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If you want to post any relevant information, your articles, experiences, op-eds, documents, audios, videos, etc., click here to know how to contribute. By crude estimate at least 95% of politicians, judges, police, bureaucrats, industrialists, etc. are corrupt. These corrupts are looting our country for last sixty years. They are nothing but native invaders, thieves and criminals and the single largest threat to the national security. They are not Sahibs, they deserve boot of the masses. According to the standard of any civilized country they deserve at least rigorous life imprisonment. Read the sections below to know how mean they are. India is going through a state of complete anarchy. For every posted news here, there are 1000 similar incidents unreported in the media.

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Jul 6, 2014 Every party does it: Kumaraswamy: "Despite being caught on tape asking for bribes, former Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy remains defiant -- says he has done no wrong and has no reason to quit"
Jul 6, 2014 Deve Gowda's son caught on tape: "He is caught on tape demanding bribes for seats in the state assembly -- but Janata Dal (Secular) Chief H D Kumaraswamy completely defiant. The former Karnataka Chief Minister tells TIMES NOW that he is not answerable to everyone and this was party's internal matter."
Jul 5, 2014  EXCLUSIVE investigation: dabholkar murder Murder? Search My Soul: "Thakur’s task was to conduct a seance to summon Dabholkar’s soul. He would light a candle, place a vessel of water and lie on a bed in an anteroom to the commissioner’s office. What followed would make a worthy sequel to Aamir Khan’s supernatural thriller Talaash. Within minutes, Thakur’s body would start shaking violently. It was an indication that Dabholkar’s soul had now entered his body. Thakur’s own soul, meanwhile, would travel for the time being to the water-filled vessel."
Jul 5, 2014 Ex-Karnataka CM caught on tape demanding 40cr from MLC aspirant: "The supporters of Patil are heard saying, “Please make it Rs. 10 crore. You and your party will get the support of our swamiji (seer not named).” Kumaraswamy reacts angrily, “It is not like you want to improve the lot of the people of Bijapur by becoming an MLC. You have done nothing to build the party in Bijapur. No swamiji has ever helped the JD(S)win. Talk business.” He says, “Each MLA is asking for Rs. 1 crore (The party has 40 MLAs). What can they do? They have also borrowed money to win the elections."
Jul 4, 2014 Sunanda Pushkar death: Subramanian Swamy drags in Robert Vadra: "He claimed that the murder of former Union Minister and Congress leader Shashi Tharoor's wife could be linked with money laundering in the Indian Premier League as Sunanda wanted to expose IPL deals. He alleged that money used for bidding in Kochi IPL was Robert Vadra's money."
Jul 3, 2014 Delhi’s drainage, desilting and flood control a big fraud: CAG
Jul 3, 2014 #SunandaDeathMystery: Swamy demands CBI probe: "BJP leader Subramanian Swamy writes to the Prime Minister, demands CBI probe in the Sunanda Pushkar's death case. He also says the former union minister's wife was professionally killed."
Jul 3, 2014 31 ACs were installed at Sheila Dikshit's official residence when she was Delhi's CM: "had at least 31 air conditioners, 15 desert coolers, 25 heaters, 16 air purifiers, 12 geysers among others."
Jul 2, 2014 #SunandaDeathMystery: Explosive claim: "TIMES NOW has accessed Dr Sudhir Gupta's affidavit to the Central Administrative Tribunal where he alleges facing pressure. In the affidavit, he clearly states that he was asked to prepare a tailor made report. He also goes on to allege that he could not muster the courage to place facts as the former AIIMS President was an extremely powerful person."
Jul 1, 2014 NCRB data backs Delhi as 'rape capital' claim: "With 18.63 reported rapes for every 1 lakh women, Delhi for the first time tops the country in reported rapes as a proportion of its population."
Jul 1, 2014 BBC: India outrage over MP Tapas Pal's rape threat: "Tapas Pal is a two-term MP and an award-winning Bengali actor"
Jun 30, 2014 On tape: TMC MP Tapas Pal threatens rape: "TMC MP Tapas Pal, while addressing his followers in Nadia district, has been caught on tape threatening rape. The controversial undated video shows the Parliamentarian from Krishnanagar -- insiting that if CPM harms anyone, the leader will pull the triger himself. He has been caught on tape -- Can Mamata deny this proof? Will she act against her own?"
