", "Thailand's criminal code defines lese majeste as defaming, insulting or threatening the king, queen, heir-apparent or regent. Offenders can receive 15 years in jail for each offence"
'Occupy' protests go nationwide: "Demonstrators from across the United States take to the streets and participate in 'Occupy' protests nationwide."
CNN: Teen being forced to marry her rapist: "CNN takes a look at a rape case in Afghanistan", "Afganistan's Draconian society"
Apologise for 1971 atrocities: B'desh to Pakistan: "as per official figures three million people were killed and over two lakh women were tortured by Pakistani troops and their Bengali-speaking collaborators."
BBC: Bangladesh finally confronts war crimes 40 years on: "For seven months, she was repeatedly raped and tortured at an army camp in the capital Dhaka"
Bangladesh war crimes trial begins in Dhaka: "Charges listed against him include genocide, rape and religious persecution", "More than three million people were killed and many more were left homeless, according to official figures. Hundreds of thousands of women are also believed to have been raped during the war. Bangladeshi Attorney General Mahbubey Alam said the country had waited 40 years for the trial to come to court."
Is big money corrupting politics?
Mass arrests at Wall Street protests: "Demonstrators have been protesting against corporate greed and economic inequality for over 2 months now"
The reality of the celebrity money machine: "How did US celebrity Kim Kardashian and her family make $65m (£41m) last year, when they can't act, play an instrument, sing, dance, or throw a ball?"
Occupy crackdowns appear to grow
जेल में बंद अफ़गान महिलाओं की दास्तान: "अफ़गानिस्तान की जेलों में बंद आधी महिलाएं नैतिक अपराधों के लिए सज़ा भुगत रही हैं. उनकी कहानी बयान करती एक डॉक्यूमेंट्री को यूरोपीय संघ से प्रसारित होने से रोक दिया है. उन्हें डर है कि इस फ़िल्म बयान देने वालों की जान को ख़तरा हो सकता है."
US soldier jailed for life for killing Afghans for fun: "A US soldier, who admitted cutting and keeping fingers from corpses as war trophies, has been sentenced to life by a military court here for being the leader of a thrill team that killed three Afghan civilians for fun."
BBC: Penn State coach Joe Paterno fired amid abuse scandal
Blagojevich to be sentenced next month: " Impeached Illinois governor Rod R Blagojevich will be sentenced on December 6 by a US court in connection with a case of corruption in which he was accused along with two Indian-American businessmen. Blagojevich, along with two Indian American businessmen Rajinder Bedi and Raghuveer Nayak, were accused of being involved in wire fraud and extortion for trying to sell the senate seat of Barack Obama, whose election to the post of president had left it vacant."
CNN: Organ trafficking in the Sinai Desert
Reporter goes undercover in Syria: "her time in Syria covering the government's crackdown on protests."
Pakistan schools teach Hindu hatred: US commission: "The findings indicate how deeply ingrained hardline Islam is in Pakistan and help explain why militancy is often supported, tolerated or excused in the country."
Prostitutes found in Mexico jail: "A surprise inspection in a prison in Mexico has revealed the presence of 19 prostitutes, 100 plasma televisions, two sacks of marijuana, and 100 cockerels for cock fighting.", "Mexican jails are notorious for overcrowding, corruption and rioting."
Syria death toll tops 3,500, UN says: "More than 3,500 people have died in months of anti-government protests in Syria, according to the UN"
Aalu Anday | Beygairat Brigade
Corruption in cricket - Overstepping the mark: "Pakistan’s former cricket captain is convicted in London"
Cricket: Corruption hall of shame
Recover national wealth from offshore accounts: Durrani
Occupy Oakland turns violent: Occupy protests in Oakland, California turn violent as protestors and police clash"
CNN: Texas judge's daughter: Violence was regular occurrence
'Fixers' Butt, Asif, Aamir jailed: "Former Pakistan captain Salman Butt and two of his teammates -- pacers Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir -- were today sentenced to varying jail terms after being found guilty of spot-fixing, making them the first cricketers ever to be imprisoned for corruption."
ऑस्ट्रेलियाई सैन्य अकादमी में 'यौन उत्पीड़न': "एक सर्वेक्षण में पता चला है कि ऑस्ट्रेलिया के शीर्ष सैन्य अकादमी में महिलाऔ को निचले स्तर के यौन उत्पीड़न का सामना करना पड़ता है."
Salman Butt and Pakistan bowlers jailed for betting scam: "Former Pakistan cricket captain Salman Butt has been jailed for 30 months for his part in the conspiracy to bowl deliberate no-balls in last year's Test match against England"
US Occupy protesters clash with police at Oakland port: "Masked protesters - and police - were on the streets of Oakland throughout much of the night"
Jail for Pakistan's tainted trio in spot-fixing trial: "Former Pakistan captain Salman Butt and two of his teammates -- pacers Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir -- were today sentenced to jail for their role in the spot-fixing scandal, making them the first cricketers ever to be imprisoned for corruption."
Russian and Chinese companies 'most likely to bribe': "Companies from Russia and China are most likely to pay bribes when doing business abroad"
