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15 April, 2011

85 years ago, Shanti Bhushan was born in the home of an eminent Public Prosecutor of the British Raj. Little did anyone imagine that one day this man would shake the corrupt foundations of independent India from its very roots. Shanti Bhushan became a lawyer much against the wishes of his father, and eventually went on to become the Law Minister of India.
Shanti Bhushan’s son Prashant Bhushan, who left IIT Madras and Princeton to pursue law from Allahabad University, chose the most un-travelled path for an eminent Indian lawyer. As a son of a former law minister, Prashant Bhushan could have hobnobbed with the high and mighty like most other luminaries in the legal profession. But instead of representing the Ambanis and the Tatas like his more pragmatic colleagues, Prashant Bhushan chose to represent little-known NGOs like Arvind Kejriwal’s Parivartan.
Prashant Bhushan says that he chose this thorny path because nobody else from his fraternity was willing to do it. “I didn’t want this role of a campaigner. But the legal fraternity is a peculiar set of animals with extremely low levels of interest outside themselves,” he says.
In 2007, Prashant Bhushan formed “Campaign for Judicial Accountability and Judicial Reforms” (CJAR), with himself as the convener, and Arvind Kejriwal, an ex-IITian and ex-IRS officer, as one of the working members. CJAR set out an extremely ambitious agenda for itself. It sought to make the Indian Judiciary accountable and subject to scrutiny, challenge, and disciplining, which is effectively seeking to transform the very core principles of the Indian Constitution regarding India’s judicial system.
In September 2009, Prashant Bhushan made a startling statement in an interview with Tehelka that out of the last 16 to 17 Chief Justices, half have been corrupt. A Contempt of Court case was filed in the Supreme Court against him. In his defense, Prashant placed on record facts, material and evidence to dispel any notion that he had made his statements without any regard to truth.
This was followed by Shanti Bhushan filing an application in the court for being impleaded in the same case. Shanti Bhushan stated in his application: "[O]ut of these [16 previous Chief Justices], eight were definitely corrupt, six were definitely honest and about the remaining two, a definite opinion cannot be expressed." He also placed on record before the court a list with names of corrupt judges in a sealed cover.
This was followed by 25 more people, including Arvind Kejriwal and Aruna Roy moving an application in the Supreme Court to say that they are "reiterating whatever has been said by Mr. Prashant Bhushan regarding misconduct and corruption in Judiciary in his interview given to Tehelka". These applicants thereby sought themselves to be made party to the contempt "so that they could also be punished for the alleged contempt by the court".
On 9th December, 2010, Shanti Bhushan spoke in favour of the Indian Judiciary being brought under ambit of the proposed draft Lokpal Bill. However, the political class did not think it worthwhile to bother for the utterances of an 85-year old civil activist. They were probably convinced that what had not happened in the last 42 years had little chance of happening even now. This state of complacency is reminiscent of the British Raj, when the British officers were convinced that “a country that has not awakened for 200 years has little chance of awakening even now”.
The truth, indeed, is that the masses of India would have never understood the logical arguments of the Bhushans and other civil society activists like Arvind Kejriwal. The complacency of the Indian political class was not without valid reason. They knew that the masses do not have the capacity to analyze complex matters.
It was then that the miracle happened. Arvind Kejriwal’s idea to rope in Anna Hazare as the public face of this movement turned out to be a masterstroke that no one had predicted. What logic had not been able to do in 42 years, emotion did in 42 hours. It swept the carpet from under the feet of the Indian political geniuses – for the first time in the history of independent India.
The Dirty Tricks department of the Indian politics still hoped against hope, and resorted to planting a ridiculous argument of nepotism, using Baba Ramdev as a pawn, targeted against the Bhushans. Arvind Kejriwal publicly protested that this was the government’s cheap trick because they knew the Bhushans are going to be tough negotiators.
The government’s current chief troubleshooter Kapil Sibal came up with another unique argument that the Lokpal Bill would not help the cause of poor’s education or medical or other basic needs. If the argument is that the Lokpal has nothing to do with the poor, whose welfare and progress largely depend on the government’s revenue, then it is either idiotic, or it is deliberately orchestrated to set a belligerent tone for the drafting negotiations on the Lokpal Bill. 
The politicians still continue to believe that they can outwit Shanti Bhushan and his handful of crusaders who have become the fateful agents of change. Just a few hours before the first meeting of the drafting committee on Lokpal Bill, an anonymous CD has been released that casts a shadow of doubt on the integrity of the Bhushans. Shanti Bhushan has promptly filed an FIR stating that the CD is completely fabricated and fake. A forensic test will prove the truth, but till then the Dirty Tricks department of Indian politics is doing everything within its power to discredit the Bhushans.
Shanti Bhushan’s team is insisting that the proceedings of the drafting committee should be videotaped or audio-taped to ensure total transparency. This is the single most crucial instrument that they have right now against the opaque might of the government, and they must make it a pre-condition to all drafting negotiations.
The initial euphoria of the Anna Hazare campaign is over, and now it is time for real war. History will be witness to how the drafting committee’s negotiations proceed, and how determined the negotiators on both sides turn out to be. Whatever be the pressure, India’s soul must remain non-negotiable. Shanti Bhushan, Prashant Bhushan, Arvind Kejriwal, Anna Hazare and Santosh Hegde need real support of the people of India now. It is now or never.
Without total support of the people behind them, these representatives of the civil society are bound to lose their courage and determination sooner than later. The enemy is extremely clever and extremely powerful. The enemy understands the complex art of politics. It knows that the attention span and the memory of the impoverished masses cannot be long-lasting. It knows that Delay, Doubt and Diversion are the three best friends that will disintegrate even the most spirited campaign in the world.
Gandhi had called the struggle for independence as the fight between “might and right”. The fight remains the same. Only the characters have changed. The real challenge is that the enthusiasm of the masses must not evaporate. It is only their enthusiasm that will force any real change. Anna Hazare and Shanti Bhushan are merely the instruments of this change. Such golden opportunities in history do not knock at the door every day. It is either now or never.

