Corruption in India

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Anna Hazare right about alcohol consumption being higher than milk in Gujarat
Scams-tainted Incredible India
'Build public opinion against corruption'
A day in the 2G courtroom: "Three front rows on the right are occupied by a former minister (A Raja), the daughter of an ex-chief minister (Kanimozhi), a young billionaire (Etisalat DB promoter Shahid Balwa), the MD of a TV channel (Kalaignar TV’s Sharad Kumar) and their acquaintances."
Voters in India were fed up with corruption and ineffectual rule
Stalked by the law: "Three high-profile businessmen — Shahid Balwa and Vinod Goenka of Swan Telecom and DB Realty, and Sanjay Chandra of Unitech — along with Kalaignar TV honcho Sharad Kumar and senior executives of Reliance ADAG and Kusegaon Fruits and Vegetables are inside Delhi’s Tihar Jail in the company of terrorists, rapists and other felons. Never before has the prison, the largest in Asia, seen so much net worth and managerial bandwidth inside its high walls."
Punjab has some unique publicity ideas, Authority is not impressed: "A woman controlling a dragon, a wolf and a dog — called Fraud, Crime and Corruption — at the end of a leash. A key that unlocks Security, Social Schemes and Identity. A Sikh family walking happily under dark clouds of Fraud, Embezzlement and Corruption, protected by a large umbrella."
Hillary Clinton wants India to accelerate tax, anti-corruption reforms
Change system to end corruption
Planes, graft and national security
Most corruption cases in Maharashtra, Rajasthan 2nd
Bangalore jail inmates making calls to Pakistan
Graft concern valid: Singh
Redefining poverty: "Is India's government trying to tackle poverty itself or is it just trying to fix the country's image?", "World Bank report said corruption has failed the country's anti-poverty programmes."
India told to fight welfare corruption with direct cash transfers
Two organizations launch movement to support Ramdev
Corruption is endemic in India: Gallup
Reimagining India: "Fighting corruption, reforming administration"
No freedom till corruption is removed, says Hazare
Taking the corruption bull by the horns
Top 10 VIPs in Tihar: Very Important Prisoners
The corruption in Indian publishing
From the Editor-in-Chief: "The last time J. Jayalalithaa won an electoral landslide in 2001, she wasted little time in sending her predecessor, M. Karunanidhi, to jail for corruption. Television footage from the early hours of June 30, 2001 captured the high drama of the police conducting a raid at Karunanidhi's residence and literally dragging away the then 78-year-old DMK chief kicking and screaming from his bed. For good measure, Jayalalithaa's police also arrested Murasoli Maran and T.R. Baalu, then members of the Union Cabinet"
Degrading Institutions: "Whether it is the governors or the CBI, or the ED or the IT department or the CVC, all their heads arc carefully chosen to suit the Congress party's interests. Now take the CFSL (CBI) Delhi...", "Since the director of CFSL (CBI) Delhi is an ad-hoc appointee, whose confirmation as director is yet to be decided by the appointment committee, which has both the Prime Minister and the Home Minister on it, it was easy for influential congress leaders to pressure it to do an unpardonable job of declaring the CD, which was an obvious fabrication, to be an authentic one"
Tackling Corruption: "“One of the biggest curses from which India is suffering — I do not say that other countries are free from it, but I think our condition is much worse — is bribery and corruption. That really is a poison. We must put that down with an iron hand. . .”"
Rs 30,000 crore black money recovered by CBDT
Telecast Lokpal Bill panel proceedings: Agnivesh
Social audit: A corruption slayer
Protests Reflect Frustration With Corruption in India
Indian corruption imports Russian arms from the world
Over 150 corruption cases pending
Systemic revamp needed to curb corruption: Baba Ramdev
Corruption can entail India's global image
Santosh Hegde wants PM and judiciary under Lokpal ambit
SC forms joint team to survey 'illegal mining' in Karnataka
IGHTING CORRUPTION - A growing economy provides fresh means of illegal gain
Fighting corruption: Lessons from other countries
The Only Thing ‘Thriving’ Is Corruption
Miscreants try to set ablaze protesting RTI activist's pandal: "Two engineers of the municipal corporation were suspended after he exposed corruption in the laying of Rs 1.70 crore drainage lines under National Slump Development Project (NSDP) scheme of the Central government."
