Where one can lodge a complaint:

If you have experience of using this facility, please write us ( your experience. Let us see these facilities are really to addess the grievances / complaints or just a government propaganda.

Helpline launched to battle corruption in Madhya Pradesh: "A popular helpline number (9009992323) has been installed to facilitate large number of complainants. "

Web Portal for Public Grievances Launched: "Jharkhand Governor Syed Ahmed launched the web portal"

File RTI applications, pay fee online; govt launches portal: "The "

RTI applications for NRIs simplified: "NRIs across the world may now be in a position to file RTI applications conveniently via direct payment of fees for the same."

FightBack app: India's first mobile application for women's safety: "Developed by IT major Tech Mahindra, 'FightTBacK' was initially developed for inhouse use. The company made it publicly available from its website for free after the Delhi gangrape."

DoT changes women helpline number to 181, to be operational from Dec 31

महिलाओं के लिए मुस्तैद होगी दिल्ली पुलिस "सुधीर यादव का मोबाइल नंबर 9818099012 भी सार्वजनिक किया गया है ताकि कोई भी महिला उनसे सीधे शिकायत दर्ज करा सकती है. ये शिकायत पर ईमेल के ज़रिए भी की जा सकती है."

War against corruption: File complaints through Ignou: "The Indira Gandhi National Open University (Ignou), human resource development ministry and Central Vigilance Commission announced their joint initiative to take the anti-corruption project Vigilance Eye (VigEye) to the remote corners of India through the university's regional centres"

Apps that protect you from police brutality: "Both the apps have been downloaded tens of thousands of times."

Use mobiles, tackle graft: Vigilance commissioner: "The vigilance eye (vigeye) was launched in December 2010. Through this a person can register a complaint through an SMS sent to a ten digit number (9223174440). One can send photographs, voice recordings as part of the complaint through the GPRS enabled handsets after downloading the application sent by the server after receipt of SMS. Then the photo/voice can be uploaded in real time which will work as evidence."

Lack of Manpower Hits CVC's Anti-Corruption Helpline: "Believe it or not, the country's premier anti-corruption watchdog is grappling with increasing complaints of "no-response" from the anti-corruption call centre set up to register corruption complaints in central government departments.", "It has a dedicated toll free number 1800-11-0180 and a helpline number 011-24651000 which are functional from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 7 pm. Besides this, the CVC had last year announced another 24x7 helpline --1964-- to deal with corruption complaints. After a lot of technical and managerial glitches, the number has been made operational but there is insufficient staff to attend calls."

Now, a helpline to take on corruption in public bodies: "The phone helpline is part of an initiative by anti-graft watchdog Transparency International's advocacy wing, the Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre (ALAC), which is making three full-time centres operational in India."

1964 -- your anti-bribery helpline: "Harassed by corrupt babus demanding bribe or delaying work? Aggrieved persons will soon be able to seek help through a 24X7 toll free number, 1964, to be made functional by the Central Vigilance Commission.", "Presently, the CVC has a toll free number 1800-11-0180 and 011-24651000 which is operational between 9 AM and 7 PM from Monday to Friday." [If you have called at these numbers, please write us ( your experiences. Share your experience to see how effective these numbers are actually]

Harassed by traffic personnel in Delhi? Help is now just an SMS away: "Joint commissioner (traffic) Satyendra Garg today made his mobile number public and asked people to send complaints of any wrongdoing by traffic staff, specially related to corruption, with some "evidence". The number is 9818708053 and he urged people to send him SMS complaints." (If you have called at this number, please write us ( your experience.)

CVC Numbers: 1800-11-0180 (Toll Free for BSNL,MTNL & TTSL users throughout India and all operators in Delhi) and  011-24651000 (If you have called at these numbers, please write us ( your experiences. Let us see these numbers are really to addess the grievances / complaints or just a propaganda by govt. of India)
VIGEYE- by the Central Vigilance Commission: "mobile complaints, web complaints, email id:". (If you have used these services, please write us ( your experiences to us. Let us see these services are really to addess the grievances/ complaints or just a propaganda by govt. of India)
The Central Vigilance Commission
Online Public Grievance Lodging and Monitoring System:   My Experience
Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)
Lokayukta Karnataka
Maharashtra's anti corruption website
Anti corruption Bureau, Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh Vigilence Commission
Chief Vigilance Office, Government of Puducherry
Consumer Online Resource and Empowerment Centre:
Lokayukta, Jharkhand
Lokayukta, Bihar

How to file a complaint against the corrupt

My Experience with Online Public Grievance Lodging and Monitoring System: : may help other complainants to understand the government process of handling public grievances.

Oct. 03, 2011: I filed a complaint
at Online Public Grievance Lodging and Monitoring System:
After filing the online response was:
Your Grievance is Registered Successfully!!
Your Registration Number is : GOVJH/E/2011/00102
Note: Kindly note your Grievance Registration Number for further references An e-mail has been sent to the e-mail id ******@****.***, as provided by you
HOWEVER NO EMAIL WAS RECEIVED BY ME, EVEN I CHECKED MY SPAM FOLDER. My Registration Number is : GOVJH/E/2011/00102, I don't know how they have numbered their registration number. Does the last number 00102 mean that the officials of government of Jharkhand have received only 102 complaints in year 2011 till Oct. 03, 2011? Can anyone file an RTI  application in this regard? How long (or rather how many years) typically do they take to address a complaint, and how many of complaints do they have really addressed? This may solve the mystery of apparently so low complaints in a almost lawless state such as Jharkhand.

My Complaint:
I would like to draw your attention towards the flawed and outrageous electricity bill sent to us and towards pathetic way of functioning of Garhwa office of Jharkhand State Electricity Board.