Corruption in India,  Apr. 08, 2011
Dear friends,

The present day Acts are not to curb corruption.  In fact it encourages corruption. The person who is corrupt feels that nothing he is going to loose even if he caught.  The wealth he created by corruptive meanings will be enjoyed till his guilty is proved, after that also it is with their family.  That is the present law, the lok pal bill we are seeking may create a fear, but how many days is my question. So, make the punishment stringent and strip all the wealth of the person who caught and proved, don’t allow anybody to enjoy it. 

Thank you for Anna Hazare for starting this movement, surely, it will not end without reaching its goal. 

I am at Chennai, where and whom to contact to participate in this movement.


Apr. 01, 2011
I'm impressed by the site. This is a great site that aggregates all news on corruption in India.
I would like you to open a new topic to expose the corruption that is rampant in the housing and real estate sector.
A case in point is the nexus between L&T ECC construction division, BBMP/BDA (Bangalore Development Autority officiels), Builder Ranka associates and the politicians. In this incidence all the buyers of L&T south city apartments have been take for a ride. Our house agreement states all owners have undivided share of 34+ acres of lands in which our residential complex is located, while behind the scene the builder, BDA/BBMP, Ranka, L&T and politicians have given away large part of the land meant to create parks for our children have been relinquished to BDA.  Today 1st april'11,  the owners of apartment have joined to gehter in Freedom Park to protest agains the nexus that works against the gullible buyers of L&T SOuth City apartments. This is the first time the apartment owners have joined hands to fight agains the real-estate nexus in Bangalore. We expect media coverage to present the case to citizens of bangalore and I wish all of those gullible individuals who are being cheated by the real-estate lobbies join hands in cleaning up this muck.
Please let us know when you create such a discussion thread. We would like to contribute actively to this and awaken millions of gullible customer out there to fight against the corrupt establishments operating in real-estate sector.


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Proud Indian, Feb. 25, 2011
The biggest mistake I had made, A payment of my property tax to Municipal corporation Hyderabad online, one day I received a letter saying that I have to pay a penalty cause they have not received my payment which I made a month ago, I queried this and I was advised that they have not received my payment and hence I was penalised and I confirmed them with the payment receipt, when I went to the office the person who was comfortably relaxing at his desk heard my scenario and then told me to go and see the other officer sitting at the other desk and when I approached him he said to me that he has no time that day and told me to come the next day when I went there the next day I had to wait for more than an hour and when the officer came and said to me that I have to write a letter and take this to other office and register this, I was shocked he could have told me this the day earlier when I was there any ways I went and lodged this at the registered office and I was told it will be resolved and they would notify me and after a month or so out of curiosity I started to get suspicious that I have not heard anything back from them, I went and enquired about my case and the officer searched for my file and said to me that the paper I wrote my complaint was never sent and they have not received  as my complaint paper was still lying on the desk under the other papers and like this I had spent more than 6 months and after all this time the outcome back to square one as day one, the Government officials should be worthy to get a job and should justify their roles and their performance should be monitored the service is appalling and a disgrace.