How corruption threatens India's security
Indira Rajaraman: Tackling corruption
2G scam: SC dissatisfied over sluggish tax evasion probe
A novel way to combat corruption - Who to punish: "officials demand bribes even to deliver routine public services"
How not to deal with corruption: "The way forward is to reform the electoral practices that make it virtually impossible for a clean politician to be elected."
India's Easy Villains: Why the Indian Government's Concessions on Corruption Will Achieve Very Little by Mitu Sengupta
Graft, governance & growth dominate ADB annual meeting: "Last year, India was rocked by five major scams"
APJ Kalam speaks out against corruption
53 pc youth okay with paying bribes: MTV survey
Baba Ramdev: India's campaigning guru battles corruption: "These corrupt crooks, these cheats, these traitors rob us of our own wealth, and that really pains me”"
Democratic war
Cleaning Up India's Culture of Sleaze
Anger over corruption gets public notice in India
India takes care of lobbies: "Given the hold the lobbies have on India's power structure, there is no guarantee that the phase-out will work as transparently in India as it did in the US. Scepticism is in order when decisions about poisons in our water bodies and soil and food chains are in the hands of people like Sharad Pawar"
India not a free country in 'true sense': Hazare
Rising trend in perception about graft in Kerala
Even the honest are forced into corruption: Ramachandra Guha
There's more to injustice than corruption: Bangalore activists
India's long fight against corruption
'Rural households paid over Rs 470 cr bribe for basic services': "rural households in the country could have paid a whopping Rs 471.8 crore last year as bribe to avail basic facilities such as ration, health, education and water supply."
‘When corruption is viewed fuzzily’: "the fight will continue. Retreat is not an option."
Our gold-plated culture of corruption
Next: Supply Side of Corruption: "80% of corruption and bribery is orchestrated by 20% of corrupt companies. These companies use corruption as a business strategy to get competitive advantage and exceptional return on their investments (bribe). They finance elections , orchestrate appointment of pliable ministers, ensure bureaucrats beholden to them get powerful positions and exercise control over much of the media. On the other hand, a vast majority of companies are victims of corruption that distorts the business and competitive environment and acts as an additional tax on business. Some of these companies do pay bribes to protect their interests, but with resentment."
Learning from India: "The $6 billion Commonwealth Games were originally billed as India's answer to the highly successful 2008 Beijing Olympics. It, however, almost never held, as preparations descended into acrimony over leaking stadiums, dirty and unsafe athletes' rooms and gross corruption."
Purulia Expose: India's best kept secret: "if I was tried in a court of law about the legality of dropping arms to protect people against state sponsored Communist terror, I would clear my name because it was legal defence against decades of murder, torture, rape by the CPI(M) in West Bengal."
The coolest jail in India: "Inside Tihar, Kalmadi and Raja are exchanging 'my scam is bigger than your scam' glances; and the jail is readying itself for Kanimozhi.", "Don't you want to be a Tihari?"
'RTI is key to exposing scams'
Race Against Corruption
All-pervasive corruption affects everybody
Backstory, anyone?
The Julian Assange Interview
Arvind Subramanian: What the PM can do about corruption: "Large-scale corruption in India occurs in transactions involving factors in fixed supply such as allocating spectrum, exploiting natural resources (coal) and, above all, acquiring land."
Black money comes mainly from India: Assange
People should speak up against corruption: Ex-chief justice Verma: "Noting Mahatma Gandhi had mentioned that India will get prosperous soon after Independence as the British had been ousted, Jethmalani said: ‘But indigenous dacoits have proved more dangerous.’"