In giving life, women face deadly risks: "In Niger, a woman gives birth to an average of nearly eight children. Countries like Uganda, Mali and Somalia are close behind, with an average of six to seven children per woman. With every pregnancy and birth, a woman's risk of dying increases."
Horror of South Africa's 'corrective rape': "It is called "corrective rape" - where men force themselves on lesbians, believing it will change their sexual orientation."
Resign or be hanged: PML-N warns Zardari: "Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has been threatened by the opposition Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) to be ready to be hanged "upside down" or "resign and return looted national wealth"", ""We will rid the country of Zardari and his corrupt team in the way our elders had broken free from the clutches of Hindus in 1947,""
CNN: Homicide in the name of God?: "CNN's Gary Tuchman reports on a little girl who's now dead and the parent who disciplined her."
BBC: Pakistan parliament scene of man's self-immolation: "An unemployed father of two from Sindh province has set himself on fire outside Pakistan's parliament building in Islamabad."
Former Goldman Sachs director Rajat Gupta in custody: "Rajat Gupta, 62, is accused of providing illegal information to hedge fund manager Raj Rajaratnam. Rajaratnam was sentenced to 11 years in jail for insider trading earlier this month."
पाकिस्तान छोड़कर भागे वरिष्ठ जज: "परवेज़ अली शाह के एक क़रीबी के मुताबिक़ शाह और उनके परिवार को जान से मारने की धमकियां मिल रही थी जिससे तंग आकर वो सऊदी अरब चले गए है."
Syria 'using hospitals for torture' - Amnesty: "Patients in government-run hospitals in Syria are being tortured in an attempt to suppress dissent"
China: video shows toddler being run over twice: "A video which shows a 2-year-old girl from China being run over by two trucks has shocked the world."
A sobering look inside Putin’s Russia, Commentary: Russia groans under weight of corrupt tyranny: "a corrupted Russia groaning under the weight of a tyranny only slightly less cruel than in Soviet times.", "He accused the Russian leader “of keeping totalitarianism to protect corruption.” Putin’s friends, he continued, are the “crony capitalists” who have plundered state assets and safely deposited that ill-gotten wealth outside Russia."
Occupy protests spread to cities around the world
Raj Rajaratnam sentenced to 11 years in prison: "Raj Rajaratnam, a self-made hedge fund tycoon convicted in the biggest Wall Street trading scandal in a generation, was ordered on Thursday to serve 11 years in prison, one of the longest sentences ever in an insider-trading case."
BBC: Where child sacrifice is a business: ""There are two ways of doing this," he said. "We can bury the child alive on your construction site, or we cut them in different places and put their blood in a bottle of spiritual medicine." Awali grabbed his throat. "If it's a male, the whole head is cut off and his genitals. We will dig a hole at your construction site, and also bury the feet and the hands and put them all together in the hole." Awali boasted he had sacrificed children many times before and knew what he was doing. After this meeting, we withdrew from the negotiations. We handed our notes to the police. Awali is still a free man."
Wall Street protests spread to Boston
पाकिस्तान में गधे से चलता पंखा
Wall Street rating agencies' corrupt system
Defence outlay triggers fast until death
Caged Mubarak back in dock for murder trial
Egypt's ex-president Mubarak to return to court for trial
Suspended immigration officer released on bail: "RED PASSPORT SCAM"
PML (N) says PM Gilani has 'MBBS in corruption'
Ex-Tunisian President Ben Ali given 16 years for corruption
Amnesty: Saudi terror law 'would strangle protest': "Questioning the integrity of Saudi Arabia's rulers would become an offence punishable by a minimum of 10 years in prison. Amnesty said a number of provisions in the document contradicted the kingdom's legal obligations, including the UN Convention against Torture. Philip Luther from the charity said the law would be a serious threat to freedom of expression in Saudi Arabia in the name of preventing terrorism."
Scandals taint revered Pakistan military: "The military establishment, which long dominated politics and society, is accused of incompetency, corruption and abuse of power after the Bin Laden raid and other incidents."
ICC to investigate allegations of World Cup fraud and corruption
Ex-Gov convicted of trying to sell Obama's vacated Senate seat: "Disgraced former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has been found guilty of a host of corruption charges, including those relating to his attempt to trade President Barack Obama's vacated Senate seat, and faces up to 15 years in jail."
3 former Pak generals under scanner for corruption
Niko Resources to pay $9.5M fine for bribing official: "it bribed a Bangladeshi minister with the use of a vehicle and a trip to Calgary and New York in 2005."
Rwanda: Ex-women's minister guilty of genocide, rape: "A former Rwandan women's minister has been sentenced to life in prison for her role in the genocide and the rape of Tutsi women and girls"
Iran guards ask prisoners to rape activists