Jun 28, 2014 Open secret: Doctors take cuts for referrals: "The complaint before MMC stated that the hospital had been sending out forms to various doctors to enrol in a forum promising a reward of Rs 1 lakh for 40 admissions per annum, Rs 1.5 lakh for 50 admissions and Rs 2.5 lakh for 75 admissions."
Jun 25, 2014 Naidu and Jagan Cross Swords Over Corruption: "Yanamala Ramakrishnudu said Jagan speaking on corruption is like devil reciting Vedas. “No one among us has spent 16 months in jail on corruption charges. No one among us is facing charges of amassing `1 lakh crore; no one got `1,100 crore assets attached by ED; and no one has been charge sheeted by CBI in cases related to `43,000 crore,”"
Jun 25, 2014 Patna fake encounter case: Cop gets death penalty for killing 3 students: "Kamlesh and five other traders caught hold of the three and took them captive in the market itself, beating them up brutally before handing them over to cops. A little later in the day, the three boys were gunned down by the police."
Jun 24, 2014 Indian story of kickbacks in British Medical Journal: "Corruption in Indian health care has hit the headlines of the prestigious British Medical Journal, which has termed it cancerous and said it is "ruining doctor-patient relationship"."
Jun 24, 2014 पटना फर्जी एनकाउंटर केस: थानेदार को फांसी की सजा, 7 दोषियों को उम्रकैद: "इन छात्रों को महज 2 रुपये के लिए फर्जी मुठभेड़ में मार गिराया गया था."
Jun 23, 2014 India TV sting operation exposes nexus between auto-thieves and Delhi Police, SI suspended: "A Delhi Police sub-inspector was suspended while three other policemen, including an inspector, were removed from active duty and sent to police lines on Monday after a sting operation by India TV showed them helping auto-thieves in committing their crime."
Jun 22, 2014 ICC ready to anoint 'tainted' India boss: "SUSPENDED Indian cricket chief Narayanaswami Srinivasan is expected to be anointed as the new International Cricket Council chairman at this week's annual conference in Melbourne, which is set to address growing concerns about corruption in the sport."
Jun 21, 2014 CBI raids expose Haldia Port scam, TMC men in dock: "Ripley & Company and its sister concerns owned by Trinamool Rajya Sabha member Srinjoy Bose and his father Swapan Sadhan (Tutu) Bose, a former MP, have duped the Government of an estimated Rs24,500 crore over the past 35 years."
Jun 20, 2014 Debate on CNN-IBN About Robert Vadra - Subramanian Swamy
Jun 20, 2014 DTC fails to stem theft of GPS devices from its buses: "Around half of the 3,700 GPS devices fitted in various Delhi Transport Corporation buses in the national capital ahead of the Commonwealth Games 2010 have gone missing."
Jun 16, 2014 Dip in corruption complaints as Delhi Lokayukta post vacant: "Despite being at the forefront of the Lokpal movement, the national capital is devoid of a Lokayukta for the past six months."
Jun 14, 2014 Six Delhi NGOs on IB watchlist: "Six Delhi NGOs are now under the scanner after the Intelligence Bureau report claimed that the NGOs are stalling developmental projects. The report has claimed that NGO INSAF of violating FCRA norms and even receiving foreign funds."
Jun 14, 2014 Mass corruption in land conversion: "the commission has said that the 90B was introduced as onetime programme to regularise illegal colonies; however, later it became a way of income for Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) and other local urban bodies."
Jun 12, 2014 Debate: #AlarmingIBReport - 1: "In a section related to protests against coal mines and coal-fired power projects, the report alleged Greenpeace expanded its activities to oppose coal-fired power plants and coal mining and received Rs 45 crore from abroad in the last seven years. "It is using foreign funds to create protest movements under 'Coal Network' umbrella at prominent coal block and coal-fired power plant locations in India," the report said."
Jun 12, 2014 UP: The sub-inspector took me to his room and raped me, says survivor: "There is no end to shameful incidents in Uttar Pradesh. A woman in Hamirpur has accused four police officers of raping her."