Conduct of mp pre pg MD/MS exam by VYAPAM bhopal m.p., Feb. 13, 2011
Regarding vyavaysayik parikhsa mandal(VYAPAM) bhopal , bhopal , Madhya Pradesh
corruption related to conductance of exam

A: Details of the organisation complained about
1.Organisation: vyavaysayik parikhsa mandal(VYAPAM) bhopal
2. State: Madhya Pradesh
3. City: bhopal
4. Website:
B: Details of complaint
1. Subject: corruption related to conductance of exam
2. Period: 2010 - Mar
3. Details: I met 2 person claiming to person in indore claiming to owe rank in mp pre pg for about 50-70lakhs for medicine/orthopedics branch. I ignored them but they showed me some documents and roll no. Which then got 30 and 103 ranks. They ask an examinee to left his OMR ANSWER SHEET(mp pre pgis an objective exam) blank in his exams. these answer sheets
are then filled by some of vyapam(vyavasayik pariksha mandal bhopal) clerks on that evening of exam day itself. They also do the same work in mp pre medical exams. Mind u sir these medical and then pre pg MD/MS exams are one of the toughest in world with very few seats. Please sir convey this to VYAPAM BHOPAL higher officials or vigilance office(it conducts many competitive exams in madhya pradesh) so that these sort of people stealing seats of deserving candidates can be stopped.

4. Additional information: Nil
5. Current status: again seats getting booked mp pre pg 2011(march 2011) and mp pmt 2011(july 2011). Remind u sir, A candidate is asked to keep his omr(optical mark reader) answer sheet blank which are then after exam filled by most probably a persodegree courses MD/MS SEAT. Trace that person or atleast inform higher authorities of vyapam to stop this.

7. Help needed: no
C: My Suggestions
1. For the organisation: your vigilance cell should be of good standards. And there should be helplines where one can complaint of fraudery in every department..

2. For the public:  if u meet any fraud people or even genuine ones indulged in these type of work.. Inform the higher authority so that one who deserve to be in merit only he or she gets in merit.

3. For government: every govt department should have vigilance department. And the main thing is that the procedure of lodging complaint should be easy and known to all. Best is all department concerned with big works should have a complaint helpline known to common people.

In December 2002, Shri U.V. Krishnam Raju the then Minister of State in the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution had given written statement in the Loksabha under unstarred question no 3757 on BIS SCAM.

The question was asked by member(s) of Lok-sabha and Rajya-sabha on BIS SCAM as "Laboratory Equipment Purcahse Scam by Burau of Indian Standards (BIS) amounting crores of rupees" and the Minister had given reply as "delays in commissionig and under utilization". The statement was completely misleading as he had equated 'delayswith'quality of equipment purchase'. Through RTI information collected all the equipment purchased are being condemned/not used.  Due to his statement officer involved only during commissioning were penalized though they were not involved in purchase and even in the inspection before taking delivery.

Subject was taken up with the ministy/ies of Law & Justice, Home, Parliamentary and even the Consumer Affairs but has not taken any action even after one year except acknowledgement of my letter(s). Who will be responsible for the 'Misuse of Govt Exchequers' ? Why the babus who had helped the minister to prepare reply should not be penalized? For the misdeed of someone why we should suffer the stigma - can any one help me.


Culture of Poverty, Feb. 05, 2011

Most of the communities in India (such as Bengali), are succumbed in 'Culture of Poverty'(a theory introduced by an American anthropologist Oscar Lewis), irrespective of class or economic strata, lives in pavement or apartment. Nobody is at all ashamed of the deep-rooted corruption, decaying general quality of life, worst Politico-administrative system, weak mother language, continuous absorption of common space (mental as well as physical, both). We are becoming fathers & mothers only by self-procreation, mindlessly & blindfold. Simply depriving their(the children) fundamental rights of a decent, caring society, fearless & dignified living. Do not ever look for any other positive alternative behaviour (values) to perform human way of parenthood, i.e. deliberately co-parenting of those children those are born out of ignorance, real poverty. All of us are being driven only by the very animal instinct. If the Bengali people ever be able to bring that genuine freedom (from vicious cycle of 'poverty') in their own life/attitude, involve themselves in 'Production of Space’(Henri Lefebvre), at least initiate a movement by heart, decent & dedicated Politics will definitely come up.
- Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay, 16/4, Girish Banerjee lane, Howrah-711101, India.
Corrupt Tinsukia Development Authority, Jan. 16, 2011

Tinsukia Development Authority is the centre of corruption in Tinsukia. Building maps have to be got approved from Tinsukia Development Authority before any buliding is proposed to be constructed. Nobody can get a buliding plan approved without paying bribe to the officials of Tinsukia Development Authority which is, as a matter of practice, headed by a politician always. Bribe may run even in lacs depending upon the magnitude of construction.