We used to receive electricity bill of Rs. 1000  (one thousand) around per month. Suddenly we have received a bill of Rs. 8000 (eight thousand) for last month's electricity consumption (electric supply: few hours a day). This happened after a team of electricity officials came to us and informed us that our meter is not functioning properly. Our meter was replaced by the electricity department just six months ago on our application and request, The meter was supplied by the department too. We have not even touched the meter after their installation and we were getting the supply without any problem through the meter. The electric official then noted down all the electric appliances at our place, including 7 CFL bulbs (~15 watt each), 30 ordinary bulbs (100 watt each), and thus totaling 5000 watt (5KW). Please note that where we frequently use our bulbs, we have CFL bulbs. And now a bill has been sent on a lump sum basis for 5KW consumption, which is mainly meant for industrial connections.

When electricity department had visited our place and had calculated this way 5KW, we had doubt that they may send irrational bills. So keeping this in mind we immediately went to the electricity department and submitted an application to replace our meter, whose acknowledgment we have with us, without waiting for the next electricity bill. However the meter is not replaced yet but outrageous bill has indeed arrived to us. When we visited to the concerned executive engineer, he justifies his department's bill. He is also insisting that we should take a 3 phase connection. What we are saying is that if our meter is not functioning well, either take bill averaged over the previous bills or install a new meter today and take a average bill coming from the future use.

Also my questions are -
1. we have been given a 5KW bill. By having thirty 100 watt ordinary bulbs, are we running a industry, that we have been supplied a 5KW bill meant for the industries?
2. By just having bulbs, does it mean there are no off-on switch attached to them and they are in use all the day and night? Is it not insane to render a bill to a customer based on installed bulbs when a consumer is ready and making rounds to the concerned office to get a meter installed?

3. Why we should be forced to pay outrageous bill on your lump sum calculation when we are ready to pay on actual consumption.

4. Do we need a 3 phase (normally needed for running big machines, welding machines etc.) connection for CFL bulbs?

5. The whole incident's bribe extortion aspect may follow up in the next emails.

6. And here goes a technical question and raises competency of the executive engineer vis-a-vis his basic technical knowledge of electrical science: he insists that we should take a 3 phase connection. Our question is when we DO NOT have any 3 phase device at our place, how can you connect 3 phase connection to single phase devices, such as bulbs, fans, etc. Also, suppose if we have any 3 phase device, can you run it on a single phase connection? Does he understand the basic concept of electrical phase?

Could you please look into this matter? The concerned electricity office is Garhwa, Jharkhand.
Consumer No. ********

Status as on 04 Oct 2011
Registration Number : GOVJH/E/2011/00102
Name Of Complainant : Prakash Dayal
Date of Receipt : 03 Oct 2011
Received by : Government of Jharkhand
Officer name : Shri Fedilish Toppo
Officer Designation : Joint Secretary
Contact Address : D/o Personnel, AR & Rajbhasha,

Jharkhand Mantralaya, Project

Bhawan, Dhurva, Ranchi834004
Contact Number : 0651-2403221

I will keep updating the status. We encourage others also to send us ( their experience in larger public interest.
12 Oct. 2011: No change in status
17 Oct. 2011: No change in status
31 Oct. 2011: No change in status
29 Nov. 2011: No change in status
27 Dec. 2011: No change in status

‘Some auto drivers will never learn’: "Commuters can register a complaint against auto drivers using a 24-hour helpline", "This helpline number (25588444/25588555), which has been in existence for the past three years, automatically records the complaint and those at the helpline counter are constantly monitoring and screening all the calls that are coming in."
Govt seeks public views online on black money issue: "The email - - has been created on the server of the National Informatics Centre and the public can send their responses on the subject with immediate effect" (If you have sent your email at this id, please write us ( your experiences to us, i.e.: it went through, it bounced back, you received acknowledgment, you received responses, etc.?)
Govt to seek views online on tough law against tax evasion: "A formal announcement about the email ID,, will be made" (If you have sent your email at this id, please write us ( your experiences to us, i.e.: it went through, it bounced back, you received acknowledgment, you received responses, etc.?)
Battling India’s malaise of Corruption
NHAI to give rewards for info on corruption: "the rewards could range from a minimum of Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 25,000"
In Bihar, services on time a citizen's right: "“Public servants could be fined Rs250 per day to a maximum of Rs5,000.”", "Under the legislation, police verification report for passports must be completed within seven days; post-mortem report in three days; and caste certificate within a fortnight. The faults in electricity connection will be set right within four hours."
Bihar Officials' Asset Declaration: Click on "Asset Declaration" and "Web-Site Directory" in the left navigation bar.
E.g.: Patna Home/Police/Jail Department
Now, SMS your complaint on corruption: "Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) which is set to introduce a four digit number 1964 to which complainants can send their petitions."
What is Lokpal Bill: "For 42 years, governments have tried to put in place the law.", 'Former chief justice of the Delhi high court and rights activist Rajinder Sachar feels the bill is "shamefully toothless and meant to give a false reassurance to the people that the government is serious in its fight against corruption""
Assets & Liabilities of the Union Council of Ministers [2010-11]

List of other websites / resources fighting against corruption:

Jan Lokpal VS Govt. Lokpal:
Isn't the govt. Lokpal a fraud to the nation, a criminal breach of public trust?
PARIVARTAN -  Fighting Corruption: Founded by Arvind Kejriwal, campaigner for the Right to Information Act,
    Transparency International India
    Book: Corruption in India, by K. N. Gupta,
               Foreword: N. Vittal (Central Vigilance Commissioner, India)
    Corruption and the State, N. Vittal (Central Vigilance Commissioner, India) : Prevent Corruption or Expose- Embarrass- Punish the Corrupt
    Corruption in Karnataka

Anti-corruption laws:
    The Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988
    The Karnataka Lokayukta Act, 1984