Jun 10, 2014 IB report to PMO: Greenpeace is a threat to national economic security: "Among Greenpeace’s “future threats”, the report talks of the organisation renewing its campaign internationally to highlight that Indian IT/ITeS firms do not meet global standards on e-waste emissions. Greenpeace Bangalore has focused its attention only on Indian IT firms while staying mum on multinational IT firms, the report says."
Jun 9, 2014 Uttarakhand fake encounter: 17 policemen get life imprisonment: "The victim’s mother, who was seen crying, said, “I want death for all the policemen who killed my younger son.”"
Jun 6, 2014 Demand justice, face lathis: "A minor victim's family has been lathicharged in Meerut for demanding justice in alleged rape case. The family that was protesting outside SSP's office in Meerut for registration of a rape case against accused has been lathicharged by the police."
Jun 6, 2014 2009 Dehradun fake encounter: CBI court finds 17 Uttarakhand policemen guilty of killing a man: "In the biggest ever conviction of police personnel in a fake encounter case, a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) court in New Delhi found 17 Uttarakhand policemen guilty of killing a young man."
Jun 3, 2014 Debate: Avoiding responsibility? - 1: "In a suprise decision, Mallikarjun Kharge, a senior leader from Karnataka, was today named the Leader of the Congress in the Lok Sabha, in a race in which he has pipped veteran Kamal Nath to lead a 44-member group after its worst-ever performance in the recent elections. The nomination of Kharge, a Dalit leader and a second term member from Gulbarga, was made by Congress President Sonia Gandhi, who has brushed aside demands that either she or her son Rahul take over as leader of the party in the Lok Sabha, who could be recognised as the Leader of the Opposition."
Jun 3, 2014 Badaun rape: How Mulayam’s rise fueled anti-Dalit violence: "He cannot crack down members of his community and risk further eroding his base. The attacks on Dalits will continue until the next state elections usher in a new configuration of power"
Jun 3, 2014 Sadly, rapes in UP no longer shock: "Rapes in Uttar Pradesh no longer shock - neither the political masters, nor the government and not even the people. Even as there was a national outcry against the recent twin gang-rape, brutal assault and ghastly murder by hanging from a tree in Badaun's Katra Sadatganj, forcing even the UN to sit up and take note, the powers that be in the state are unfazed"
Jun 1, 2014 Debate: Mocking won't help, Mr. CM: "The action came three days after the girls were gangraped and their bodies were found hanging from a tree. The two girls, who were cousins and aged 14 and 15, went missing from their house on the night of May 27 and theirbodies were found hanging from a tree in the village in Ushait area the next morning."
May 31, 2014  politics: vadra deals A Breather Before A Hole?: "The BJP kicked up a storm over Robert Vadra’s land deals. It seems now they are just letting him be."
May 31, 2014 BBC: India gang rape inquiry stepped up: "The father of one victim earlier told the BBC he was ridiculed by police when he sought help in finding his daughter. He said that when policemen found out he was from a lower caste, they "refused to look for my girl"."
May 30, 2014 Half a century wait for martyr's dues: "During the 1962 Indo China war, Sepoy Amar Singh of 4 Sikh Light infantry fought valiantly till the last minute and breathed his last in service for the nation. But 52 years on, his family is running from court to court knocking on the doors of justice hoping for the officials to honour the promise made to the war hero."
May 30, 2014 BBC: India gang rapes: Outrage over police 'discrimination': ""When I went to the police station, the first thing I was asked was my caste. When I told them what my caste was, they started abusing me,""
May 29, 2014 Children raped, forced to eat excreta at Karjat horror home: "the children were forced to have sex with each other and with the accused and the act was even ''filmed''. "The victims were forced to eat dog excreta if they resisted and locked up. If they threw up, they had to eat the vomit,""
May 23, 2014 Ottawa businessman gets prison sentence for Air India bid-rigging case: "CryptoMetrics transferred $450,000 US into Karigar’s account with which Karigar organized a $200,000 US bribe for the co-chair of the selection committee for the Air India security project and a $250,000 US bribe for then-minister of civil aviation Praful Patel."