Rulers have converted Islamabad into corruption market: Nawaz
Calgary-based oil and gas firm to admit to bribing Bangladeshi minister
Ex-Bangladesh PM's son jailed in graft case: "six years in prison for illegally acquiring $2.7 million in corrupt payments"
BBC - Jerusalem rabbis 'condemn dog to death by stoning'
Alberta community in shock after priest charged: "Lipinski and his wife Angela and their business partner, Calvin Steinhauer, are accused of running a company that lured dozens of Polish welders and machinists to Canada under false pretenses, pocketing $1 million in profits in just six months."
BBC - Nigeria's pastors 'as rich as oil barons': ""Preaching is big business. It's almost as profitable as the oil business," he said. The joint wealth of five pastors was at least $200m (£121m), he said."
Mother paraded naked in Pakistani village: Police: "Pakistan is a deeply conservative Muslim country, where women, especially in poor, rural areas, enjoy few rights, have little protection from the police and are often treated as commodities by their relatives."
Mexico drugs war: Corruption grows on US border: "Mexican drug cartels are increasingly targeting American border guards and customs agents with bribes and sexual favours", "127 US agents had been arrested or tried since 2004".
Pak Rangers gun down teen at point blank range: "Five paramilitary troopers have been arrested for shooting the teenager to death."
BBC - Egypt embraces freedom of speech
BBC - Egypt: Jail term for Ex-Minister Youseff Boutros Ghali: "Egypt's former Finance Minister Youseff Boutros Ghali has been given a 30-year jail sentence over corruption charges, court sources said."
Egypt sentences ex-finance minister to 30 years in jail
'Virginity checks' carried out on Egyptian protesters: General
Haiti and the international aid scam
Mubarak's name to be removed from all public places: Judge: "names of Mubarak and his wife would be removed from "all public squares, streets, libraries and other public institutions around the country."", " 500 public schools in Egypt bear the name of Hosni or his wife, besides innumerable public buildings and streets."
850 protesters killed in Mubarak ordered firing: Panel
BBC - Pakistan: Acquittals in Mukhtaran Mai gang rape case
Pakistan SC acquits 5 of 6 accused in Mukhtaran Mai gangrape case
Egypt: Mubarak and sons detained amid corruption probe
Tunisia's former President Ben Ali faces 18 charges
Egypt: Hosni Mubarak to be quizzed over deaths: "Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has been summoned by the state prosecutor for questioning over alleged corruption and killings of protesters."
Italy PM Berlusconi in first trial showing since 2003
BBC - Asia counts the cost of corruption
High profile scandals in China, India, and the Philippines: What's going on?
Pak military to penalise generals involved in corruption
Former Israeli PM to be charged in property scandal
Gaddafi faces war crimes trial
Pak does an India: SC sacks anti-graft chief after Opp objects
Libya's First Lady 'owns airline company, 20 tonnes of gold'
Sacked Chinese railways minister in corruption inquiry
'Saudi Arabia will not allow protests'
Urgent mail delivered in Pakistan after 20 years: "his parents had sent his academic certificates to him in Karachi in 1991. He was studying in a seminary and the documents were required to apply for a job."
Gadhafi faces investigation for crimes against humanity
France's ex-president Chirac goes on trial for corruption
Saudi Arabia imposes ban on all protests
Mubarak is the richest person in the World
Pak to approach agencies in Britain to extradite Musharraf
Mubarak's family flees to London: "fled Egypt for the luxurious refuge of their 8.5 million pound townhouse in London", "The leader's son Gamal, 47, is said to have spearheaded the move, flying to Britain on a private jet with his own family and 97 pieces of luggage", "He owns a six floor Georgian mansion"
Silvio Berlusconi faces Ruby sex charge trial in April: "Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi has been indicted to stand trial on charges of paying for sex with an under-age prostitute and abuse of power."
Hosni Mubarak disappears, so does his wealth: "Switzerland has frozen whatever assets Hosni Mubarak and his associates may have there, and anti-corruption campaigners are demanding the same of other countries.", "Corruption was endemic in Mubarak's Egypt where 40 percent of the country's 80 million people live on $2 or less a day, and critics accused officials of usurping the nation's wealth. Egyptians have long complained of an unspoken policy of sweetheart deals that allowed top officials and businessmen to enrich themselves.", ""Privatization ... is the biggest corruption process in Egypt all over its history, from the period of the pharaohs, until now,""
Egyptians protest against corruption in banks
Corruption: is Italy a step ahead?
Egypt's premier says Mubarak may quit: "The president has been buffeted by widespread protests against poverty, repression and corruption"
ICC corruption unit scooped by English tabloid: "It secretly filmed Pakistani players' agent Mazhar Majeed taking about $250,000 to ensure prearranged no-balls were delivered by Amir, 18, and Asif, 28, during the Lord's Test against England last August."