Recently, World Bank had sanctioned a few crore rupees to Tinsukia Development Authority for construction of drainage system in Tinsukia. Drains have been built with poormost quality of construction. Sides have been built and at the bottom, there is no slab even in many cases. Drains have been raised as high as even two feet from the road level without giving any rational thought to the same. Water now do not find an entry in the drain. Even if it does, the two feet drain above the road level remains useless and the drains have become shallow. A total wastage of World Bank Funds!

Corrupted person can cross any line, Dec. 27, 2010

In weight and measure department, Navi Mumbai chief controller of legal metrology Mr. ***** ******  is one of the hopeless men that have been never seen. Mr. ***** ****** is totally corrupted person. works only for money. To lodge any complaint, want money. to take any action want money. don’t understand how our government became so careless by given such a big post to totally corrupted person. he behaves like a king in navi mumbai when he is on duty. because of this kind of people our country in not reaching ladder of successful. Most of business is closed by him unnecessarily in city. News publish in dna on 29-03-10 that the legal metrology raid in vashi kiran calibration centre and found serious anomalies. which was said by konkan legal metrology deputy controller Mr.  ***** ******. all he said is false. No one knows inside story. an actual thing happen at time of raid is:- When Mr.  ***** ****** and his team raid at the centre on 04-02-2010, first thing they saw that the measurement tanks seal was broken. (seal is made up of iron and after 8 month seal get corrosion and hence it was broken) and then they checked measurement tanks by 20 liters kan was ok. In report, they have only mention that measurement tanks some seal is broken. After the inspection Mr. ***** said to owner “give letter in office for reseal or recalibration of measurement tanks, until that owner cannot start work” owner submit letter on 07/02/2010. no reply were send by legal metrology department, after 15 days Mr. ***** ******  has demand 1.5 lakhs for giving a letter for permission of work, otherwise the case will registers and report will send to court. said by Mr. ***** ******.. owner of kiran calibration is from poor family, he fail to arrange sum of, and for that till now the company is close and case is send to court, Ten month is over, case is going on. 2 hearing are over no one is attend in panvel court. today our case file is also misplace in court. We have approach to head office in nariman point but no use  and No one is there in legal metrology department to ask Mr. *****. In indian people are suffer for job and there are so many people who are jobless, In this situation if government do such things, think what will be the future of our country.

Date: Dec. 22, 2010
Press Release


Corruption--- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

A Dharna at Azad Maidan, Mumbai

Mumbai, 23 Dec.: Corruption in India has been a major concern since long. Of late India became one of the most corrupt nations in South Asia, thanks to our politicians and law enforcement agencies. Criminalization of entire system along with multi folds scams are the major obstacles and serious problem for the development and security of the country. Be it a UPA or an NDA government in the Centre or a State, corruption is a rampant virus from mantri to santri.

Corruption in India is a corollary of the nexus among bureaucrats, politicians and criminals. Indians are now hardly the law abiding lots. Here merely everything is possible from fake ‘father’ to fake ‘Prime Minister’. Today, the number of politicians with an honest image can be counted on fingers. The painful irony of this nation is that at one time, bribe was paid for getting only wrong things done but now bribe must also be paid for getting your all right things done. To get a genuine birth certificate of your child or a death certificate of your father, one has to bribe one or the other officer.

One can go on and on listing the huge scams done by the politicians, bureaucrats and even by arm forces and judiciary who are offered luxuries by the men and women of this nation to protect this country and her interest against evil doers. Just key in ‘’ in the internet and you get a list of a few hundreds major scams in the recent past. Common Wealth Games, Adarsh Society, Waqf Property Scam — Ambani’s Antila House is being constructed on Waqf land, Nira Radia Tap, NREGA scam in Orissa, Big Dam and NC Hills scams in Assam, Food Scam in UP and Yeddyurappa Land scam in Karnataka are just a tip of the iceberg in the deep and vast ocean of corruption in India. 