May 17, 2014 38 out of 39 Congress candidates forfeit deposits in Tamil Nadu: "Only H Vasanthakumar, the party's candidate in Kanyakumari district, was able to save his deposit, being runner-up to BJP's state president Pon Radhakrishnan."
May 16, 2014 Worst ever show leaves Congress at the mercy of Speaker to get opposition leader status: "This situation will, on the other hand, give a free run to the government where it mandatorily requires the opinion of the opposition leader while making key appointments in the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Central Vigilance Commission (CVC), Lokpal and CBI."
May 15, 2014 No fear, some favour: I-T probes ‘friendly’ text messages between meat exporter Qureshi and ex-CBI chief A P Singh: "Finance ministry officials alleged that they have found Qureshi had evaded taxes to the tune of Rs 157 crore."
May 14, 2014 Whistleblowers Protection Act gets President’s nod: "People who expose corruption in government or irregularities by public functionaries can now be free of any fear of victimisation. The Whistleblowers Protection Act, 2011, which provides a mechanism for protecting the identity of whistleblowers"
May 13, 2014 Sonia called shots, anointed loyal technocrat as PM: Maira: "After Sanjaya Baru, former media advisor to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, it was the turn of Planning Commission member Arun Maira to point a finger at the “autocratic and dynastic” structure of the Congress party."
May 13, 2014 Sonia Gandhi called the shots in govt, says book by plan panel member: "A book by another UPA functionary, Arun Maira, has criticised Congress chief Sonia Gandhi’s leadership style, blaming the party for its “monarchical” grip on the Manmohan Singh-led government."
May 10, 2014 72 Votes: "Eight of 22 families in Azamgarh from where 14 men have been arrested over the last six years, accused of being part of the Indian Mujahideen’s terror plots. Seven others are missing, two have been killed."
May 10, 2014 Now, Ashok Khemka faces threat of dismissal: "Whistleblower IAS officer Ashok Khemka could be dismissed from service if the Haryana government accepts adverse remarks against him by his superiors in his latest performance appraisal report."
May 9, 2014 #BBCtrending: The 'electronic fix' for India's filth and corruption: "according to Transparency International's corruption index, more than half of Indians say they've paid a bribe in the last year."
May 8, 2014 'Neech Rajneeti': " 'I wonder in which category of politics or Rajneeti will corruption in 2G spectrum, and coal block allocation fall'"
May 8, 2014 Our Criminal Netas: "Among the candidates for the first eight phases, those with criminal cases include: RJD 72%, NCP 53%, CPI(M) 37%, BJP 33%, Congress 27%"
May 7, 2014 Pending: 15 graft cases in high offices for which CBI wants sanction: "the request to probe the role of six senior officials in the Civil Aviation Ministry for their alleged role in irregularities in the Rs 8,000 crore Airbus deal for supply of 43 aircraft to erstwhile Indian Airlines in 2005, is still pending."
May 7, 2014 BBC: The political dynasties behind the Indian election: "But even as the Gandhis appear to be on the decline, other political dynasties have emerged."
May 6, 2014 No government permission needed to probe officers above Joint Secretary: SC: "In a historic judgement, the Constitutional Bench of Supreme Court on Tuesday says that no permission is required from the government to investigate officers above the rank of Joint Secretary."
May 5, 2014 Rs 4.9 lakh recovered from cop: "complainant alleged that he was arrested in gambling case and Mane demanded Rs 2 lakh from him to not arrest. After much bargaining, Mane was brought down the amount to Rs 1.50 lakh on Thursday. "
May 5, 2014 Locals thrash drunken lady police officer in Delhi: "On Sunday evening at around 10 pm a lady inspector Anu was on her way back home in her white car from market along with SI Laxman, both were drunk."
May 4, 2014 Four-fold hike in airport road toll charge: "Under the new rate system, car, jeep and van drivers will have to shell out Rs 75 one way, a big jump from the existing Rs 20."
May 2, 2014 Since 2011, tax returns have not been filed by Robert Vadra: BJP: "Robert Vadra had not filed tax returns since 2011 for more than two dozen companies he owns and demanded UPA government to answer why it was so lenient towards him."