Canada urged to expel kin of Tunisian ex-leader
BBC: Four arrested after Bangladesh girl 'lashed to death': "the punishment was given under Islamic Sharia law"
‘Down with Mubarak’ slogans echo across Egypt
Ousted Tunisian dictator’s in-laws holed up in Montreal
Smash These Idols: "Muslims in the Arab world have had enough of their dictators."
BBC: Canada in bid to expel Tunisian Belhassen Trabelsi: "The Canadian government is working to arrest and expel Belhassen Trabelsi, the brother-in-law of former Tunisian President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali", "Mr Ben Ali, who was president for 23 years, was forced from power this month by a series of protests against poverty and corruption. The former president fled with his wife to Saudi Arabia. Interpol also issued an alert for the arrest of Mr Ben Ali and six family members on request from Tunisia, which has accused them of property theft and illegal transfer of foreign currency, among other charges."
Only in Pak: Infant of 18 months slits throat of youth: ""The complainant said that Raees had kidnapped her son out of enemity and killed him but the police allowed him to escape and instead named the infant", "Police in Pakistan are accused of being the most corrupt department and it is normal for convicted criminals to escape while making court appearances."
Ex-MP seeks Supreme Court appeal: "Former MP Taito Phillip Field has filed papers in the Supreme Court in a final effort to have his convictions for bribery and corruption overturned."
CNN exclusive: FBI misconduct reveals sex, lies and videotape
Honduras policemen arrested for robbing bank
Ben Ali family members arrive in Canada: "The deposed president's daughter Nesrine Ben Ali and her husband, businessman Sakher El Materi, purchased a $2.5-million villa in the upscale Westmount neighborhood of Montreal two years ago.", "Tunisian authorities arrested 33 members of Ben Ali's family who were under investigation for plundering the nation's resources."
Indonesian taxman Gayus Tambunan jailed for corruption
BBC: Profile: Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali:"He became prime minister in 1987, shortly before ousting Tunisia's first post-independence ruler, Habib Bourguiba, in a bloodless palace coup. President Bourguiba was declared mentally unfit to rule.", "In the style of many Arab rulers, Mr Ben Ali's face became a constant presence in Tunisia, with giant posters of the president visible in public spaces across the country. Political protest was not tolerated and human rights groups accused Mr Ben Ali's regime of unfairly arresting and mistreating political dissidents.", "His second wife, Leila Trabelsi, played a prominent role in Tunisian public life and allegedly helped amass huge economic holdings for her extended family. With no obvious rivals to Mr Ben Ali, there was speculation that he was looking to pass on power to one of his relatives.", "a series of protests began in the centre of the country after a young graduate set himself on fire when stopped from selling fruit and vegetables without a licence."
Haj scam: Pak PM's son accused of corruption
China vows to curtail rampant corruption in government: "A top justice official, Wen Qiang, third from left, was executed in July after being convicted for taking bribes"
Where law blames victims for rape: "the law criminalizes the women instead of their rapists -- and society ostracizes the women."
WikiLeaks: Sudan's president may have stolen $9 bn: "Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir may have looted up to $9 billion from public coffers and deposited it in British banks", "if Bashir's stash of money were disclosed (he put the figure at possibly $9 billion), it would change Sudanese public opinion from him being a 'crusader' to that of a thief,""
BBC: The Nobel Peace Prize's empty chair: "This year's Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to the Chinese human rights activist Liu Xiaobo. Mr Liu will not be there to pick up the award at the ceremony on Friday in Oslo, as he is serving an 11-year prison sentence for subversion."
BBC: 'Liu Xiaobo must be freed' - Nobel prize committee: "The chairman of the Nobel prize committee has called for the immediate release of jailed Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo, winner of the 2010 Peace Prize."
Corruption index from around the world
Extreme world: Is Sweden as clean as it seems?: "The world is a more corrupt place now than it was three years ago, a poll suggests", "In Afghanistan, Nigeria, Iraq and India more than 50% of people said they had paid a bribe in the past year - many of them paying off the police.", "In the Transparency International survey, political parties were regarded as the most corrupt institutions with 80% of people regarding them as corrupt.", "In Asia-Pacific, 35% of people bribed to get a service they were entitled to", "While people from Cambodia (84%) and Liberia (89%) were the most likely to have to pay a bribe"
U.S. cables lift mask on Putin's 'corrupt autocracy': "Vladimir Putin rules Russia by allowing a venal elite of corrupt officials and crooked spies to siphon off cash from the world's biggest energy producer, according to a picture painted by leaked U.S. diplomatic cables."
