Corruption in India: Scams

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Modi's Gujarat riddled with scams: Hazare
Anna Hazare turns against Modi: So many scams in Mahatma's land
Two more held in fake pilot scam, total arrest 22
Of scams, politicians and jails
BJP accuses UPA government of Rs 85,000 crore 'coal scam'
BJP demands SIT probe into Noida 'farmhouse' scam: "Mayawati-led Uttar Pradesh government was involved in a Rs 5,000 crore "farmhouse scam" in Noida"
2G scam: 'Emotional' Karunanidhi meets Kanimozhi in Tihar jail
2G scam: CBI, ED team to leave for Mauritius on Sunday
Ashok Singhal rakes up NC Hills funds scam
Adarsh: another piece of evidence goes missing
Jail the 40 2G thieves, Mr Prime Minister
2G's Dabangg man- Prashant Bhushan: ""The name Bhushan is synonymous with fear for corrupt judges, politicians, bureaucrats and now corporate honchos," says a top Supreme Court lawyer."
More to graft than 2G scam
From Adarsh to Commonwealth
Scams: Gadkari attacks PM, Sonia
Massive Corruption Scams Rock The Land Of The Mahatma
CWG flyovers unsafe for use, says inspection report for CVC: "at least four flyovers constructed in the Capital are not safe for use as they are made of substandard cement."
The Republic of Scams
Tracing the money trail in 2G spectrum scam
The Stockguru India and other investment scams: "Stockguru India, claiming to be India's premier financial consultancy firm, has allegedly duped investors to the tune of Rs 1,000 crores."
10 scams that shook India
2G scam probe: Bickering, chaos hits India's biggest graft trial
Eighth arrest made in fake pilot scam: "One of its top officials, the director of air safety RS Passi was removed from his post on Tuesday. This followed after a written complaint from SpiceJet that said it employed Passi's daughter under pressure.", "He had allegedly prevailed on SpiceJet to employ his daughter Garima as a pilot though she failed her cadet programme."
BJP releases list of 100 scams: "allegedly taken place in BSP's regime causing a loss of Rs 2.50 lakh crore to the national exchequer."
Q+A-What is India's multi-billion telecoms graft scandal all about?
Trial resumes in India's biggest graft case: "A sacked former telecoms minister and six business executives will appear in court on Friday to face trial in India's biggest case of corruption that has exposed the nexus between government and industry in one of the world's fastest growing economies."
The Top Scams Now A Days in India
The Great Telecom Robbery, in Tamil
2G scam: Norway PM seeks to help Telenor in India:"Norway's prime minister has lobbied his Indian counterpart to ensure that Norwegian mobile operator Telenor ASA receives "fair treatment" from Indian authorities in a telecoms graft scandal."
2G scam: Shahid Balwa's brother Asif arrested
How about sex scams?
India-Pak semi-final: Gilani helps UPA to shift focus from scams
Beware that tax refund is scam!
Welcome to the scam capital
Nothing sacred: scam in Bhagat Singh centenary celebration
Increasing scams in India
Submit ATR on NTRO job scam, HC tells Centre
2G scam: Raja aide Sadiq Batcha found hanging in Chennai residence
Foreign funds traced in 2G scam, 31 firms under probe: ED to SC
2G scam: CBI questions Kalaignar MD
Stop this scam - Viva La Crony Capitalism!
ED launches a global hunt for 2G bribes
How India lost to scams
CBI registers 3 fresh cases in CWG scam
Multilevel Scam Cause of Concern in India
India's telecoms scandal looks like a family affair
BBC - India's immense 'food theft' scandal: "The northern state of Uttar Pradesh is home to 56 million people who earn less than $1 a day", "Officials say at least 40% of supplies from the distribution system are still stolen"
Is the India story endangered by scams?
Story Of A Deal Before Its Time
Internalisation of corruption and scams: "The disclosure of a series of big scams in India involving the defense personal, legislature, judiciary, and media have questioned the integrity of our system of governance"
Scam-buster seeks police protection
The biggest scams and scamsters in India
Legal : Who can be referred as Founder of Scams in India?
2g scam: investigation - The Swan Song Now: "The CBI sets out to track the money trail from 2G beneficiaries to Kalaignar TV ", "CBI finally submitted that there was a direct money transaction linking Swan Telecom to the Karunanidhi family", "Cineyug, CBI now has records to show, put in Rs 206 crore in Kalaignar TV, a channel in which Karunanidhi’s second wife Dayaluammal (mother of M.K. Stalin and M.K. Azhagiri) and daughter Kanimozhi jointly held 80 per cent of the stake"
2G SCAM DMK - A Prismatic Trail: "But in Chennai, no one seems to doubt who the 2G beneficiary is"
To Build A Tower Business: "An MP’s letter exposes the Tata Realty-Unitech nexus "
Rs 50k-cr power scam in N-E: "the total value of the scam in Arunachal and other N-E States at around a whopping Rs 58,000 crore, including Rs 20,000 crore kickbacks in AP. It sought a time-bound probe into the ‘loot’ by the Congress Governments in the North East States.", "allotment was done within days of the companies coming into existence. “A tour and travel company, stock broking and trading firms, non-existing and Benami companies have been allotted projects worth hundreds of crores of rupees,”", "not only are the Central leaders corrupt, even the Chief Ministers of Congress-ruled States are making money", "
  • Arunachal Pradesh hydropower projects worth Rs 4 lakh crore included kickbacks of Rs 20,000 crore
  • Tuff Energy allotted project of 70 MW, worth Rs 400 crore, within 50 days
    of its incorporation without any bidding
  • Mumbai-based Patel Tours & Travels, with just 200 sq feet of office, given two projects of 15 MW and 12 MW capacity each
  • Nido Energy Systems Private Limited, previously Lulla Construction & Trading Pvt Ltd, was allotted projects of 25 MW capacity. Its address in Government records is that of a Government’s servant quarters
  • Sai Krishnodaya Industries Pvt Limited was allotted five projects, out of which four were allotted on the same day — July 27, 2007
  • In some cases, allotment was done within days of the companies coming into existence"
  • Alternative Energy Scam: "Congress Wants You to Fund their Alternative Energy Scam"
    Impasse in Assembly over scam continues
    Jairam soft on Haryana scams?
    BJP demands prosecution of Naveen for Orissa ''dal'' scam

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