May 2, 2014 UPA Govt's aggressive snoopgate push: "A massive political fight has stirred up with Congress and BJP locked in a fresh war of words just days after TIMES NOW had first brought out the news that Congress led-UPA government was all set to appoint a sitting judge to probe the Snoopgate scandal. And now with Kapil Sibal confirming the reports that Congress will appoint a judge before May 16th, BJP launches counter attack, says Congress' move 'reeks of desperation'. Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde said a judge will be appointed soon."
May 1, 2014 DD edited out Narendra Modi's reference to Ahmed Patel as 'good friend': "Modi's suggestion that he has been on good terms with Congress chief Sonia Gandhi's political secretary and the two have even dined at one another's homes is among the bits that DD chose not to telecast, sparking a controversy over the interview being "censored"."
May 1, 2014 Muslims who don't vote for SP not true Muslims: Abu Azmi: ""A Muslim, who does not vote for SP and talks against it is not a Muslim. His DNA test should be conducted. See whether he is from RSS,""
Apr 30, 2014 UPA rule led to scams from 2G to jijaji: Rajnath: "UPA rule would be known for various scams from 2G, CWG to 'Jijaji'."
Apr 29, 2014 Deb asks questions about CM relatives, finds cops at home: "Deb had said Mamata’s family — her brothers and their wives — had amassed property valued at Rs 20 crore in the city."
Apr 28, 2014 Corruption creeps into every nook and cranny of India: "A citizen goes to a government office (still run the way the British colonials had organized it). His file — papers stacked on a matted pad and tied with a string — must pass several layers of bureaucracy. Palms must be greased every step of the way, including the peon who physically carries the file desk to desk."
Apr 28, 2014 Admin tries to sack, govt shields corrupt staffers: "Shockingly, NMC general body too has saved the staffers by rejecting the administration's decision to dismiss them."
Apr 28, 2014 US asks for provisional arrest of Andhra Pradesh MP indicted for corruption: report: "KVP Ramachandra Rao of the Congress was among six people indicted earlier this month over plans to allegedly bribe Indian government officials with nearly 10 million dollars for mining rights in Andhra Pradesh."
Apr 28, 2014 Spurious Robert Vadra development model: "As a business, the Vadra-deal is not above suspicion. It is not even a desirable way of land transactions. It deprives land-owners of the legitimate value of their land just because they are not smart enough"
Apr 28, 2014 Files on Vadra in Rajasthan being examined, can't rush the case: BJP: "the BJP had released a video on alleged land deals of Sonia Gandhi's son-in-law Robert Vadra in Rajasthan and Haryana, terming it as the 'Robert Vadra model of development'. When asked why no action has been taken against Vadra in Rajasthan despite a BJP government, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy said the legal procedure is being followed."
Apr 27, 2014 Indian Corruption Company Unlimited: "he said, the INC had given Rs 800 per voting member, PRP Rs 600 and TDP only Rs 400. The party representatives had all come around in the night, spreading out furtively in the narrow lanes of his village, visiting every house, distributing cash, an aluminium foil packet of biryani and a 180 ml bottle of rum."
Apr 27, 2014 BJP shows video targeting Robert Vadra's 'corrupt' land deals: "In its most direct attack ever, the Bharatiya Janata Party on Sunday released a video targeting Sonia Gandhi's son-in-law Robert Vadra accusing him of being involved in fraudulent land deals in Congress-ruled states."
Apr 27, 2014 BJP’s sharpest attack on Gandhis: ‘Damad Shree’ video, booklet targeting Robert Vadra over land deals: "The Robert Vadra scam is a textbook case of corruption. It is not against any family. It is how rules and laws were bent to favour one man."
Apr 27, 2014 BJP releases video targeting Vadra as Priyanka mocks Modi: "The video named Damad Shree accused the Haryana and Rajasthan governments of colluding with Robert Vadra to help him acquire lands fraudulently."
Apr 25, 2014 Will the Vadra factor haunt Gandhi family in this election campaign?: "Congress President Sonia Gandhi's daughter Priyanka has for the first time responded to allegations against her husband Robert Vadra, saying she will fight the insults."
Apr 25, 2014 Uma Bharti admits she had misjudged Modi, calls Robert Vadra a 'thief': "The vitriolics continue this election season. Bharatiya Janata Party leader Uma Bharti has once again hit out at the Gandhis calling Congress President Sonia Gandhi's son-in-law Robert Vadra a thief who will be punished irrespective of his ties with the Gandhis."