Today this Dharna against corruption by the not-for-profit activists and NGOs requests all citizens of the country (1) to stand up against all kind of corruption. Enough is enough--- we would no longer tolerate corruption in our society. (2) We demand that a strong legislation with severe punishment against corruption like the ones against terrorism and anti national activities be brought and it must be immediately enforced nation wide through fast-track courts.      

Organizations participating in the Dharna today at Azad Maidan, Mumbai are Movement For Human Welfare (MHW), Markazul Ma’arif Education & Research Centre (MMERC), Jamiat Ulama-e Hind, Jamat-e Islami Hind, All India Ulama Council, Mumbai Aman Committee, All India Milli Council, Kokan United From, Students Islamic Organization (SIO), Christians Secular Forum and others.


Issued by: Dr. Azimuddin (President MHW), M. Burhanuddin Qasmi (Director MMERC), Abdur Rauf Khan (Vice President MHW), Maul. Mahmood Daryabadi (Ulama Council) Hafiz Nadeem Siddiqui (Jamiat Ulama) Aslam Ghazi (Jamat-e Islami), Farid Shaikh (Aman Committee), Advt. Shahood Anwar, Santush Gupta, Advt. Chawhan, Khalida Iqbal Khan, Prof. Anwar Mohammad and Iqbal Shaikh (MHW).

Date: Dec. 21, 2010

Dharna Against Corruption in India

At Azad Maidan, Mumbai from 2 pm onwards on Thursday, 23rd December, 2010


Dear Sir/Madam,

Corruption in India has been a major concern since long. Of late India became one of the most corrupt nations in South Asia, thanks to our politicians and law enforcement agencies. Criminalization of entire system along with multi folds scams are the major obstacles as well as a serious problem for the development and security of the country.

On Thursday, 23rd December, 2010 from 2 pm onwards a Dharna is called by the concerned citizens and NGOs of Mumbai at Azad Maidan against corruptions in India. Justice Kolse Patil, Mr. Mahesh Bhatt, Maulana Gulam Mohammad Wastanwi, Justice Shafi Parkar, Dr. Zahir Qazi, Dr, Pasrecha (Ex- DGP Maharashtra) Maulana, Mahmood Daryabadi, Dr. Asgar Ali Engineer, Mr. Suresh Oberoi, Mr. Javed Anand, Mr. Tarun Rathi and a few others have already confirmed about their participation in the Dharna.

We are hereby inviting you to be a voice of the concerned citizens against corruption in India and participate in the Dharna with friends.

Thanking You

Dr. Azimuddin (9869078668)

President: Movement for Human Welfare (MHW)


M. Burhanuddin Qasmi (9820760545)

Director: Markazul Ma’arif Education & Research Centre (MMERC)

Date: Dec. 21, 2010
Being Govt employee, I had brought to the notice of CVC under whistle blower about purchase scam in our organisation in 2003, now it is back fired. My organization have targetted me to fix in other cases by removing papers from the file(s). Chief being IAS, my complaint not entertained.  by ministry where his co-brother [another IAS] is holding the chair though CVC has written to him.
Sm Sonia Gandhi, PM etc etc are given speech to curb corruption but are they serious. No- - it is the aam aadmi who has to join hands either by Gandhigiri or Leader like Sardar Patel, Subhas Bose to fight against the evil.
(*.*. ******)

Corruption in Labour Department in Assam Dec. 15, 2010
Dear Sir,

One Labour Inspector used to humiliate the businessman here in Tinsukia and used to extort huge moneys as bribe. One sufferer complained to Deputy Commissioner, Tinsukia (Assam) who laid a trap. The Labour Inspector was caught red handed accepting bribe and was arrested by the police accompanying the Magistrate.

He was released on bail after a couple of days. Since he was a golden hen for the department producing golden eggs everyday, the entire department stood behind him. As per rule he was suspended. The rule says that unless the departmental inquiry is completed in 90 days, the suspended officer has to be re-instated. Obviously, departmental inquiry was not completed in due time and he has been re-instated. He is now threatening the complainant.

The department later in its inquiry gave a finding that the Labour Inspector was quite honest and that the character of the businessman was dubious and questionable.

Police has not done anything as yet despite the lapse of more than 9 months.

Such is the state of affairs in our country. None but GOD can help us.

* * ********


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