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Posted On: October 9, 2013
Corrupt Judiciary Protecting Idea Cellular Ltd

Dear Respected Citizen of India, I am fighting against corrupt judiciary who is protecting a fraud company Idea cellular ltd. So please support me to disclose the one of the biggest scam from telecom sector. It have value more than 3G Scam. For evidences & other detail please visit my page

Posted On: December 4, 2012
Severals laws are lawless in India

What justice can one expect in India where severals laws are lawless themselves? This is a typical problem of Third World countries, where majority of people are not intelligent enough.

Jaisingh Deshmukh
Posted On: July 16, 2011
corruption in Education sector

Vidharbha youth chairman Mr ***** **** The chairman of the society Mr. ****** ***** has recently bought a M class Mercedes Benz worth 70 lacks he already has a Audi Q 4 worth 50 lacks and an Toyota fortuner worth 23 crores and an Honda Accord worth 19 crores.How can a person have such big cars when his Income is not more than 1 lack per month he has this cars in other names his mobile no is 9********. And his house address is ****** *****, C.K.Naidu road, Camp, Amravati 444602 . Mr ****** Whose Mobile No is 9********* does admissions for Engineering and Dr ******* for Dental the rates are ranging form 7 lac's to 50 thousand overall the collection is 10 crores in admissions in NRI 15 % quota Then for appointment of teacher to Professor the range of money they take is 10 lacks to 25 lacks. around 7 crores are made every year through this system. The quality of education is not important only money Thanking you,

Posted On: June 4, 2011
What In The Name Of Justice!

Dinakaran alleged crime is 1000 times more than that of any pity thief. Does he deserve to be a chief justice of India? Actually this is the unfortunate fact of India. Almost all judges in India are hardcore criminals. Only differnce between them and Dinakaran is that Dinakaran has been somehow highlighted.

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