Apr 22, 2014 Shazia Ilmi: Muslims too secular, be communal this time: "Ahead of the Delhi assembly elections in 2013, when Ilmi had contested for the MLA seat from RK Puram, her name was embroiled in an alleged sting operation showing her and several other AAP candidates asking for donation in lieu of favours."
Apr 19, 2014 'RSVP model' helps in multiplying earnings: Modi: "In a retort to Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi's criticism of Gujarat model of development, BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi today described UPA's governance as "RSVP model" in which a person was able to multiply his earnings from Rs one lakh to Rs 400 crore in five years."
Apr 19, 2014 Arun Jaitley quotes Wall Street Journal to take on Robert Vadra: ""Congratulations to Mr Robert Vadra. He has made it to the Wall Street Journal. The Vadra business model requires the research paper to be prepared by a key business analyst ... Start a business without any investment. Investment will flow as loans and advances which is a synonym for political equity. Use these loans to buy property at fraction of the market cost." "
Apr 15, 2014 Debate: Baru's book bomb - 1: "A controversy erupted on April 11 over a claim in a book by the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's former Media Advisor Sanjaya Baru that Principal Secretary Pulok Chatterjee sought Congress President Sonia Gandhi's instructions on important files to be cleared by the PM."
Apr 14, 2014 Has Sonia Gandhi undermined the Office of the Prime Minister?: "As Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's 10-year tenure comes to an end, two tell-all books by former bureaucrats have delivered another strong blow to his already battered image. While the PM's former media advisor Sanjaya Baru's book claims that his decisions were monitored and dictated by Congress President Sonia Gandhi, former coal secretary PC Parakh's book is even more damaging."
Apr 13, 2014 PM was worse than a rubber stamp of Sonia: "Baru’s book is likely to be the most authentic account of the UPA as seen from the perspective of the only Manmohan loyalist in the Government."
Apr 13, 2014 India’s pro-rapist lobby: "“Boys will make mistakes,” Samajwadi Party leader Mulayam Singh Yadav said of rape, on Thursday. His remarks making light of such a heinous crime illustrate just why the feminist battle in India has barely begun."
Apr 12, 2014 Women having consensual sex outside marriage should be hanged: Abu Azmi: "Joining the group of India's retrograde politicians now is Samajwadi Party's Maharashtra unit chief Abu Azmi. The SP leader said that sex out of marriage should be punished by stoning. He also backed death penalty for both men and women, irrespective of whether it is rape or consensual sex."
Apr 12, 2014 'Congress wanted to 'retire' Manmohan, but Rahul failed to deliver': "Despite being plagued by corruption scandals, economic slowdown and a perceived effete government, the UPA-II could not afford to "retire" Manmohan Singh as prime minister as Rahul Gandhi had repeatedly failed to deliver electoral victories for the Congress party, says a revealing new book."
Apr 12, 2014 Sonia was super PM, Manmohan was made an object of ridicule, says Sanjaya Baru: "Sanjaya Baru, in the eye of a storm after his latest book 'The Accidental Prime Minister' made startling claims about the top echelons of the Congress, including PM Manmohan Singh and Congress president Sonia Gandhi, on Saturday defended himself saying his book was not a criticism of the leaders, but had a balanced viewpoint."
Apr 12, 2014 'प्राइवेट कंपनियां बन गए हैं राजनीतिक दल': ""कांग्रेस माँ और बेटे की पार्टी है. समाजवादी पार्टी बाप, बेटे और बहू की, राष्ट्रीय जनता दल पति-पत्नी की और झारखण्ड मुक्ति मोर्चा बाप-बेटे की पार्टियां हैं.""
Apr 11, 2014 BBC: Why is Indian politics dominated by dynasties?: " We are essentially a feudal culture” Manini Chatterjee Political commentator"
Apr 11, 2014 25k illegal Bangladeshi migrants too will vote this time: Corporator: "Shockingly, most of these illegal migrants have got voter identity card and Aadhaar card, he said and also released pictures of migrants showing their voter identity cards. “They got these cards by paying a meagre Rs 200 to Rs 300. Now they will also decide the course of our democracy,”"
Apr 11, 2014 AAP to take gangster Ansari's support?: "Huge controversy after Don turned politician Mukhtar Ansari backed off from a contest in Varanasi against Modi, calling for unity against the BJP's prime ministerial nominee. Now, Arvind Kejriwal seems open to joining hands with the controversial leader to better his chances against Modi in Varanasi."
