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Posted On: March 13, 2014
Indian politicians

Indian politicians do not lead Indians, they loot Indians.

Posted On: June 28, 2013
Nehru family is a curse on India

Nehru family is a curse on India.

Posted On: December 24, 2012
How shameless are Indian politicians?

How shameless are Indian politicians? Amazing. The way Congress politicians wag tail in front of Nehru, converted to Gandhi, familiy, one can only bow his/her head in shame.

Posted On: October 10, 2012
governments in India work like mafia gangs

All state and central governments in India work like mafia gangs.

Posted On: October 4, 2011
India is a lawless country, not better than any banana republic, or any islamic dictatorship.

India is a lawless country, not better than any banana republic, or any islamic dictatorship. When its dictators are killed, due to their dictatorial decisions, its people unintelligently call them martyrs.

Posted On: August 21, 2011
Supporting Lokpal Bill

In India Corruption has been as existing as blood exists in human body and our country India is becoming sick like a blood cancer patient all its blood is infected with corruption virus. Now million dollar question what would be its treatment? Changing Blood doesn't seems to be a permanent solution, in Med Science suggest one treatment is changing bone marrow. It means changing politician will not cause any good.Whole Judicary, Whole election system has be change and that's what ANNA HAZARE is doing, if not at least it would be a endeavor towards that path and we should support him in this cause. Today Politician are nor actually corrupt In fact our Bureaucracy system by the virtue of some white collared Bureaucrats who killed their inner soul and do all sorts of corruption and teaches or helps all those so called politician of respective departments in doing and spreading corruption and afterwards it become trend and thus a corruption hierarchy develops. So JAN LOKPAL BILL is fully capable to tackle such corruption hierarchy and which is totally absent Govt. Lokpal bill.

Posted On: August 16, 2011
Practical suggestions for Llok Pal

1. PM should immediately ask forgivance from the nation for Anna's arrest. 2. PM should immediately announce that the office of PM shall be included in the Lok Pal bill. 3. The home minister who has mishandled the situation should be asked to resign. 4.If these strps are not taken immediately, the whole country is going to be engulfed in a big fire which shall be very difficult to extinguish.

Posted On: July 5, 2011
All income/ property of all MP/ MLA candidates be investigated

To remove corruption in INDIA we need 1. Elections process should be such that it can be fought without black-money. 2. MLA/ MP must be taught that they are rep of people & come to serve them not enjoy in parliament. For this all privileges given to them must be withdrawn & instead they sud be asked to travel by public transport ( no seat be reserved) eg DTC bus in Delhi / local trains in Mumbai, so that they know difficulties of people. Their salary should be equal to a school teacher's salary. They should live in one bedroom apartment as per principles of Gandhi ji. No flat be alloted in Capital city where they go temporarily to attend parliament instead they must stay in rest-houses. 3. If any candidate standing in election has criminal case on him then his case should be heard on day to day basis by spl court so that it is finalized before parliament is formed. 4.Income/ expenses/ property of whole life be investigated by CBI / ITO /ED , of all candidates who stand in elections and also of their near relatives.. 5.All pending court cases be brought to ZERO immediately Each court case henceforth be completed in 6 months. Judges salary be linked with cases finalized. 30000000 cases are pending in INDIA. Unless panchayats/ RWA are given spl powers to solve easy cases like ( domestic violence, Cheque-returned etc) the position can not improve. 6.Each citizen should be allotted an E-Mail account by Govt. Illiterates can get it thru panchayats. Any summon sent to this e-mail'll be treated as served. Thus summons can be served in one day. This will reduce 1 year pendency of court cases. Each panchatyat sud be given a computer. READ MORE--

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