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Posted On: May 21, 2013
Are we taking it easy with corruption

Corruption has taken a lot of forms - at least in the recent years. I have to say - at some point i was no longer finding news of corruption affecting me - which is very bad. My article Are we taking it easy with corruption has some facts on how we fare in India.

Posted On: July 29, 2011
loot baby loot

This again is a tool to fool people of the country, all the industrialists hails from cash rich ventures, they foresaw the growing need for health needs of middle class and rich, as they are near & dear to political class, "they won't let govt. health system to transform", the worst effect of this will be on poor people, which already is in worst condition (due to inflation), and with this fund the group will encash the growing health sector, and will also try to fetch foreign consumer too, cause the wages and labor ( skilled too) is I think "lowest in the world".

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