Apr 11, 2014 Former PMO advisor spills the beans: "Was 10 Janpath acting as the real Prime Minister's Office (PMO)? Was Congress President Sonia Gandhi clearing important files before it reached the Prime Minister? For the first time ever, former PMO official in his book - The Accidental Prime Minister makes startling revelations. United Progressive Alliance (UPA) might be staring at yet another controversy following Dr Sanjay Barus tell all book."
Apr 11, 2014 PM Manmohan Singh surrendered before Sonia, allies, says his ex-advisor: "A book by a former advisor to the Prime Minister, Sanjaya Baru has ruffled the feathers in the top echelons of the Congress. Baru, in his book 'The Accidental Prime Minister', has written that PM Manmohan Singh surrendered to pressure from Congress president Sonia Gandhi and allies."
Apr 11, 2014 Mulayam's rape remark an insult to womanhood: Ujjwal Nikam: "Mulayam Singh Yadav's defense of rapists has stirred a hornet's nest, with his rivals gunning for his head. Watch the video for reactions to his comment."
Apr 11, 2014 SP shocker again, Abu Azmi says punish sex out of marriage by stoning: "Joining the group of India's retrograde politicians now is Samajwadi Party's Maharashtra unit chief Abu Azmi. Azmi, in an interview, has said that sex out of marriage should be punished by stoning."
Apr 10, 2014 Debate: Mulayam pro rapists? - 1: "Stoking a controversy, SP supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav on Thursday (April 10) questioned the death penalty for rape, saying "mistakes" by boys happen sometimes, sparking outrage among rival parties and women's groups. The former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister also said there was a need to change the new anti-rape law so that those misusing it are punished."
Apr 10, 2014 Mulayam now #BackingRapists: "In highly controversial remarks, Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav on Thursday (April 10) said there was a need to change the anti-rape laws as "boys commit mistakes" for which they should not be hanged."
Apr 10, 2014 Mulayam defends rapists, says boys make mistakes, but can't hang them: " In a highly shocking statement on rapists, Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav said that 'sometimes boys make mistakes.' Yadav even went on to add that if his government comes to power, they will try to amend the law."
Apr 10, 2014 Mulayam's shocker on rape: 'Boys make mistakes, why hang them?': "Addressing a rally in Moradabad, Mulayam said, "rape accused should not be hanged. Men make mistakes." The SP chief further said he will support provision for legal action against those who misuse the rape act."
Apr 10, 2014 Mulayam now #BackingRapists: "Samajwadi Party (SP) chief Mulayam Singh Yadav made a shocking comment. Building a case for rapists, Mulayam says, "Boys make mistakes sometimes and there is no need for a death penalty for rape." He assured voters that SP will change the laws when they come to power."
Apr 10, 2014 Mulayam says boys make mistakes, death penalty for rape needless: Reports: ""Rape ke liye phaansi dena ghalat hai, ladkon se ghalti ho jaati hai, hum satta mein aaye to kanoon mein badlav karenge (Handing death sentence for rape is not fair... boys make mistakes... there will be changes in the law if we come to power).""
Apr 8, 2014 Debate: #ArmyAbovePolitics -2: "Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan has kicked up another controversy when he said it was "Muslim soldiers" who fought for India's victory in the 1999 Kargil war against Pakistan. The controversy-prone Khan, a minister in the Uttar Pradesh government, dragged the Kargil conflict into the ongoing high voltage Lok Sabha campaign at an election rally in Ghaziabad on Monday night (April 7). "Those who fought for victory in Kargil were not Hindu soldiers, in fact the ones who fought for our victory were Muslim soldiers," he said in a speech laced with communal overtones. Khan also went on to say that no one can guard the country's borders better than those from the Muslim community. "Recruit us in the Indian Army. No one can guard the borders of our nation better than us," he said."

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