Nobel laureate Yunus accused of stashing $100 million: "Norwegian National Television aired a documentary earlier today alleging that Yunus drew off nearly Tk 7 billion (USD 100 million) in aid for poor borrowers of Grameen Bank to another of his company, BDNews24 news agency reported."
Zardari feared coup, named sister as successor if killed
China's stock fraud totals $30 billion: "Fraudsters in the Chinese stock markets have proved to be as active as those in India."
'Musharraf wanted his image to replace Jinnah on Pak currency'
Two Pakistan Army generals caught in Rs.75 mn loan scam
Sold into slavery
BBC:Hundreds of Kenyan teachers sacked over sex abuse
BBC: South Africa ex-police head Selebi guilty of corruption
Ex-Interpol chief convicted of corruption
Corrupt Aghan officials send $4.2 billion out of Kabul Airport
Kenyan MPs vote to join world's best paid lawmakers: "the Kenyan prime minister will take home over a third more than his British counterpart. He will also earn almost 10% more than the US president.", "The parliamentarians have voted to be paid a basic $44,000 (£29,000) a year. But extra allowances can bring the salary up to up to $126,000 (£84,000) after tax - a rise of 18%.", "Average annual income in Kenya is about $730 (£490), while most of the population earns less than $1 (66p) a day."
Pak SC for action against MPs with fake degrees: "There is a possibility that the legislative assembly of Balochistan province may be dissolved in the coming weeks not because of any political wrangling but because more than half its members have fake degrees."
Sarkozy queried over Pakistan arms cash: "In accordance with standard procedure back then (only in 2000 did France sign an OECD convention outlawing commissions), some 50m euros were paid as "sweeteners" to various senior Pakistani figures."
President acts to bail out Rehman Malik: "ISLAMABAD: President Asif Ali Zardari on Monday upped the ante in the government’s undeclared tussle with the superior judiciary when within hours of the Lahore High Court’s decision to uphold a sentence against Interior Minister Rehman Malik in a NAB corruption case, he used his discretionary powers under Article 45 to grant remission to his trusted aide and lieutenant who runs the country’s law and order apparatus." (Corrupt politicians of Third World countires can probably be brought to justice only by International Criminal Court)
Pak Interior Minister faces 3-year imprisonment: "Malik was accused of receiving two luxury cars as graft and taking away 20-tola and Rs 700,000 from the house of an accused during a raid by Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in mid 1990s. He was then assistant director of FIA."
BBC: Rajapaksa dynasty out in force for general election
BBC: Pakistan to ask Switzerland to reopen Zardari cases
Murky world of corruption in China
Police kill man in Haiti over allegedly stolen rice
France asks for information on President Zardari: "One leaked French report on the affair said that the commissions paid to Pakistani figures were ordered by Zardari", "11 were killed in May 2002 by Pakistani agents taking revenge after a new French government cancelled illegal commissions on an arms deal."
UN reveals Afghan corruption woes: "half of all Afghans have had to pay a bribe for a public service. The report said Afghans paid over $2.5bn worth in bribes over the last year alone, exactly the same figure generated by the country's opium trade."
Pakistan: 45pc drugs are spurious, NA told
CNN: Pat Robertson says Haiti paying for 'pact to the devil'
Corrupt to the bone: "a former naval chief has confirmed that a deal to purchase submarines from France did indeed involve kickbacks for key officials in office at the time. Among them of course was a certain Mr Asif Ali Zardari."
BBC: Travel ban for Pakistani minister in corruption inquiry: "The Supreme Court has called for all these cases to be re-opened, with hundreds of senior politicians and civilian bureaucrats now facing criminal and corruption charges."
CNN: Pakistan president loses amnesty for corruption charges
NRO list out, 34 politicians among 8,000 beneficiaries: "The list shows that a total of 8,041 people — 7,793 from Sindh — have benefited from the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO), promulgated by former president Pervez Musharraf on Oct 5, 2007. These people have got withdrawn 3,478 cases (3,320 in Sindh) registered against them on charges of corruption, financial bungling, misuse of authority and criminal charges.(This is really a justice or just a nonsense of a typical Third world country?)
Pak president Zardari received millions of dollars as bribe in French submarine deal: French daily
Zardari is a criminal, a fraud and a third rater: Musharraf
Pakistan nuclear program – a monstrosity for its adversaries: "n the current budget which is entirely tied to assistance promised by friends of Pakistan or IMF loans, Rs. 1.2 billion has been set aside for PM’s foreign tours and Rs. 230 million is kept for presidential tours. Rs. 645 million has been earmarked for 342 MNAs for conveyance allowance and air tickets. 90 ministers of the cabinet cost Rs. 90 crores a month."
Ousted Thai PM Thaksin guilty of corruption: "two years imprisonment"
Officials fall to Kazakh corruption drive