The life of bribes
Corruption has become a way of life
No consensus on PM under Lokpal purview
Andrew Buncombe: Indians won't tolerate corruption forever
Letters: Fighting corruption II
Kashmir demands own Lokpal bill
Al Jazeera - Fasting to Fight Corruption in India
Ramdev invites politicians in anti-corruption movement
Lokpal not enough, we need radical reform: "The anti-corruption campaign of Jayaprakash Narayan in 1974-75 toppled the Chimanbhai Patel government in Gujarat and contributed to Indira Gandhi's defeat in the 1977 general election, yet within a few years both politicians were back in power unscathed. In 1989, voters ousted Rajiv Gandhi because of the Bofors scam, yet this did not lead to any convictions beyond appeals"
Bangalore: State's Anti-graft Tryst - Pioneer, But with Half Measures: "within six months of appointment of the first Lokayukta, the Karnataka government diluted the powers of the office, taking the chief minister out of its ambit and also doing away with the "suo motu" powers to launch investigation or action against ministers and senior officials.", "In July 2006 mining baron and BJP legislator G. Janardhana Reddy (now tourism minister) had accused the then chief minister H.D. Kumaraswamy of the JD-S of taking Rs.150 crore bribe from mine-owners to allow illegal mining."
The bribing game
Gandhi cap’s too big: "‘Do you know how elections are run in this country? Liquor for the father, cloth for the mother and food for the baby.’  “What is not corrupt in this country? India’s central vice is corruption; the centrality of corruption is election corruption; and the centrality of election corruption is the business houses.”"
Book reveals India’s illicit financial flow: "Tax evasion, crime and corruption have combined to remove a staggering $462 billion from India, says a new book based partly on scholarly studies."
Should Giving 'Harassment Bribes' Be Made Legal?
Want to end petty corruption? Free the bribe giver
People responded because they are fed up with corruption: Anna Harare
How corruption has been eating into our land
Hazare-Pawar clash is symbolic of India’s war on corruption
Cancer of corruption
The Kowloon clean-up act: "The problem of corruption in India is one of absence of independent institutions to fight it."
CNN - Corruption: The biggest threat to developing economies
States of graft
The Cost of Corruption in India
Decoding India's corruption wars
The rot runs far too deep: "Let it demonstrate its commitment by enhancing the minimum punishment for corruption to life sentence with no remission and the maximum to death penalty for looting the country and its citizens."
Corrupt builders cause 83% calamity deaths worldwide
When enough is enough: "How long can we allow politicians or all who are entrusted with expending public funds, a free hand to loot the exchequer?"
Transparency International to hold graft conclave
Crooked Indians
War against corruption may have just begun (Part-I)
Corruption scandals disenchanting: Kumar Mangalam Birla
India sitting on powder keg of corruption: Nitish
Bangalore: Campus Front takes rally against corruption
AI pilots take flight against corruption: " Indian Commercial Pilots Association (ICPA), the pilot body of AI, has decided to fight against corruption that has weakened the roots of the Maharaja."
Baba Ramdev's remedies to corruption: "suggested that the government should ban Rs500 and Rs1,000 currency notes"
IITians in Canada observe day-long fast for Anna Hazare
BBC - Anti-corruption campaign gathers force in India
Candlelight vigil held in solidarity for Indians
The tribe against the bribe finds its icon in Hazare
Anna Hazare's Fast: Reviving a Starving Democracy
Striking a blow against India's endemic graft: "A taxi in which I was a passenger recently made an illegal U-turn in Chanakyapuri, the heavily policed diplomatic quarter of Delhi. After a brief exchange, the driver slipped a handful of notes into a policeman's hand. The lawman put them straight into his pocket. The driver then pulled out from the kerb without looking and crashed straight into a passing car. He got out, instantly pulled out another 200 rupees ($A4.25), gave it to the same policeman and drove off, without even looking in the direction of the woman whose car he had just hit."
Govt invites comments on draft anti-corruption law
Ajit Balakrishnan: Decoding India's corruption wars: "“This country is so corrupt; it is going to the dogs!”"
UNREAL REMEDIES - The best solution is to let existing systems start functioning again: "“the second independence struggle” is against “the kale angrez (black Englishmen) who rule us today”"

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