Role of CBI:
Role of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)

Realities or just propaganda?
India 5th most powerful nation, says govt index

Short statements:
"The country’s education system is obsolete. This is the moment to create a groundswell for a generational change in education" :
National Knowledge Commission chairman Sam Pitroda (source:

Coming soon:

Corruption dynamics in Third world countries: State sponsored exploitation of common citizens:
masses starve, their representatives enjoy dinner at 7 star hotels.

My experience with corruption in India: According to my experience, I found India to be such a lawless and corrupt country that I can not even dare to write the details here.

Typical bribe rates in different locations and in different offices in India:
Land registration bribe: 1% of the registered value of the land plot.
Encumbrance certificate for a land plot: INR 500 including INR 175 of the actual fee.
Birth certificate: INR 200 (rural municipality), INR 500 (urban municipality)
Value Added Tax registration: INR 4,000

Anti-corruption Insurance Scheme: Expenses for the personal legal fight against corruption in India will be covered under this scheme. Please contact us if you are interested in such schemes. Scheme will be launched after sufficient number of committed clients.

List of judicial professionals willing to offer their professional services at reasonable consultation fees in order to fight against corruption in India.

Corruption index of leading politicians of India based on citizens / netizens feedback and website judges.

Top puppet heads of state
1. Dr. Manmohan Singh, Ex-PM, India
2. Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani, PM, Pakistan

Where India stands despite of all Indian government's propaganda?
India Versus World - Population: ~20% - GDP: ~2%
Poverty fraction at $2/day: 75.6% (2005)
GDP: India Versus the USA - $1.29 Versus $14.6 trillion per year (~11 times)
Per Capita; India Versus the USA - $1,176 Versus $46,381 ~40 times
India’s public health budget is among the lowest in the world. The country spends $32.71 per person per year on health. Canada, by contrast, spent $5,452 per person in 2009.
One death every minute in India due to road accident: "With more than one death and four injuries every minute, India has the dubious distinction of reporting highest number of road fatalities in the world and the government says the prime reason is ''drivers' fault''."
Nearly 50 lakh child labourers in country: Govt: "”As per Census 2001, there were 1.26 crore working children in the country in the age group of 5-14,”"

Dreaming by India to become a superpower in the forseeable future is realistic by any means or just stupidity or criminal fraud to its people?